Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Princess May Session Two


As I was on the ship and got thrown off I was lucky enough to survive in water I met my friendly Loch Ness Monster he drove me to dry land he had go because his wife had problems with their baby. I saw a mysterious jungle I walked through I met my class mates Alex and Mohammed so my little crew went more into the jungle and we saw a triangular pyramid also 3d and giant also red. Me and my crew walked in, me, Alex and Mohammed felt horrified as we walked through, meanwhile we saw a witch, a mean rude witch. The witch wanted to give me and me crew a golden looking apple which was poisonous but me, Alex and Mohammed were not dumb so we all refused the witches offer so the witch was like “oh no you didn’t!” and I said “oh yes I did” and we were all laughing she went off crying to her really tall tower me and me crew went into the red looking pyramid we saw booby traps inside as we went in to  the pyramid. Lucky we were like International ninjas we dodge all the booby traps and went to the captain that was trapped, the captain said "Don’t, its a trap!” and we all got trapped. To be continued...


So our ship broke down and we flew out off our ship off into the ocean. As I went deeper and deeper into the Atlantic ocean I met this sea creature called the Loch Ness Monster. It was scary. I had to fight it to the death and swim to the shore with my swimming skills. Luckily, I swam 150 metres exactly to the beach of Jamaica and I found a pine looking tree, with coconuts, and growing lots of beautiful fruits like a golden apple. I was panting for breath, and walked and walked until I found a forest like a swamp, it had nasty, disgusting water and lakes that frogs lived in. I was starving. I found a nasty apple and I didn't pick it because it was inside the dark, smelly swamp so I thought it was rotten and old. So I walked more and more into the forest until I found a crew mate. It was the Captain! ''Captain! Captain!'' I shouted. He gave me a bit of food, steak, and some rum. It was satisfying because I was starving, I felt like I hadn't eaten for 10 years. As me and the Captain walked through the dull, damp forest we found our way back to the ship..... but as for the rest of the crew they weren't there, they were still stranded somewhere on the island..... Me and the Captain walked on the ship, we still prayed for the rest of our crew hoping that they were still alive, healthy, and finding there way back to the ship. We waited for 10 minutes straight.. but no one came unfortunately. Do you think that they're still alive? I don’t think they're still alive, but I really hope that they're still alive after all of that hassle. We sailed the seven sea's with the Captain and we had lots of fun slightly forgetting that we had a crew, the Captain had lots of food.. like steak, and apples and chicken. I was hungry again after sailing for 7 hours and I asked the Captain if he had any food, ''Yes I do! Want some?'' shrieked Captain. ''Of course I do'' I replied.   


I saw a big massive monster and I got a sword and I killed it. I swam to land and I saw a forest. I was brave and I went through it, I met a fellow pirate and I told him about the problem. A few miles after I saw a golden sword and as quick as a flash I was back on the boat. I went to the captain and I told him to forget the chicken but he did not listen and I went on the life boat and went away. Boom! It crashed and I was happy it was not me with my gold sword. ;] I saw some chicken and I was very happy I was back on land and not a monster diner, me and a chicken.

Ana and Emere

When the ship exploded the pirates were not with me, I was very scared after I found myself and my friend at the beach and everybody was shocked because I was wearing a pirate costume with my friend. Suddenly we were flying at the blue sky. After we fell down to a black, dark forest but it was not a normal dark forest it was very dark, so dark that everybody was bumping in to each other. After that we found another friend inside the forest, we saw lots of golden flashing dollars, we picked them up and they showed our way to the ship and to are friends.


When I was in my ship suddenly there was lightning and it was raining and there were so many waves, my crew disappeared because of the waves. I almost drowned because of the waves. Hastily I was attacked by ten great white sharks, I was so scared and terrified   but suddenly one of my mates survived. I was so happy but scared at the same time because of the great white sharks. So I shouted “Help!” so he gave me a rope and said hang on, he pulled the rope as hard as he could and I was saved by the brave captain. So then we decided to go back to the island and I said we should stay here for one day but anyways we have to find stuff to fix the pirate ship, three hours later we finished fixing the ship. So then in the next day me and my mate went on our ship and never made the same mistake.


