Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Nightingale Primary School


One day I was in the ocean on a log, finding the spectacular gold treasure in the missing island of UK. I was so determined to find the treasure to give it to the captain. The next day, I finally found the missing island of UK, it was an amazing island. I was super tired so I found equipment to make a bed. I was happy to see the island. I found the treasure but it was guarded by a red demon, so I climbed up the icy mountain. I made it. I battled the scary demon, it was so hard to defeat, then I defeated it, I found the gold. THE END!!!!!!!!


As soon as I hit the sea, I knew I should have listened to my swimming teacher. Then when I got onto land I saw a magical red and black Lion. It was a really cool looking lion that had magical powers. The lion was 7ft tall. It could blow fire from its mouth, it could fly, it could transform into whatever it wanted and it could talk. Then, I went to the magical lion and it was really nice to me, but at first I was scared of it, but then I wasn’t. I wanted it to be my friend and it wanted to be my friend. It told me to jump on its back and it started flying me around. So then I told it to fly me to the top of the mountain, it made a big echo when I shouted, so I could see were my ship was. I saw my ship in the sea and my crew were already on it, so the lion flew me there and I clambered into my ship. I said “thank you” to the lion and I gave the lion a few treats, food and water. I went home with my ship and we lived happily ever after. A few days later, the black and red lion came back to see me. He came and told me he was lonely. I told him, “I want to look after you as a pet.” He said, "yes please." After, I wanted to name him, so I named him Dasher Dash, Dasher for short. He said he really liked that name so that’s what I called him. So we lived happily ever after for real now :) 


Once upon a time the pirate crew and I were sailing for the golden diamond, the most special one in the world. When we were sailing, suddenly a big, huge, enormous storm came out of nowhere. So me and the pirate crews were trying to find out but it was too late....So we banged our heads so hard and the ship broke apart, the pirate crew and I were gone......

But I was the only one who survived and the water sailed me into the island. When I looked at my map, in a split second the storm flew my map away. I thought I was in the middle of nowhere. I traveled to the island and I saw a pond. I was drank clean water and I ate blueberries. But, when it was night time, I heard a huge sound and I said “what was that sound?” So I checked it out, but a huge DINOZILLA came, so I ran and ran and ran.... When I checked again, there was nothing there, so I said “I think it was my imagination.” I walked back and it was daytime when I saw something glowing. I saw a rainbow magical cheetah and it could talk, so when i talked to the cheetah he brought me back to the ship and the crew was there and everything was back to normal.

T H E E N D.


As soon as I hit the sea, a huge octopus came and grabbed me around his tentacles. I punched him in his belly and ran as fast as I could. AT last I lost him. I thought I was in the UK, then I saw my boat. I ran to it, then it collapsed. I went to get pieces from the forest!!! To fix the boat. 


Boom, I crash landed on the island. I was petrified, so I found the cookie-faced monster with a pizza tail. I needed to climb to the mountain to find my ship. So I walked until I reached it. My friend the Cookie Captain helped me. He gave me his sword and I started my adventure through the misty forest. I traveled around the trees, I finally spotted the mountain.

Cookie-faced monster spoke and said, “you need a rope to climb.”

“But where will I find a rope? I should make a rope with vines and leaves.”

So off he went to find the leaves and vines.

“Yes, I can finally make the rope so off you and I shall go, monster.” I found the mountain. “I will attach my rope to a tree and throw one up the mountain.”

“OK, here we go. 1, 2, 3 go.”

Pew, pew, pew! Someone was shooting us.

“RUN, hurry, QUICKER. OUCH.” Someone shot my arm.

“Ahhhhhh, my arm hurts.”

‘Pew, pew, pew!’

I found a piece of bark from a tree, so I picked it up and I finally found out who the shooter was. It was Captain Cookie!


“I don't know, I wanted the ship before you so I thought I should scare you away so I could get it. I am so sorry.”

“I guess I can forgive you. But now I am LOST.”


“OK. Fine, let me find my rope through the trees.” I found my rope. “OK, here we go again. 1, 2, 3… up it goes, UP I GO YAY!!!”

I saw my ship down the mountain through the trees. I found my ship. Off I went out to sea away from the Island of Evil. BYYYYEEEEEE.

THE END!!!! :)


Right. When I dropped into the water, I felt the cold water making me shiver. I knew that I could not swim but I found a floating bamboo stick and held on to it to float. I reached an island and I did not know what to do, I was only a pirate in training. I felt scared but brave and I tried to find some bamboo to make a boat but I did not know what to do and I tried to sail on it but I had no sail to sail. I made one out of the leaves of the tree and it worked and I found my boat, but under the water because it had sunk. So I swam down to the bottom of the water to see my boat and sudenly a scary looking monster grabbed me by my foot and I could not hold my breath any longer. I got my sword out and sliced his head off and got back up to shore. I thought that would be it, but my story will continue............................... So we were back. I found one of my crew mates and they looked broken and we tried to make a boat and we did it! It was so fun and we saw the muscle island, UK!!!!


Hi, my name is Precilia and I was in the sea and I thought that I was going to die but I didn’t. I still love my mum and sister but I didn’t have food. All I ate was fish and all I drank was sea water and it was nasty but I didn’t have a house to live in my mum and dad died it is so sad but sooner or later but the water was astonishing. And guess what? I found a missing treasure the treasure was my life. But it was a fun adventure. Bye, see you seen loved ones. And I did sleep on a tree and it was bad.


