Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Petchey Academy 


A loud rumble came out of nowhere, bang boom crash that was all could hear.  Quick as a flash I ran up to the deck the captain and said that we had to go on this mini island to get away from the shipwreck. Also he told us that we had to swim to the main island that we were going to, "he said swim lads like a pro swimmer" because there are dangerous creatures lurking in the dark. I jumped in the water it felt ok it did not feel as dangerous as the captain described it, then out of nowhere cam a great white shark its teeth were 2 times bigger than the normal sharks teeth it made me feel unsafe and terrified and it looked very hungry so as fast as a tiger I swam for my life it felt like I was drowning, I was losing hope until I could feel land I was tired and I forgot about the great white for a second it was 3 feet away from me. In fear I ran to the island being the first out of my crewmates to make it to the island, the joy of making it first burst out of my heart in excitement.


My name is Ryan and I have an adventure to confront.... 

Day 1

I have been stranded on a pirate ship with a bunch of people that call themselves a "crew". I have randomly woke up here and I don't know who I am so I'm going to find my own quest to find out who I really am.

The crew and I were sailing to an upcoming Island and it looked so peaceful and it also looked like there was a huge amount of wild/nature life. When we arrived, I jumped off and ran away because I wanted to find the most food so we could cook it when we back to the so called "ship".

There were so much animals even the extinct animals there like: Dinosaurs, Dodos and lots more. The Crew and I were huddling together and were thinking if we should have a pet out of one of these animals and we all agreed at the idea. The animals that I wanted to choose were: Eagle (because they are fast in the air), Cheetah (because they are lightning quickly on the land), Lion (because they are tough and fierce), Dodo (for good luck). I went to a village to see what it was like to live in a small town like this and what they do for a living. I went to the park out of town and saw bullies bullying 2 small lions so, I ran over to the scene and helped the lions out. The bullies were about to hit the lions with a baseball bat but I came in a nick of time and saved them. I told them "Bullying small lions that are not your age is a bad idea so I think you should be on your way to where you were about to go!" They said that it was the right thing to do so I decided to teach them a lesson. When they were on their knees I told them to get out of this village and never come back. I took the small lions to their parents and told them what happened. Apparently they could talk and I was about to faint.

I carried on my journey to know who I really am and how I got here. I spoke to some people and they said that there is a huge castle with a mystic person. They say that he could tell the past and future. I walked past the park and entered the "Danger Zone". It looked awesome through the steel fence. There was a scary ride and everything like a theme park or a fun fair. The door was open to i entered without hesitation....


It was a dark stormy night when I woke up. I felt very scared that’s when I thought to myself and said "Should I go and find out what the Captain is doing?” I went down the squeaky stairs and I saw lots of dirty mice crawling along the nasty floor. When I got there I saw the Captain moving the ship. I didn't know where we were going but in the distance I saw a huge golden island and then the ship stop working and we had no way to get there. That's when we saw a massive animal looking like a dinosaur we thought it was a bad dinosaur but it stopped in front of the ship and told us to come aboard. So the Captain and I stood on top of the dinosaur and it took us to the massive island. When we arrived there we got off the dinosaur and got lost because it was so big then I was left alone all by myself starving with hunger. Suddenly on the way of my journey I saw a tropical forest so I went towards it to find some food but I could not find anything except a coconut. I was about to crack it open but an ugly, horrible and hairy monkey came and snatched it away from me! This made me feel very angry and I was still starving!


We climbed into the old and dusty ship. We sailed for days and days, it took forever. We had been sailing for 5 days, it felt like 5 years. After a while we all sat down and then a black ugly, smelly monster that had 25 tentacles jumped out of nowhere. It looked like it was 255 years old and it had orange slime coming out of its hands. It smelt like stinky bins, it had come to attack me and my ship mates. I wasn’t going to let that happen so I jumped upon the rope and swung my sword. 'Clunnncchhhhh!' At that moment I struck the ugly creature in its forehead, ‘Thuuurrrpppp!’ Orange slime came from his black head. We threw his body into the sea and that’s when a major storm hit the ship. Everything was on the floor, there was nothing but crashes and bangs on the boat. 10 minutes later the storm calmed down and that’s when we saw the golden sand and coconut trees in the distance. Our ship had stopped and wouldn't move, we had an emergency boat so we all jumped into it, then we sailed away. We reached the island, we ate coconut and went through the forest but there were hillbillies hiding behind the bushes. We were scared of them because they had knifes as sharp as a chilling shark’s front teeth. They were ready to kill, we slowly crept behind them and got to the top of the mountain. It was as cold as the North Pole, it was very colourful there was an amazing red sun the blue peaceful ocean and bright green forest, we are extremely tired so we killed an octopus, which have very stretchy legs, and tied them between the trees and got some sleep. We were in deep dreams and a gigantic ship mounted on sand, 15-20 pirates that had 16" knives came off the boat...


