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Illustrators wanted to collaborate on an animated movie project for children's charity, The Hackney Pirates


The Hackney Pirates are embarking on their film project of the school year and need your help!

Our Young Pirates will be screenwriting for a motion picture about a superhero’s origins. Think Peter Parker transitioning from a journalist to a Spiderman by being bitten by a spider. The film will feature the writing of 200 young people following a shared story line and it will be premiered at the Rio Cinema in Dalston before later being released online.

What we need:

Illustration Deadline - 25.01.2019 Deadline

Character Creation

* Two super hero illustrations one male and one female. Both before they are heroes and after.

* Drawings should be of the character only without a background

* Drawings can be black and white.

General notes on both:

* Pre-adolescent but look cool. Aged 10-12 years old

* Not sexualized e.g, no cleavage, bulging muscles etc

* Avoid using highly gendered colours/costume e.g pink for girls or blue for boys

* We would like the characters to be loosely based on our own existing characters that we use to motivate children on writing projects.

Female Hero:

Ethnicity is ambiguous, looks vaguely Mediterranean but could be of mixed heritage or other.

Male Hero:

Ethnicity is ambiguous, looks vaguely Afro/Caribbean but could be of mixed heritage or other.


* Create a storyboard for the movie which the children will use to write descriptions and dialogue from.

* The story board will use the characters created in the illustration process and will later be used by the animators to bring the film to life.

* There will be 5 chapters to story board each will feature 12 slides.

* Chapter 1: Hero when they were just an average person (could start with flashback as narrated by hero themselves)

* Chapter 2: A catastrophic event which lead to appropriation of super powers

* Chapter 3: Discovering their powers

* Chapter 4: Identifying a problem they can use their powers to combat.

* Chapter 5: Using their powers for good/completing a mission.