I was in the water, a shark was chasing me and I escaped because I could swim. I got out

And climbed a mountain and I found a big box of treasure. After, I saw a tiger with a dog’s head. I fought with him. I put a knife in him and he scratched me badly. I took out the knife and I chopped his head off.

After I found a ship, it was very good and I sailed with it and I found an island called Monkey Island. A talking monkey caught me and said “who are you?” I said, “I am a pirate helper” and he asked if he could be my helper. I said yes, I asked him if he knows where I could find some weapons, and my friends. I wanted to drink and he climbed a tree and got me a coconut and he cracked it and I drank it. Then we went to my ship and I found some weapons and I saw my friends. THE END


Once upon a time, I fell over the side of the ship and I said "HELLO somebody help me!" But nobody came I lost my whole crew. Silly Splurge, Corporal Confidence, Persevering Polly, Red Beard the Reader. I was freezing cold. I saw a big mountain so I climbed it and I saw my lovely, beautiful ship, so I brought it to where I started back to the sea. I got all of the food that I found and put it in the ship. I sailed, but then on the ship I saw my crew next to a mermaid. So I said "Ahoy!" I was so excited... but then I sailed to them but then... something blocked me to get to them I was so confident. After, I saw a big, huge Octopus. I killed it with my big sword. I survived and I saw my crew and they said "Ahoy!"  I helped them to get on my ship and we lived happily ever after.


SPLASH! And I was gone... I swam as fast as I could to the shore and then, suddenly, an angry ape ran to me. I shouted "HELP!" But then I realised that there was only me and the angry ape. I ran as fast as I could and found a rapid river. I quickly found a tree and broke a branch then I found two thick and long sticks. Then I rowed to the end of the river and then I found a mountain and used my two sticks to climb it. When I climbed to the top, I saw Long Hair Kyrone and Big Brain Terval. I waved to them and they waved to me. After, I made myself a sledge with the melted chocolate chips that Princess Phoebe dropped as glue and the blue wood piece from the boat. I glided down to my friends. Big Brain Terval shouted "FINALLY YOU CAME SEAWEED SILA!!" Then I saw my sister Zilan hiding behind the bushes, crying because her favorite sea shell was lost, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" But then I felt something in my pocket, IT WAS HER SEASHELL! I gave it to her.


I tried to cling on to the massive sail but it ripped and I plummeted into the icy, bleak water. I tried to look for my crewmates but no one was there so I started to swim my own journey to the U.K. I then realised that a creature that had shark fins, octopus tentacles and chimpanzee eyes was behind me. The creature started to talk to me and he helped me through the mysterious jungle, but halfway through the jungle the animal rebelled against me and called he friends to attack me. I got brushed and battered by the shark fin octopus animal and his weird friends. I almost escaped, but I got tackled by a fish-eating chicken head and I thumped to the floor. I THOUGHT I WAS DEAD!!!!!! But then I heard my crewmates, Seaweed Sila, Kind Kyrone, Wonderful William and Daniel roaring "TERVAL WAKE UP YOU'RE HANGING OFF A CLIFF" I woke up right away to realise that it was just a dream or maybe a vision, but either way I was hanging of a cliff just by a finger. I looked down from the apex of the cliff and saw a bouncy castle, so I let go of the cliff and fell towards the so-called bouncy castle, but then I realised it was THE SHIP. So I fell faster and landed on the ship.


The second I hit the wavy water I drowned down deep, but then I remembered how to swim because I listened in our pirate swimming class. So I saw a shaky ship. I thought it was mine. I went up and saw the enemy, I felt nice and cool because of the oceans temperature. I swam to the island called the UK and felt the texture of the beautiful glittering sand. But what I found was strange creatures that were hiding. I asked them if they could come out and help me feel welcome, I probably was crazy talking to creatures but they talked back. I was surprised they could talk. I decided to see if they would help me get back to my ship and they did. I went through the forest and stopped at a stream of clean water and drank some. I then carried on the journey to the end and saw a mountain and rode my creature up the mountain. When I got to the top, I saw the whole ocean and I found my sweet pirate ship. I ran down and saw my crew on the ship, but that octopus stopped me. I had to use my sword to chop him apart like I’d learnt in my lessons and then my crew helped me up and we were all happy. THE END


Once upon a time, I was freezing cold because I fell off the ship, but then I saw a wooden plank. I thought that I could stand on it but as I was going to it, it miraculously broke. I thought to myself "I need to get to land before my life would be over." So I went to look for land but I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF NO-WHERE, NO LAND, JUST WATER. I had enough of looking, I was SO stressed out. After a couple of hours, I began to give up so I went to my ship where it was safe and sound, but when I came back to my ship IT HAD SUNK... I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. I was so depressed, I began to cry. Suddenly, my luck came back, an island. It gave me so much joy, happiness. Ten minutes later, I finally made it to the island. I saw beautiful palm trees, lovely coconuts. A few days later, I was out getting some coconuts. As I was getting coconuts, I saw a big monster who had a diamond sword, covered in purple. The worst part? It was so slimy. "EWW" it was on my ship, but I didn't care, but then I saw my pirate friends, Lucky Lassie, Super Splurge, Mucky Mcwaveres, Silly Sally, Bullying Bob and Cop Coliver. That goofy monster was going to eat them, so then I rushed to get my gear and my tools and swam to my ship, after a few minutes I was on the ship. The big, rude monster will never eat my friends! I rushed to him and cut his head off, I was so happy, I unleashed my friends and we lived happily ever after.