Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Our Impact

Reading and Writing  

  • On average, Young Pirates improve their reading age over 50% faster than age related expectations. 

  • 100% of parents say they have seen a positive impact on their child’s literacy because of the programme. 

  • Young Pirates who say they read less than once a week at the start of the programme, report on average that they read between a few times a week and every day by the end of the programme. 

Confidence and Perseverance 

  • 95% of parents saw an increase in confidence. 

  • 78% of teachers saw an increase in perseverance. 

  • 80% of Young Pirates improved their perseverance scores. 

Quotes from the External Evaluation  

 ‘I’ve seen immense improvement...she takes more interest in reading and with writing also….and her confidence, it has boost her confidence when she do it’. – Young Pirate parent 

‘it doesn’t matter how long I take to read the book, no one can judge me just because I’m in a lower group or I need help with writing and reading.’ – Young Pirate 

‘I think it’s really effective.  I really notice.  This year I teach three students we’ve referred.  I’ve noticed a change in their confidence.  …  They are now more articulate when contributing in class.’ – teacher from a partner school 

‘five years ago three girls went to HP and would come back to talk about but years after and she [a year 11 student] would talk about HP really fondly and how it had helped build her confidence. It’s amazing to be able to see the improvements over five years. I ask them [past students of HP] what they remember and they always felt they made a marked improvement in that year and by year 10 they really appreciate it.’ – teacher from a partner school 

“All schools with a Pirates programme in their area should want to make use of the programme to benefit relevant pupils, and Local Authority areas with similar challenges around literacy should be lobbying for the replication of the programme where they are.   –  Mobilise


You can download the full External Evaluation here  

The FSI have awarded us the Small Charity, Big Impact award  in 2017