I was sleeping on deck and then suddenly a big wave crashed into the ship that rocked the whole ship. I fell in to the seven seas. Suddenly a death killing sea monster was the colour green and had two big piercing eyes that stared at me! I was brave and fought the great beast. It snapped my arm with its terrifying jaws. I found a sword from many years ago and then slashed it in to the beasts mouth. The eyes shut closed and then the sea monster fell down to the sea bed I swam back up, then when I was there a shark tried to snap the captains head off, I saved the captain and I scared the shark away. The crew threw the anchor down we climbed up, we took the captain to his dirty and smelly bed the captain was feeling better.


I got chucked out the ship then I landed on Jamaica’s beach it was a nice and wonderful beach. There were crabs and sharks and there were ships and shells. Also there were nice wonderful birds, there were little children enjoying their beautiful, sunny, super hot day with their brothers and sisters, Shalin, Peter, Monet, Aaliyah, Ben and Emma (those are the children) and families too. There were green trees as green as a green pear and as I saw the green tree I also saw children eating quickly because they saw a gigantic monster, it was green and it had red eyes and huge head and feet, it had rotten nails and the children ran away as soon as they finished eating and one of them threw the bread on the floor when she didn’t finish the bread. So the monster went and got it but after the monster finished eating the one on the floor he went after the others, he did not go after the one that dropped the bread on the floor, he went after the others because he thought the others had the bread in their hands but they didn’t, so as soon as he saw they had nothing he went to Colombia to the beach. Then he saw more and more food so ate it all then after he went to another country and he found a forest then he saw a creepy old lady and then the lady said in a creepy voice “Here is a sweet” then I took it and I unwrapped it. I was about to eat it then my crew saved me because they saw the lady smirking so I did not eat it at all, I ran away and that was all then I went back to my ship.


Once all the pirates were sleeping, the boat wiggled! All the pirates went out of the ship. The ship hits the island, the pirates don’t remember anything about where they are. Don’t remember about anything!


A terrible monster attacked our giant ship! Then our captain shouted at us and said ATTACK!!! But we weren’t successful. Our crew ran and jumped on five of our boats and turned the wheels as fast as we could and the monster found us again! Then it used its sharp claws and banged our boat and some of us got injured and some of us got eaten but the captain and the people that were not injured dragged the people that were very injured  but there were strangers that attacked us! But we had swords and we slayed them, but there were more of them with spheres that are very long and SNAP!!! Our captain snapped all of their spheres with his sword and when they died they dropped diamonds and gold and we got very rich, but an arrow shot one of our crew, luckily we had bows and thousands of arrows and shot the people that tried to kill us and then we found a kingdom with every one dead and the place was peaceful.


I was in the boat and I fell in the sea. I swung and the boss of pirates saved me from a big, enormous shark but I killed the shark. I found the boat and I pushed the boat with the boss of pirates and we went to sleep we are happy. THE END


Dreadful waves crashed to shore and sank to the bottom of the terrifying storm! They came and washed me to shore. Suddenly the ship disappeared in mid air and I was so alone. I saw a green, red eyed long scaly monster. Was it good? Was it bad? I gathered some bits and pieces and tried to make some shelter, so five minutes later the horrible storm stopped and I went fishing for food. I ate some delicious fish then after that a mysterious person appeared from nowhere from the ginormous trees, a girl that had a weird powerful rock. People believe that it holds amazing fantastic powers, it helps all the frustration or bad things that are happening to them. After that I went looking, I found my crew every one of these were tears of joy. After that we found a village they gave us objects to help us build our astonishing ship, it was incredible with team work, two days later we found our captain and it was all thanks to the amazing incredible Pirate Captain!   


I was on the boat with my crew when a huge wave hit the boat. The captain saved him self. The crew sank but I saw land and shouted “Land ahoy!” but no one was there. I met someone named Saberah. She became my friend, she was a pirate. Suddenly me and Saberah met an octopus. The octopus threw us on to land but we didn’t see our crew. I almost fell in the water but Saberah saved me. After that we were looking for the crew but we never saw them. We saw a hole and we jumped in. We saw our crew on the pirate mirror. They were in big trouble. Me and my friend saw a key we opened the little door. We saw the crew in the sea but the octopus grabbed them and put them on the warm sand. Then we took them where we went first to the secret of the land. It was really magical. We were safe and sound. But we did not see the captain. Then we heard a sound… Ahah it was the captain. Then we also put him on the beach full of animals. We asked if Saberah is allowed to be a part of our crew. The captain said she looks like a very nice girl and he said she can stay.


