Literacy Pirates

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 Petchey Engagement Session 2018


Once upon time me and my friend went on a journey. We went on a new colourful boat and we saw a big huge whale! We all screamed because we were scared but there was a person who saved us who was a captain and he was so kind that he took us home and we were all saved. But before this happened in the sea it was so big with just rocks sand and a sea.

We saw lots of animals and they were so huge and scary. So what we did is we shot them and they we dead. So we had a break and our parents came and took us and we went home. We had dinner then changed in to our outfit. Then we went in to our soft bed and slept all night.

 The next day I woke up and went to school and made lots of friends. I live very far away from school and when I came from school and went in to my bed and that’s the end of my story.



"AHH help me!!"

  I was in the water going up and down. I could hardly breath, the water was freezing! I saw an enormous blue whale.after hours in the salty, salty, sea.

 I finally arrived at the beach, it was beautiful. I saw an enormous elephant and a blue and white shark. Then I went to find food and there was just fruit and water. After days I was starving.

 Suddenly I saw a mountain then I ran up there and saw a ship, it looked like my ship. We had a party and everyone was there, but captain wasn’t there. But no one cared. Afterwards we saw the captain and we helped him!



I woke up on the island of Home. I saw none of my crewmates on the island. So I went off to find the treasure of sweets to finish our quest. I went looking around the island then I saw a forest so I had no chose so I went in


As I walked in the gloomy, dark forest the trees were black and burned. Something is starting to rise from the ground. So I start to run for my life. I manage to get out of the forest.


I see a mountain so I climb it to very top. It took me 2 hours to climb it and as I made it to the top I saw the treasure and all the crewmates so I rushed down the and woke everyone because there all asleep.

 As everyone woke we made a circle around the treasure chest. We all opened it and inside was haribo, chocolate, mars, dairy milk and pinballs.


Crushhhh the boat was now gone.

 Somehow I was now in the water. I grabbed onto the boat and tried to swim to an island but I had to get my friend Elle with me so I call her name

“Elle! Elle! Where are you?!'

“I’m going to jump in the water!” She screamed back.

She jumped in and we started swimming towards the island. “Come on lets hurry up!!” I screamed to Elle.

We are now on the island and we are both freezing because we just got out of the water. At this point the boat is gone. Me and Elle try to look around the island to see if there were other people on the island with us.

We looked around for hours and there was no one there.


I landed in the hot water and I felt refreshed because we had a thrilling adventure. Looking at a peaceful hammerhead shark, my hand started shaking… I suddenly got out of the tremendous waters.

"Where's my crew?" I questioned myself. As I rushed into the forest, I saw fruits and I thought it was my lunch… but they were poisonous berries!

I decided to eat then but I died. They tasted disgraceful. 


When I landed in the very cold water my spine felt like it had broken into various different pieces I couldn’t breathe because the depth I went down to was impossible to breathe in and which meant I was airless for around 45 seconds. I slowly started rising up to the shore.

 I couldn’t remember very well, I fainted and the second I became airless. All I remember is when I crashed into the vicious seven-seas.

When I woke up I was back at the island where I last saw my crew and it was heart breaking how I lost all of my friends. Some of you people think they are just my crew!!!! They are my family. People I’m forced to stay on a ship and sail with, they were my only family. The last memory I had was when Sqeerker Creg ate his first Octopus tentacle.


When I crashed in to the water I felt weird. The water felt like something was hitting me. When I opened my eyes I was at the surface and a shark helped me get up and the I started swimming away. As I was walking on to the island I saw a unicorn crossed with a fish… I was terrified that it would attack me.

 It sounded like a bird. Then I ran as fast as I could into the forest so that thing would not kill me. Also I made no friends and it was scary and the I made my own house. I lived there for about for about 2 years.

 Then I saw a snowy mountain and as I was running up the mountain my legs were like jelly. It took me about an hour to get to the top. As I was looking around I saw the ship with the captain having a nap. Then I rushed down the mountain through the forest. I saw all the crow there waiting to scare the captain. Then I joined them and we all shouted wake up!!!!!!! Then we built a new ship (THE END).


Once upon a time, there was an 11-year-old pirate boy called Kaleb. Him and his crew mates (who he hasn't seen in twenty years) got blown away by a gigantic wave. Kaleb was still alive after the incident but still very exhausted and hurt.