So basically what happened was I was falling down a mountain, then I realised it was all a dream, then somehow I made it to the island of hope. Then I saw a big beast coming near me, however I managed to avoid it by going under its legs because it was to fat. Then it tumbled. “How?” I hear you say. Because he was an octopus! Then after he started to shout, "Come here earthling!" As his arms waved about like a fish’s fins.

He couldn't catch me, I was too fast for him. He tried to run but there was no hope, I was just sitting there completely relaxed. It was very fun. If I had my phone, I could have recorded him and put him on social and media.

Let me explain to you what this ugly hideous octopus looked like, in fact, let me not tell you. You can’t even imagine, he looked like the devil. He was 6ft 5 and he smelled like his left toe. He ate anything but hated air fresheners because they made him fade away.

On the deck, he acted like he was a big man and also scared my crew away, but then I scared him. All of a sudden ‘swish! Bump! Thump!’ The rhyme I heard was double toil and trouble fire burn cauldron bubble!

This was a giant we had never seen before: a squirming, wavy octagonal octopus. It squirted black ink all around. Squish!


We were back in the ship and it was full of happiness because we were still alive and we thought that we weren’t going to be alive anymore. When we got back to the ship, I was happy that we were alive because we had found our way out. We found our crew that we were with but, all of a sudden, lightning started to happen and it was very frightening. We had to escape but there was nothing to do so we had to swim to the rainforest. We went into the dark forest where there were insects, butterflies, and all kinds of other animals that are in a rainforest. We had to escape otherwise we were going to be dead. Meanwhile, I was at the rainforest where there were lots of animals such as monkeys, pandas and birds. I had lots of wounds on my skin that looked very bad because of all the horrible things that had happened. I had a pink, beautiful, shiny dress that was ripped and full of mud and dirt. I was very upset because it was ruined and it was full of mud and smelt so bad! That day in the rainforest, I heard someone creeping behind my back. It was scary because it could have been an animal or a person. I looked behind me as slowly as I could to check who it was but nothing was there. All of the sudden it happened again, with bits of twigs and trees all over the floor. It got louder and closer to me and I started to run and run to escape from the rainforest, my hands started to shake with nervousness and I turned around nervously... All of a sudden it was a person that I had never met before in my entire life. Later on I wanted to find my way out…


I’m back in the ship. I survived the storm.  I’m so cold and I'm so hungry, I could eat all the food in the world. I’m scared. I’m not sure I’m going to make it. I'm so happy that I made it back that I could hug every person in world.

Let me tell you all the bad things that happened to me. The ship went bang, it crashed and we all fell in Blackbeard Waters. We all were frightened so split up and I think all of my crew probably died except the Captain Peg Leg. So now you probably want to know what happened as I was trying to find the ship.

So as I fell off the ship I swam to a near island and there were tigers and monkeys and all sorts of creatures. There were loads of trees, so I cut some down and made a boat to find all my partners, but I only found 1 of my partners. You all know who it was, it was Captain Peg Leg. So, as I went through the sea, I saw a boat. It looked like our old ship. I went on the ship and I saw all my partners! Everyone was happy to see me, especially Captain Peg Leg.

So that’s how it went. We went on other adventures in the rain forest. We were all excited to go on another adventure, but as we went in, we were all were shocked by a load nose. It sounded like a loud monkey. We went in and we all stepped slowly so that the monkey could not hear us. At the end of the hunt we heard the monkey. We did not kill it because they wouldn’t kill us, would they? We went back to the ship and we did the same old same old every day.


It was midnight when the storm reached us. I was in my bed lying down when all of a sudden I heard a loud bang coming from outside. All I started to hear was a spooky wind screaming at us. I couldn't do anything because I didn't know what was happening and I couldn't see anything in the dark! However, I found myself under my blankets. I heard something that was about to fall on me, when BANG! Suddenly I was on the floor, unconscious.