I sunk down deep in the ocean and I woke up and I found the huge monster that attacked us. It was huge and it has 100 red eyes and 100 tentacles. I found a golden, shiny axe and a golden, shiny sword. I killed the monster with all my might and I swam up quickly. I found a forest. It had big, brown, creepy trees and someone was in the forest. I tiptoed to the person...

I tiptoed and found a person that had blue clothes and classical trousers that looked like a famous celebrity. He said "Hi, are you lost?" "My name is Jacob" he said "I have a boat, do you want to come aboard?" I said "Yes". So I went in the boat...

I found the ship and I swam safely to shore then I went in the ship and sailed back to Princess May... 


A long, long, time ago there was a pirate crew. 
We were sailing across the Atlantic ocean to go to Jamaica but also all night we were partying, all night, every day we will never stop.  Dancing every little night.
We will have some ginger beer every night or so or even rum and cola. But some times we will all vomit on the ship in to the ocean. The ship is going to crash because there is a shark underneath the ship then we saw a shark with a shark fin on top of it`s head. The shark jumped on our ship because we were near the sand, we jumped off the boat on to the sand. Then because the shark needed water to keep it alive it died like we almost died it was so scary. We saw a small tree in Jamaica but it was not just a branching tree it was a forest I have never seen or heard about a forest in Jamaica and I found someone and her name was Toni my old best friend. Then we were so happy then we walked some more then I found my ship then she said bye I was like “Girl you don’t have to go I can ask my boss if you can be a part of our family crew” then because my other best friends names are Zainab and Janeille and Mally and Katrina and Saberah and Runa and Zebulon she was apart of our crew too, then back to normal. We were so happy, then a monster came with 2 eyes in the front, 3 eyes in the back and 4 legs and 6 arms and it tried to kill us, only joking we were happy. THE END.


On one stormy day I was enjoying the weather on the captains ship and then a crowd of waves came. My ship was torn into pieces and i drowned. The captain fled the ship he went on his life boat. All of a sudden the waves smashed the life boat too. Moments later I could hear giggling I was on an island! There was no sign of a ship, the sea was as empty as a room. Three minutes later I was wondering about in the jungle. Then i stopped, there were jaguars and lions and tigers staring at me, I just wanted to run away but my feet where as stiff as ice. But then it suddenly hit me, if I can build a ship then I would build the best ship ever! So i got to work snapping twigs, sawing wood, I am glad there's no pigs. Still no sign of anything it was just me on my own. Ten days later, the ship was half finished and I was still working on the bottom of the ship, the treasure I had was the stuff that i have saved. Five days later my own ship was finished, finally I will be back on the sea shore... But then a terrible thing happened an octopus a REALLY large octopus rose from the shore!

We flew off the ship because the waves were too big then we saw a Loch Ness Monster! It was as big as a 4 storey sky-scraper then I found a cage on the deck of the little boat and threw the cage in and it sank into the deep blue seven seas.

I sailed to an island and I saw some crabs then the Loch Ness Monster came back, I ran as fast as I could and lost the monster and escaped and sailed back on the seven seas to Princess May.


We all were fast asleep then on the end of the earth came a huge metal man, he had glass eyes he was enormous like big ben he was the Iron Man!!! CRASH CRASH!!!!! STOMP STOMP!!!! Everyone woke up in a shock all the humans were flying and disappearing to another country. I was in Jamaica where I always wanted to be! There were no one there so I tried to look for someone to take me home because there was no one there but then with my eagle eyes I saw fairy Tinkerbell, I asked her “Can you magic me back to my house" Tinkerbell agreed so she used magic saying “Slam mabel fly back!" I flied back to my house "HELP HELP... what... oh silly it was only a dream"