 He climbed up a mountain to check if he could see any of his crew mates. He couldn't see any of his crew mates, but what he did see was his old and rusted up brown boat, so he wondered over to it.

 When he was at the boat he saw a 31-year-old man lying down in the boat, so Kaleb asked himself, "Who is he"? and then he woke the stranger up and asked him who he is. He woke up and shouted

"I’m Giggle-e Puff, HA. HA. HA."


“Uh-huh, do you know me from somewhere?" Giggle-e Puff said.

"Yeah I actually do remember you to be honest, and I know this will make you remember me."(Kaleb flosses)


"The one and only, I think"

"KALEB!! How is life?"

"It’s good, but I think that wave took out one of my teeth," Kaleb replied.

 "I've been calm. I've stayed here for at least 3 years.”


When I felt the water hit my body it was freezing cold! I felt very scared because I did not know how to swim and I was trying to find my crew but they were really far away.

 I could see a forest and a big mountain. I was trying to look for our ship but I did not see it, so after a while I came to the forest. Then I thought I should go the mountain that I saw about two hours ago. I swam back to the mountain and took about half an hour but as soon as I went up, I saw a 10-eyed wolf which was huge and looked like an elephant. The eyes were glowing and it looked really horrifying.

I tried to push it off but it was too heavy. It tried to attack but I got my knife and stabbed it right in its belly. It finally died after I saw my beloved ship and went down the mountain through the forest in to the sea and to my ship. I saw the captain and ran as fast as I can to him.

 He was OK but some of our crew members had died but only a few and he was happy that I had survived. He said to us that we had to go back to the land of home and then we lived happily ever after.


CRASH! Went the huge wave.

'AAHHHH' I Screamed.

'Emma? Emma, where are you?!' Crash!

I went in to the salty, blue sea. 'Emma!' I screamed in the salty water. I couldn't speak under water; I don't think anyone can speak under water.

 When I opened my eyes it was burning like fire was touching it. But I had to so I could see if anyone was under this clear, blue sea. I was running out of breath so I had to swim back up. When I looked up I realised I was like… 10ft under water! I couldn't hold it anymore. I had to swim back as quick as I can. I swam like a Cheater.

 I took a deep breath and got shivers up my body. It was FREEZING! I took a good look around and saw a piece of wood floating on the top of the sea like a balloon. I grabbed the wooden piece viscously. I used my freezing arm to swim to the shore.

 The water was warm but the weather was cold. After that big wave hit us, the weather went REALLY cold! When I got to the shore, I saw many weird animals.


As I dropped to the warm deep water, I felt worried my fellow crew mates had abandoned me.

 There was a long way until we reached shore. I could see sea snakes slithering across the sea. The bubbles filled within my mouth. It was salty. The water felt much heavier.

 Suddenly, there was a massive wave incoming. I tried to out swim it but it was far too late. The water rose above me and I flung around to a dark forest. I was shivering.

 In the distance I saw a huge slimy monster with 11 heads and 21 eyes. I ran with all the little stamina I had. Minutes later I found my friends and we slaughtered him together and we finally found some treasure and share it between us. 


One sunny day we were sailing our way to Home Island until suddenly…

 'Wave coming towards us!' A pirate shouted.

We all panicked trying to think of what to do but there was nothing to do. The wave got closer and closer to the ship and after 10 seconds the wave hit the ship hard breaking the right side of the ship and then the left side of the ship broke.

 At that moment we were sinking slowly and slowly until we touched the freezing water. Shivers were going around my body as I was fully in the water. I tried to swim but the wave was enormous which made it harder to swim. As the wave got away I was swimming back to surface I saw wood floating on the water. I got to the surface I got and I felt a relief through my body, but I was depressed because my team was not there.

 As I turned around I saw an island. It was the Home Island I had tried swimming towards! It as it was not too far. When I got closer I felt my feet touch the sand and  as I got out I saw a monster!

 It was like a T-Rex! As I got away from it I saw a forest. When I went towards it there were apple trees and suddenly I heard a noise. It was the monster! I ran through the forest and at the end of the forest there was another ship. I swam towards it and…