I woke with a very big headache. I was curious about what happened the previous night but I couldn't remember anything. I stood up and looked everywhere, there was no one around and it was very silent, as if I was the only one on the boat. I went to find out if my mates were outside but I was in...... in..... shock.

Everything was destroyed and the floor was totally dilapidated. It was horrific. I knew I wouldn't live long. I prepared the small boat and went but before I left the boat I had figure out where was I going to go. Far away I saw a small island, it was shining and the sun reflecting off it. I was so lucky to see an island near the ship but it was also kind of far away.  

I was very tired and I was nearly getting to the land when a shark started surrounding my boat. Immediately my sleep faded away. I rode my boat as fast as I could and finally got to the land. It was beautiful and shiny, it was like heaven. There were animals that looked happy and were playing and had lots of food and it was perfect to rest and eat.

I was all by myself relaxed and calm when suddenly it went silent and dark. A very big thing appeared and I thought I was going to survive but my destiny is my death..... 


I was on the ship going to find everyone because I had lost everyone during the storm and some of us have fallen off the ship and drowned, but luckily I survived.

Finally I got back to shore by sailing a life boat. After the rain settled down I started to look for some sticks and leaves, then I climbed a coconut tree to get some coconuts. Whilst I was up there I saw some monkeys climbing up a banana tree. I quickly climbed back down and made myself a shelter and started a fire. Since it was night time, I quickly ate a coconut and went to sleep because I was tired from my long day in the storm.

The next day, the fire was still burning and I just wanted to go home but my ship was wrecked so I decided to explore the island to find somewhere I could stay…


The shivering shiny blue ocean was waving side to side. The soft, yellow sand was rushing to my eyes and there was a calm breeze. I could hear the birds tweeting as if they were hungry. So I decided to give them soft 50:50 bread. After looking to get on the boat, I finally found a red Honda Sport sea-bike. I began zooming to the boat with my sea-bike like a lightning bolt while the water splashed on my face. I jumped on the pier and put my feet on the warm sand as the sun was blazing on the sand. Suddenly, I heard a rustling above me in the tree. It sounded like a stranded monkey. What did I get myself into?


I was on the abandoned ship and found nobody on the ship. I did not even remember what had happened on the ship. I found a speedboat drive past as quick as flash. I waved my hands asking for help, he came and I jumped on the shiny, chrome boat. I asked him to take me to the island. He said 'Don't worry I will get you there in no time.” I said, “Thank you.” He asked why I wanted to come here. I told him about the golden shiny treasure. He asked if he could join in with me on the amusing adventure. I did not know if I should trust him, I just said yes. We went to the island my feet were warm and sandy because I stood on top of the sandy beach. Once the fog moved out of my view I saw that the watery rainforest had tall trees. They were as tall as my house, I was amazed. We both found two black panthers and two tigers and I found a sharp wooden spear. I went and stabbed the vicious tigers. My friend knew how to speak like a black panther he told him if he could lead us to the legendary superhero black panther. They both led us towards the big waterfall and they both went in. We followed them and saw the amusing view of the Black Panther territory. I said ‘Hello’ to Black Panther, he said he was waiting for me to arrive he gave me one of his upgraded suits. I took it and ran as fast as flash.


I jumped off the big, disgusting, dusty ship. I landed on this beautiful island. The island looked humongous, the grass look like a witch's face. I quickly built a shelter as fast as a cheater I went hunting for food there were mangos, oranges, apples and coconuts. I went out looking for my ship mates to see if they were still alive. I felt lonely without my mates. I looked up in the sky and it was already pitch black, full of darkness. I was terrified but happy that I was off the dusty ship with its tangled cobwebs and shrieking rats all over the kitchen floor. 4 hours later I found myself in the middle of a rain forest, it was dark and silent. I was walking around the forest when, suddenly, I heard out of nowhere a crashhhhh and a screaming person. I was thinking it was my ship…


As I was in the deep ocean I saw a wooden sailboat that was just next to me. I slowly got on the ship and the wind started to blow North West. When I arrived to the beautiful Island I saw an animal that was as big as 10 foot dinosaur. I got terrified when I saw it. But it was friendly. When I went inside the jungle I saw the most amazing thing in my life, it was fruit there were mango apple bananas. They looked so delicious that it will melt in your mouth. When I finished my fruit I headed to the waterfall and under the waterfall, I saw a big natural pool it was smooth as silk. Steam was covering the air.  When I went up the terrifying, slippery rough rocks. As I was at the top of the mountain I saw people on the ground making food I had to decide to escape the Island. I went down to the ground and met the people they said that they could help me they were very kind to me the made a boat with motor on it I went on it and said goodbye to the people that helped me BUT something was wrong!


