Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Princess May Session One


I fell off of the dusty ship, in the distance I could see a little island right across the horizon. I swam as fast as I could, on the island I saw wonderful creatures. There, right in front of me was the most yummiest meal I had ever eaten. It had the best ingredients that I have ever tasted, one of my favourite animals came and snatched half of my food. That animal was a Peregrine Falcon it swooped into the air. I followed it to the top of a mountain.               
I saw a volcano about to explode I ran away so quickly that the world around me began to swirl around me. I swam deep down into the sea as the eruption killed all the animals in the island except from the birds. I saw my ship so I swam closer and closer to my ship and I saw the rest of my ugly crew. I was so glad to see my lovely crew. BY AJAY ALUKU PM


I was in Mars. I fell in the gold water. After, I saw a mountain, it was hot. At the top of the mountain, I saw a boat, then I took the boat and I went to Mars again. I saw a big monster, with 800 arms and 7 eyes. I tried to kill him, but it was too hard. I never gave up. I killed him with my sword that I bought. First, I cut his arms, then I cut his neck. His blood was yellow. He smelled like a rubbish bin. I ran to the boat and got back to earth.


Captain Asli was in the water and Captain Asli saw a shark and the shark was red. The shark ate some baddy eels already and I was seeing the shark eating the eels and children then Captain Asli. Then  they found the food and they started to eat the chicken and chips  and drinks. Then they found locked treasure and they opened it.   


"Arggh!" look theres a huge wave coming towards us. Splash! plop! He sank into the water. "Oh no, where am I?" he yelled."but how come, I’m at the hirisan island and the pirates all say there is lots of treasure to find up the mountains. "Aoo, Aoo." Who said that? Oh it’s just the monkey but he’s made of slime. “I’m so starving alright. Thanks a hows this,  umm this banana is so delicious.” So the pirate said “Wow look at the fountain I’m going to drink some water because I’m so thirsty.” When the pirate went back and stole some treasure, he swam back but then he saw a building by him so he climbed the ladder and went there and saw lots of other pirates and one of them said that you could live with us and live happy...


The boat was turned upside down and everyone fell off the boat. We saw lots of greedy  animals. They were very colourful. Everyone went into other directions. Every person was crying. They were delighted and everyone was looking for tasty food but there was no food. But then everyone said I’m going to eat plants. The plants were tasty. They ate 8,765,430,999,942 plants. One person shouted “Everyone is very stupid.” One awesome red gigantic shark jumped out of the sea and ate a person.  One of the people was the captain ugly man.
We cut down trees with our knives and made our own boat.


It was a dreadful day in this wrecked pirate ship, my crew landed on this amazing island. Me and the crew said loads and lots of compliments about the island and all the people. We LIKED it because the children misbehaved and they don’t like brushing their teeth (why bother?). Next, they went to the local beach where the sky was lime green and when it rains, it rains snot (which I quite like). Then we went to the treasure room where the rarest gem was beyond us, the Diamerald. Next we went to the best food store in the island. “Can I have some food for me crew and myself?” 
“Yes you can, but don’t take many because we will run out of food!” So the crew and myself continue with the journey. Now behold the legendary beach! Where there is all the animals in the universe and all the plants in the universe too. It has purple water and orange sand straight away from the gas that created this lovely palace. “Oh no the deathly killer whales invaded for the 900,000,000th time you guys better run or otherwise you will die. COME ON CREW RUNNN!!!”
They ran for sake of their lives. They went back to their ship and they sneaked all the food from the food store. Do you think that they will get in trouble … OR GO BACK ?                    


That fateful day when the pirate ship got wrecked by that terrorising tornado storm, all of the crew got blown away to this giant island we all went to different directions the one I went to had animals like mystical owls, the great gorilla, the speedy falcon and even a fairy. As I went on I saw a portal on the red, sandy, hard rocky floor it was purple and above it said "TO TWILIGHT FOREST". I went in and I was in a forest biome where it was always twilight. For a drink I saw a wonderful and beautiful fountain. I slurped it like a mad man. For food there was evil ravens so I hunted them and ate them. There was squirrels, I didn’t eat them they weren’t evil and they were soooo cute. By the way I cooked the raven in a furnace and ate carefully so I didn’t get poisoned, it was delicious. I also found this humongous goat called the questing ram, when I gave it wool it grew longer finally it gave me diamonds, emerald and gold plus redstone. Later I climbed up a mountain and I found a cave system, I made a pickaxe and a creeper found me and I killed it. I went back near the ship thats were I wrote this story. By the way don’t worry about the ship or me...


One day the ship was breaking down and it sank down into the ocean. Pirate Dinho was sleeping on the lifeboat. His crew chopped the rope free from the sinking boat. They sailed to land. He found other people. They were bad pirates and they were trying to kill other good pirates. His crew went to fight them and kill them. His crew won. They started chopping down trees. They helped him to chop down the trees. They made a big boat with the wood. When the boat was finished, Captain Dinho said to the other pirates "Come on the boat and we can go to Pirateland." They all sailed off together. They travelled to Pirateland and they found treasure on the way. The end. 


