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Presley wants to be president

Hackney Pirates

My name is Presley. I am 10 yrs old.

I sometimes think of my own ideas, and I also use the piano in school and it is my favourite instrment. When I am older I want to live in New York. I am healthy and I like to run a lot. My dream is to a famous footballer, a celebrity and a ledgend.

My favourite topping in pizza is peperoni and I like drawing. I am very creative, intelligent and generous. I sometimes play games on my Playstation, but also play with my friends.  I like playing table tennis also football. Sometimes I rhyme in my sentences. I am very forgetful and very busy. I always wanted to be President of the USA. I like play fighting and watching tv. My favourite subject is Literacy. The school that I go to is St. Monica's Catholic school. I like to skateboard and do sports.

I am left-handed and very organised. I would like to meet the Queen. Sometimes I remember stuff and sometimes I don't. I like recording videos and taking photos.