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Our Impact



Reading and Writing 

  • On average, Young Pirates improve their reading age over 50% faster than age related expectations.
  • 24% of Young Pirates increase their reading age at least twice as fast as age related expectations.
  • 98% of parents say they have seen a positive impact on their child’s literacy because of the programme.
  • 87% of parents report an increase in the frequency of reading at home.

Confidence and Perseverance

  • 95% of parents saw an increase in confidence.
  • 72% of teachers saw an increase in perseverance.
  • 98% of YPs improved their perseverance score, with an average improvement of over 40% of their original score.

Quotes from Young Pirates, Parents and Teachers 

"His parents say he loves it, that he is much more confident and more resilient. He is braver in all aspects. (He is a) different child - purely owing to The Hackney Pirates.”

– Victoria Loughran, Assistant Head, Morningside Primary School

“The service is tailored to individual students and their needs and it is clear that The Hackney Pirates staff truly care about the wellbeing and progress of the students.”

Sophie Routledge, Second in English, Hackney New School

“Caring, inclusive atmosphere. Anthony and the staff team know me and my children - extremely caring, friendly, infectious love they show to children and families. Royal tells everyone about HP and doesn't want it to end.” – Royal’s mum

“I've been to see the building and it's an amazing, inspiring place to be, bright, colourful, it sets the mind alight - my youngest started making up stories about the Kraken as soon as she'd been there! The staff have been encouraging, very helpful, they work at getting the children out of their shell. I wish they had more time there.” – Jessica’s mum

“Wonderling was a worry at the beginning of the year and now she's in line with the rest of the class - she's made massive progress in all areas but especially her confidence.” Wonderling’s teacher

“My teacher said that the Hackney Pirates has made my reading very good. My teacher said it’s shot through the roof!” – Charlie 



The FSI have awarded us the Small Charity, Big Impact award  in 2017