Hi my name is Ethan. I’m a pirate and this is my story. Me and my crew were in space. We were eating lunch when a big boom happened. It was Glob the siren monster. It had 859 eyes and 5299 arms. The only way we can get it away “Gold!”. Our captain shouted “Arr its him” and we shouted “Ay ay captain.” We cut, hit and threw our swords at him but he got away. Then a swarm of meteors struck us. We ran into cover (so did everyone else). The water was so hot it was like a desert. I landed on mars the red planet. I saw a phoenix on top of a tree. Behind the pool of lava was a mountain. On top of the mountain was a machine. There was a man named Steve and I told him “The ship is across the land.” I ran to the ship. The end. <made by ETHAN> :> 


I was in the ship with my mighty crew, when all of a sudden came a wind from the distance. After rain came, and then thunder came. I SHOUTED “Thunder everybody!” The ship broke in to hundreds of pieces. I woke up after that horrible thunder. The only people I saw were some of my mighty crew, I heard a strange noise now maybe two when all of a sudden I saw a dead phoenix and felt so hot when I looked up and saw a dragon I  shouted “Runnnnnn!” we ran as fast as our little legs could take us. I was as fast as a lion. After that we saw a big mountain with a door we ran in, it was as dark as a cave. We saw fruit and bananas and chicken, we stuffed it all in our mouths without asking who’s there or can I come in. My mighty friend and I didn’t eat anything, we were too curious about this place but after we went out “Aaaaaaa!” We were trapped in a net all of us, they took our treasure but after an hour someone came flying to us, my mighty friend Peter Pan and his best friend Tinkerbell, they came with our treasure “I caught the pirates and here’s your treasure.” We went back to our mighty house and celebrated and saw Captain Ben.


One wonderful day I was on a festooned ship, suddenly a terrible and enormous wave came towards me and then the boat went side to side. Afterwards I splashed into the blue sea, I saw an angry and terrible shark, I swam as fast as a flash quickly so quickly I swam to the land. After I slept for 6 hours next time I woke up I was feeling so hungry then I ate some fruit and meat. I went to the forest and found some animals. I found an eagle, tigers and snakes they became my friends then I went to the mountain with my fast eagle, strong tiger, and my sneaky snakes to get some materials to fix my ship, then I went to build my ship and calm, perfect and beautiful house. Then I went shopping in Tesco and I got some food and got home.


I splashed and sploshed across the blue ocean and then I swirled down but suddenly I
 managed to swim back up, ahead I saw an island full of sand and trees. Then I decided to swim down to the sandy island, I swam further and further till I reached the island. As I was on the sand I didn’t see anybody at all. I saw coconuts on the trees and decided to drink some coconut water, next I wanted to discover what was further in the island, then I found a cheetah I wanted to make friends with the cheetah so I went next to him and I hugged him. He smiled at me and he thought I would need something to eat so he went to find me some fish and some water to drink when I finished I was full up so we decided to sleep until morning when we woke up and the cheetah found me some breakfast we had pepper chicken for breakfast. I thought “Should I call the cheetah a name?” his name was Benny.


When captain Kai got out of the water there was a nice BIG yellow sandy beach captain Kai saw some great apes, Gorilla, Orangutan, Baboon and Ape. They were friendly and could speak, they asked can we join your CREW. Yes but I need a deal. YOU need to get me some banana fritter from the RICH Hunters this is how I want you to do it, swing in the lush green tall Trees and SNANCH IT OFF THEM.

"HAVE YOU GOT MY BANANA FRITTER!!!!!!" shouted captain Kai "Yes! yum yum yum yum yum yum. Now I'm ready to do some mountain climbing" said captain Kai.
Ajay had to carry me up the mountain.


I was on an island on Mars I did not know there were islands on mars. I saw trees all orange because Mars is all orange, so I saw a alien all orange but I was scared to meet him but when I ran south he saw me but he was friendly because he never saw a human before so he did not take anything, he ran so i followed him. His house was HUGE so he gave me a cup of water, I needed to eat so he gave me chicken and shark meat and I said “What is your name” and he said “Yogo pop” and he said “Yop bop gogp” he gave me a book of language and it said the country he was from was Mars Yogo Pop and his name was Yogo Pop then he gave me a sharp sword very sharp. It can cut trees up in 0 seconds wow. So it was getting dark so he gave me a bed but I was not sleepy so he gave me a red cat called Ben so I can play with him, he made me drowsy then I went to sleep.


