Literacy Pirates

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Petchey Academy


“Ahhhhh somebody help……” No-one heard me but in the distance I saw a big grey, orange, blue, red and brown mountain it was amazingly colourful I loved the view.        
I swam towards the mountain but a big wind came my way...... swoosh...... swoosh...... bang...... bang! When I finally got to the mountain there was spikes everywhere I could not handle it so I ran down jumped back in to the water and swam back to my ship.

Although no one was there I knew I was safe so I moved the ship to land and sent an SOS so everyone could see it they all came back to me and we were safe at last.

Sincerely, AMIRA


When I was walking I see a bear. It is so big and I was scared. I started to run and the bear is following  me, I go in my home and I stand in the window and I see the bear is gone. I went outside and I played with my friends and I was so happy. That is my story by Bahar. 


Me and my group of friends were on the ship on the seven seas. The cloud was dark and misty and it felt like night. An hour went by, and it was pitch black you couldn't see anyone even yourself. The only thing I wanted was to go home and have a nice hot chocolate. I fell asleep and when I woke up, no one was there I could only see navy like the pitch black sky sea no one was there. I dropped into the numb water with an extreme wave. I couldn’t breath, my heart stopped. 'HELP!' No one was there to answer and I thought that was the end of my life.
I woke up on the sandy beach I was soaked with water. My mouth was parched I wanted it, no I needed it. As I walked along the beach I saw a massive mountain. My eyes were thrilled. I opened up my light brown eyes and my eyes watered with joy. The mountain was full of fresh juicy water and my eyes were full of tears. I had it all and I made the best of it. I got on the boat and sailed home.


My dream was about me climbing on the mountains trying to get up there. I could see a lot of kids playing and crying and also feeding the animals. So I went next to them and they were all happy but they seemed to talk in another language but I said excuse me so then I just moved along and saw cute animals sleeping then I quickly had a good idea so i woke up the elephant to take me to the beach, suddenly the elephant was really really kind and was taking me really fast.

So then we were there yay but when I came off the elephant I suddenly saw the biggest boat ever and it said ‘Pirate Captain’ so then I quickly swam to it so it doesn’t go before then I screamed “Pirate captain!” and then he just came out of the boat and said who are you then I tried climbing and he helped me onboard.


All I could see was people and a gigantic ocean which I don’t know...
I was 100% scared and when I looked down dust was blowing on me. Whenever I looked to my left all I could see was a forest full of animals such as bears, wolves etc. and full of bugs. I didn't have any option so I had to walk through the green forest. After I passed the freaky forest I saw the mountain and inside it I could see a Pizza Shop. I found my dusty boat waiting for me on the other side… And there was a couple of people on my dusty boat made out of wood that was having a party inside my boat and I was shocked and vexed!


When I flew out into the sky I felt scared because I knew I was going to fall into the water and I knew I was going to get far from my friends. As I landed in the water I was lying on top of the water and I was getting far from other people. Then from far away I saw an island and I was swimming and getting near the island.
As I reached it I saw a forest and furthermore in the distance I saw a mountain.
First, I went through the forest then I went up the mountain. I went up looked all around  and as I turned around I saw the ship, it was there still!
So what I did is, I went down the mountain, ran and when I was inside the water I swam as fast as I could.
I was climbing up and I saw the same people who were in the same ship before. I was in the boat and we carried on going.
As we carried on I looked everywhere.
I was amazed that I finally got on a ship.
But, also three sharks were going around our ship I knew I was in trouble, but, finally we escaped and the sharks didn't follow us.



I was washed away by the current of the legendary wave, the whole ship was deserted, the water was dark with nothing to see. It was scary, nothing to do, I stayed there until I saw an island. I thought I was alone but I was wrong, there was animals like tigers, lions and horses. I thought I was dead but no… If I was dead, how could I be so scared? I didn’t know what to do until over the clouds that look like the ocean I saw the mountain that was going to help me find my way home. But there was a big problem, I had to go through a forest BUT by the looks of it magical and unheard off. I thought it was going to be terrifying but then there was a bigger problem, a big muscular lion with sharp teeth, it was running towards me I had nothing to do just to run so I ran towards the forest. It had been hours and I thought I had lost the lion, so I continued going until I finally got there. I got to the top and I saw my ship so I went running towards it and I got on but I was wrong it was not my ship and I think it is the end of me… To be continued!



