Hackney Pirates

Adventures in Learning

Our Impact

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Small Charity, Big Impact award 2017 from the FSI.

  • On average, Young Pirates improve their reading age 52% faster than age related expectations.
  • 28% of Young Pirates increase their reading age at least twice as fast as age related expectations.
  • 72% of parents report increased perseverance.

“His parents say he loves it, that he is much more confident and more resilient. He is braver in all aspects. (He is a) different child - purely owing to The Hackney Pirates.”

– Victoria Loughran, Assistant Head, Morningside Primary School

“The service is tailored to individual students and their needs and it is clear that The Hackney Pirates staff truly care about the wellbeing and progress of the students.”

Sophie Routledge, Second in English, Hackney New School

Young Pirates

  • 62% of young people say the programme has helped with their perseverance, and 35% strongly agreed.
  • 70% of young people make large gains in writing skills.
  • Among young people who did not enjoy reading at the start of the programme, 100% of them enjoy reading at the end.

The Young Pirates say...

"It changed my confidence at putting hands up in the class and answering questions...I used to be scared that I'd get lots of things wrong, so I did not put my hand up."

"It helped me with my spelling and reading and much more because my levels have improved."



  • 74% of parents say the programme has helped their child with perseverance, with 38% strongly agreeing. 
  • 55% of parents say their child enjoys reading more.
  • 82% of parents report increased confidence.


"Her confidence has grown. This has been the first time she has said after exams last week, "You know what Nan, I enjoyed my exams and I think I did well."
-- Natasha's grandmother

"With English not being the mother tongue, it is made a huge impact in her writing abilities also."
-- Iva's parent



Impact Report

We are delighted to share our impact report for the academic year 2015-2016. Our approach to learning has been developed over several years of research, piloting and refining, and we are pleased to demonstrate evidence of the impact our programmes make on young people’s learning.

You can view our latest impact report here.