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Street Doctors

Jolly RogersComment

Today Charlotte from Street Doctors came to talk to us about what she does. Street doctors are people that teach kids about how to help a person when they are bleeding.

First what we did was we played a game that included on voting how important it was to help or save people that are injured. After that she had a drawing of a person and we had to draw the important parts of a body that help you stay alive.

Then they told us about how much blood each person has in his or her body. After she showed us a routine of how to help a bleeding person we got to do it in groups and to do that we had to remember the steps. It was:-

  1. First call an ambulance 
  2. then use fabric to stop the blood from running
  3. then ask them to lay on the floor 
  4. after ask them to put their leg up because if you loose blood in your leg you won't get hurt 
  5. then put something warm like a coat to put around them 
  6. and the last one to tell them that everything is going to be okay

I think that this is important because if one of your family or friends or even any one in the street is hurt then instead of just standing there and watching you could help them. So my advice to you is to be careful and help someone who is hurt, and who knows they might even give you something to thank you.