Hackney Pirates

Adventures in Learning

Our Impact

  • 89% of teachers report improved reading skills
  • 80% of teachers see a positive change in confidence
  • 75% of teachers think the young people are more willing to keep going

“His parents say he loves it, that he is much more confident and more resilient. He is braver in all aspects. (He is a) different child - purely owing to The Hackney Pirates.”

– Victoria Loughran, Assistant Head, Morningside Primary School

“The service is tailored to individual students and their needs and it is clear that The Hackney Pirates staff truly care about the wellbeing and progress of the students.”

Sophie Routledge, Second in English, Hackney New School

Young Pirates

  • 90% of young people say attending The Hackney Pirates helps them at school.
  • 86% of young people say they are more confident.
  • 87% of young people say they are more likely to put in lots of effort.

I am proud of my literacy because I was four times nominated the writer of the week. Hackney Pirates makes a difference because I'm better at literacy and spelling.” – Eleni, year 5

“I used to hate reading! I had to be forced to do it. Now I love reading, I read at home for 30 minutes a day.” – Moyin, year 6



  • 89% of parents say their child is more willing to keep going.
  • 95% of parents say their child enjoys reading more.
  • 100% of parents say their child’s confidence is improved.

“What has really stood out to me, is that Khaya's confidence has grown since attending The Hackney Pirates and she is more open and expressive."                         – Khaya’s parent

“Daniel’s reading has improved tremendously, I am very pleased with Hackney Pirates.” – Daniel’s parent



Impact Report

We are delighted to share our newly developed Theory of Change, and our impact report for the academic year 2014-2015. Our approach to learning has been developed over several years of research, piloting and refining, and we are pleased to demonstrate evidence of the impact our programmes make on young people’s learning.

You can view our latest impact report here.