I swam to the island all day and when I get there. I will make a house when I finish there were loads of animals, the animals are dinosaur and tigers. Tigers are like orange white their smelt like chocolate elephant are tall and they like to eating all day because is fat I will go ladder try to find a town and swimming over to the town and peoplehelp they have toll building and the cars were loud. They help some boy called Kevin.


A day came when a man named Amudi was playing football. Afterwards he had a little break. He felt a bit weird for no reason. Out of nowhere he said 'MEOW' his friends were really shocked because it sounded like a real cat! One of his friends said 'WHAT WAS THAT!'.'I don't know' said Amudiin in a strange voice. He then went back to his football game. Someone said 'Isn’t Amudi acting weird today?' Someone replied 'he sure is'. Amudi said 'One day I am going to climb mount Everest. His friend said 'doubt it, you can’t even climb the gate we were in before' Amudi replied 'BET'.'YOU, I don't think you want to go there'. Amudi went to sleep because he was knackered. One day later Amudi woke up to himself packing his clothes. He then rubbed his eyes and found himself on a pure blue mountain. It was cold he was shivering Exhausted. He was clueless, but then he remembered he said 'I am going to climb Mount Everest one day. OH NO!’ said Amudi very loudly.


I stood still seeing the redness of the fire. I burst of excitement when I finally reached my crew because I thought I was going to survive on my own, and I can never do that. They cooked a large bowl of soup flaming hot as I placed it in my mouth. My mouth was burning hot like I was making a campfire on my tongue. Suddenly an amazing dragon breathing out flames as we tried to get back to our ship. We arrived at our ship slaying as much food as we can to survive and so we did. My crew arrived at the island seeing the beautiful creatures, it was magnificent the colourful flowers, and the wonderful animals hanging about such as monkeys and giraffes tall black spotted ones looking like they're innocent. My mate John picked out a blueberry and tried to feed it to the deer shoving it into its mouth, the deer's eyes turned purple and shrieked out spits of leaves we ran as fast as we can kicking away the small creature and killing dangerous insects. We ended up in a dead end I stepped back five times and felt thin vines I dropped...

The rainfall was behind me crashing onto rocks 'Splash splash!' I laid down on a bent rock with a broken back yelling for help.10 minutes later I see my crew crawling about on the soggy floor.


I found myself lying on the cold deck I couldn't remember what happened after the storm or how it happened all I could remember was lying on the cold wet floor worried and shouting to see if any of my crewmates was still alive. I stood up to take a look at the beautiful view, and I saw this golden island that glowed from a far. IT WAS MAGICAL. I started to think of ways that I could get to this magical island, I couldn't wait no I longer I had to get on that island. I jumped into the sea and swam rapidly to the island then I was walking on feet. When I got there it was a beautiful rainforest, the grass was so green and was wet from all the heavy rain, all you could smell was the fresh smell of grass.


As I leaped out of the ancient ragged ship my plan was to swim as far as I can to make my way to that glorious, amazing island.

The young pirate finally arrived to shore. She quickly searched for food across the huge island. There were mangoes, coconuts, oranges and more. As she went looking for meat she accidentally stepped on a twig. "OWWWCH!" The pirate exclaimed.

I might as well just eat all the fruit I found and then climb up that mountain. But as I was going back I hear a "hiss" behind me turned around it was SNAKE! That sly, sneaky, slimy, secretive snake came to poison me.

She ran as fast as a cheetah. Eventually the snake couldn't make it all the way so it stopped trying. "PHEW!!!" The pirate said. "Wouldn't you be relieved?"

She gobbled all the fruit and made her way to that mountain. She ran so eagerly and so fast all the animals just stared at her as she dashed through the forest.

Finally, she found the mountain again and climbed up it like a monkey going up a tree.


So I arrived on the damaged boat to the island that looked like paradise. There was a beautiful beach and the sand was soft as silk. Then I saw a humongous dinosaur and next to it there was a giant turtle strolling across the island. The dinosaur was furious because it wanted to eat the turtle. Then all of a sudden a disgusting smell came past me. It was very smelly. After that something went over my legs. It was a slithering, slimy snake that went over my legs. I had to get out of here. I looked forward. There was a mountain. I ran as fast as lightening to the mountain.