I was with my helping crew on the ship when SUDDENLY... A BIG CRASHING WAVE HIT THE SHIP!!! All the pirates were sinking in the sea. Luckily Katrina the pirate who cleans the ship woke up and called all the ship mates to the land. All of a sudden a huge purple octopus snatched all eight of us but luckily Katrina swam away leaving eight of us, the octopus threw us to land... HE WAS FRIENDLY!!! Then we found a 100 year old treasure map and we had to go through the ghostly trees and found the x marks the spot and we got out our pocket spades (mini spades) and started digging ... Katrina snatched the treasure and ran but did not see the big hole and fell... Meanwhile the ship mates all ran to the ship to tell the captain but luckily the captain heard a scream  "Ahhhh! help me" and ran to  see what it was... The captain thought “That sounds like Katrina” and ran to see what it was. GUESS WHAT, IT WAS KATRINA AFTER ALL and we helped her to the ship and they shared the treasure!!! IT WAS GOLD AND SILVER COINS ALSO NECKLACES, DIAMONDS ALL SHINY AND POLISHED!!! They all had one of each thing. THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER THE END!


I was on my golden ship and there was a big, horrid, tiger shark who tried to eat me but luckily I had my deadly sword. I was the best hider when captain hook tried to take our treasure away but quickly stinky pete came and hid the treasure from captain hook then captain hook was angry and rode away on his ship in the damp rusty boat. The end, written and illustrated sincere woodgreenaway.


As the last wave dashed the ship me and my friends flew away in to the dusty and smelly ocean where there was a dangerous and scary white shark and it nearly ate me with his sharp teeth. However I had to be brave and save my friends so dived into a dark hole and then i thought that there was a long passage through the hole so I quickly took my friend’s into the passage. Also the passage went up to the forest. We met a kindly ghost and he leaded us to a wish box. We wished to go back to the ship and it came true so we said thank you and the ghost went off into the forest and me and the captain lived happy ever after because we had our treasure back.


When I flew off I landed on the Jamaican island. When I touched the water I turned into a Merman and saw some pretty Mermaids and I said "Do you want to go on a date with me?" and she said "Yes!" so with my moon ring I turned myself into a human. I tried my new merman power and I forgot everything when I got on the ship and i missed my crew.


As quick as a flash, I got thrown off the big, scary ship and all my crew were trying and trying to help me get back up from the big wave but it was too late, I had drowned. But I could swim, because I learned how to in pirate school. I got the highest score in it so I was relieved that I knew how to swim but the only problem is I couldn’t breathe underwater. As the day went by it was night time and every night we would party and drink ginger beer and rum or even red bull. So it was early in the morning even 3pm for us it is very early for us pirates, so every morning we would have eggs, bacon and ginger beer to help us in the morning. As the minutes went by I opened my eyes and saw a big hairy monster in the sea of Jamaica and I found a sword and killed it and it tasted really nice when I fried it. Then a big shark came that looked really friendly and he was and he helped me on shore and then I swam to my crew and I was very relieved that I found them and as the hours went by we celebrated by drinking rum and also to thank the shark we gave him some ginger beer and he actually loved it and he wanted some more and then we partied and partied till we all got tired so we all partied some more and more and more and more and MORE!!!!!! So then we All got crazy and went out swimming with our ragged swim suits and we saw big hairy monsters that I ate a while ago and then I told them how tasty they where and there was hundreds of them so we ate them and we all got fat like Santa and then we went to bed and thats what happened I swear that it’s true… I luv pirates, how about you!!!!!!


I travelled from Princess May! I travelled to Jamaica and fell off a doomed ship. I was delivering some passion fruit to Captain Fudge. My worst nightmare was the giant fudge beast. I was waving a flag to catch a signal. I was intimidated by a big Fudge Beast I said “Arrrrrr!". I was faster than the speed of light. I bounced on to the nearest rainbow. I am not a fan of rainbows I said and I pounded in to the ground like a living hail stone I was so happy the giant Fudge Beast was ate by a Dragon who melted the fudge. I did the Spongebob dance and was so happy I jumped in a city. I said I need some new clothes if I want to fit in. Me, Tiago, Monet, Zainab, Janeille, Shartay were very best friends until we died, we died, ow! we died! God give peace on this world with some $$$$$$ £10000000000000000000000000000000000000000