One stormy day the Moonlight Pirate Ship Crew were sailing the seas. Later on the tide went up and they had to go to shore. They stopped at a sandy, golden island and their ship broke. So they were stuck, they walked to a jungle. There saw a deadly rhinoceros and next to the rhinoceros was a key to someones ship. So they needed to kill the rhinoceros but it was too fierce to handle so they needed to plan a trap and get the key. So they killed a wild boar and then used the meat to distract the rhinoceros. So the rhinoceros ran to eat the meat. The crew got the key but first they needed to find the ship they found a map next to the key. They used that to find the ship, but once they found the ship, our crew (which owned the ship) were there. “How did you find our ship!?" I asked (I’m captain of starlight ship.) "WELL ITS OURS NOW!" replied moonlight. “Well we'll fight you for it! Do you accept?" we said “Yes we do... PREPARE TO LOSE!" said moonlight. They had a big battle and we lost (BUT DIDN’T DIE) and the moonlight crew won! But it was still raining so they had to wait to go home so on the next day they sailed back to their land but on the journey there was a big storm and the lightning struck their ship and the crew drowned because of their cruel behaviour. But half of the crew survived luckily.


It was a windy day sailing on the big sea suddenly, thump thump, the croc crew were standing there, fierce like they knew what they were doing. But we weren't prepared we were just enjoying the blue, bright sea, they had swords. They attacked hard but they had enough, they sunk our boat and stole all our booty and jumped back onto their boat. We sunk and sunk but then we found a golden door we opened it and we didn’t see booty we saw a golden white sand beach with coconuts, weird collections of animals, fruits, food booty everywhere, even a new golden boat, we took over it. It was like pirate paradise I thought it would never end until the crew came back but this time we were ready. No mercy we put on our black flag, it was war they weren’t going to beat us this time, we weren’t going to lose our pirate paradise boat, no way, no how, but it was time to stop chit chatting. It was time for war and for real boom clash oooooooo aaaaaaaaah ooooooooooouuuuuuuuuhh I’ve never felt this alive, never in my life, I was knocking out people faster than my cousins fake fart machine it was  great.


When I came out of the water I was elated because I didn’t drown, I couldn’t stand on
the sand because the sand was burning my feet. I needed to find shade in the tree.
After I saw a ferocious dragon. I didn’t know what to do so I was thinking what to do so I went to call my friends who had crashed. After we went to try to kill it, we used wood as our weapon. Then one person was killed, we tried really hard then we killed it and then we went to Australia to get a boat to Neverland.


It all started a few days ago. When me and my crew set off to pars (That’s pirate and Mars combined. Well anyway we set off and suddenly stomp stomp stomp it sounded like something huge was onboard me ship.

I bravely took it upon me'self to save me'darling crew. The monster had 210 eyes, 10 heads in fact it is the colour turquoise and every time I threatened it, it turned hot pink and violet. I took my sword and stabbed it in the heart.

The rain started to fall heavily. My crew swished left to right aboard my beautiful ship. 

All of a sudden this big wave got me thrown off me'boat . When I woke up I spotted a beach with white sand. In fact there was rainbow water to quench my thirst.

Princess Aleah

I got thrown off from my pirate ship on Tinkerbell Friday. I crashed on a strange island, it was full of wonderful animals that could dance and sing and speak 9,000,000,000 languages: Spanish, Alien, English and all the rest.


Hello, my name is captain Usamah. I was drowning in the water and then the wave pulled me out. I landed on an island and I was very wet and happy that it was a beautiful place. I was scared that there was a shark and I couldn't go to the ship. I saw an animal. I didn’t know what it was. The colour was black it had feathers it looked a bit like a giant bird it did not look good, I had to swim to get to my ship very fast but, I saw a mountain. So I found my ship and then I went to the mountain, but a wave came again and wrecked my ship. I was very angry and tired I couldn’t swim fast there was land so I rested on the land then I went on a mountain.


One sunny afternoon Captain Yasin said “We are going to find a treasure" “What did you just say?” “We are going to find a treasure" and of they go through the deep waves and reddish sea, but the captain was hungry and one of the parrots found yummy delicious food on top of the sand and we rode the boat to the sand “Yes at last we can eat food, chicken and drink coca-cola.”


One marvellous day a captain came with all his shipmates. This captain was called captain Splurge. All his shipmates were looking for buried treasure. Then he said, "Arrrrr me harties." Then suddenly ... something happened! The captain's ship started to move side to side and all the ship’s crew fell into the nasty disgusting dirty water and started getting wet and soaked and they smelt like a wet dog. Then all the ship’s crew were asked to go and find jewels from the captain’s tree which was rather crazy with different colours growing crazy jewels (it's not like other normal trees). When they left they all heard a really scary storm and it was the PIRATE THUNDER that only comes once every year (today is a new year for us pirates). ARRRR.


There was one stormy night at the sea-side and there was a ship which had lots of pirates. They were called Timmy, Lilly, Daisy and Tom. There was a big smelly wave that smelled like a stink bomb, the wave was also too strong so that the ship and the wave flew up to the dark, creepy space. There they found some red skin coloured aliens that had red and yellow eyes, 6 legs and arms, 5 ears and 10 heads. The waves were flowing and the pirates and the ships also. They landed at Mars but they were still floating and they had not eaten for days so they thought they must eat the aliens so the aliens understood that and they just ran away and then the pirates ran after them and caught them and then they ate their bones and skins and threw the rest and it floated as well (they stayed there for one hour and went back to the sea side.) ZELAL