As soon as I got splashed by the blue dirty water I woke up on the dark scary island and I felt the lumpy ground. I smelt the fresh water. I could hear the colourful birds tweeting like little angels. I heard the bears howling. As the full moon came up I was shivering with fear. I knew that I needed to go up the mountain to see my ship. As I was walking a leaf moved, I was terrified, I started running. Then an enormous wolf appeared in my way, so I grabbed a stick and I cut his flesh in half. I ran up the mountain as fast as I could. Then I saw the ship floating on the soft water, when I got there I realised that nobody survived but me.


“SOMEBODY HELP ME!” Splash splash splash I went floating around the warm dirty water. I went floating around and then I fell asleep. My mind turned into a tornado. I didn’t know what to do. Then... there... was…… nothing. Swoosh... swoosh... swoosh my head felt like it was floating and my body was sinking. I woke up and I felt as cold as Antarctica. I went hunting for food because I was starving. Crunch..... crunch.... crunch was all I heard. Coconuts, mangos, pineapples, bananas and grapes were all on one tree [yummy yummy in my tummy] A massive mountain came before my eyes it was as massive as mansion [even bigger]. One step... two steps... three steps and I started to climb. I thought I was going to fall. I finally got to the top and the top was as crystallised as a disco ball, I turned around and saw a ship so I went back down the hill and ran as fast as I could and went on the ship.


When I was walking I saw a boat it was big, it had lots of colours. It was pink, green, blue, red and yellow. When I saw that I was very scared. I had to get in the boat and went home back and I left the scary boat behind and when I got home I was happy. END OF THE STORY?


As the big three hard waves came I landed in the cold freezing water and I quickly ran to shore and ran through the beach and forest. I saw massive tigers in the forest and I told them to stay away. Then I saw a really massive mountain and as I got to the very top I started to look around for my ship and my crew and then I heard my captain say “ARGHH Me hearties it’s me the Captain!” and then I quickly ran all the way down the massive mountain and I felt really happy to see my captain and then I ran though the forest again and me and the captain went to find our crew mates and we found them sitting on the beach and then we all got warm and we all ate a four course meal and then we all went to bed until the next day. After we ate our four course meal we all saw a massive hairy wolf that was growling at all of us and then the captain got his bow and arrow out and shot it and then we all grilled it on the BBQ and then we ate that as well so then we all had a five course meal. We all went to bed with a happy stomach. The captain is as fast as Usain Bolt.


While I was asleep I have been knocked out of the boat from a big wave I sank to the bottom of the ocean and while holding my breath I saw an octopus and I was even swimming from a shark as fast as I can like a cheetah but swimming instead! When I finally got out of the ocean I ended up being in a forest I saw zebras, horses and I was even running from huskies like I was Usain Bolt. After going through many plants, creatures and animals I found a massive ice mountain, I crawled all the way to the top and I saw my ship right next to the forest. I ran all the way down, went through the dark and deep forest. When I was out of the forest I saw my ship and yelled "HERE I AM LET ME IN IT’S ME!" and I got on the ship. I am so happy that I got to my ship all my mates are so happy that I have arrived too.
My crew is having a party to celebrate that I made it back. I cant wait for the party to start theres going to be some nice traditional food! and a jug of beer each and we all made a big CHEERS for getting me back on board. :P;P:P:P:P;p;p:P;p;p:P;p


Me and my crew fell off the ship from the biggest wave that we ever saw. While we were washed up by the ocean we were split up.

I was so happy I saw land, I charged straight to the beach, there were so many sharks, snakes and also crocodiles. Behind the beach there was a huge forest in the distance.

I charged my way through the forest it felt quick. Behind the forest there was a massive mountain. I needed a rest but I knew I never gave up. So I ran up the mountain, when I was on the top of the mountain, I searched for the ship, there it was the ship at last I said.

I ran down the mountain, I ran through the forest, lastly I ran through the beach and hopped on the boat. I was about to leave my crew but I heard them shouting my name so they hopped on the boat with me and we set sail to Paris.


The ship got wrecked and I fell in the sea and the sea was very cold like dry ice. I quickly swam to land (the beach) and as I came out I saw a huge forest, which I ran into as fast as Usain Bolt, I got stinging nettles in me and it was hurting a lot. After the forest I saw the hugest mountain in the world, so I climbed the mountain. A few hours later, some ship came to the land and said “ARRRR maties!” so I quickly ran to the ship, but before I went down I quickly looked around before I finally left the Best Island Ever Seen, but there was no treasures, but anyway getting back to the story I ran for my life and swam to the ship and there was men (pirates) there, but (by the way this was in past)  I shouted “Stop what you’re doing!" all the pirates said “We’re on your side " and we happily went back to our houses. Before we went home I just wanted to say this THERE WAS NO TREASURE NOOOOOOOOOO!!!