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The Hackney Pirates Ltd Privacy Policy
updated April 2018

The Hackney Pirates Ltd is a registered charity and we process, gather and store information to support the delivery of our Learning Programme to young people, to recruit volunteers and to raise funds.

The Hackney Pirates Ltd is known as The Hackney Pirates and includes the trading subsidiary The Hackney Pirates Trading Ltd.

We take the collection and storage of your information seriously, so this document tells you more about how and why we collect and store your information, and how you can control the information we hold.

The Hackney Pirates is considered a Data Controller and Data Processor, and therefore falls under the obligations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act.

Hackney Pirates collects and stores personal information in the legitimate interest of achieving our charitable aim; to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people who are falling behind at school and referral partner and have fewer opportunities in their lives. In most cases we also seek consent from individuals to complement our legitimate interest in holding information.  

What information we collect about you

Information we collect about young people under the age of 16 years old

We collect the name, address, phone numbers and emails of young people on the Learning Programme and their primary carers and designated people who can collect young people. We also collect and process educational progress data about young people we work with.

We collect attendance and educational data in order to track attendance and individual progress through the Learning Programme. We collect this information from primary carers directly, their school or referral partners, through tests given during the programme and comments made by staff and volunteers.

We collect and record behaviour and health information about young people we work with in order to keep the young people we work with safe. We collect this information from school or referral partners, primary carers and from volunteers and staff that work with young people directly.

We collect and process information about young people’s ethnicity and eligibility for Pupil Premium Funding (Free School and referral partner Meals). We also collect and process information about the additional learning needs, Special Educational Needs, English as an Additional Language or general behavioural need, as well as collecting their gender and year group. This information helps us understand those who we are supporting and the impact we are making on them to address the systemic educational inequalities that are driven by socio-economic dividers. This information also helps us improve the impact we have on the young people we work with. We make use of the information in an aggregated, anonymised way; this anonymised data is then stored for future research and evaluation. We collect this information from school or referral partners, and primary carers.

We store information about the young people we work with in ‘personal information records’ on our CRM system, Salesforce.

Data that we hold about educational progress is shared with the young person’s school or referral partner, and primary carers, as well as using in an anonymised way to evaluate the effectiveness of our Learning Programme.

We hold information about young people and their primary carers for four years; after which it is retained for research purposes as anonymised data.

In line with best safeguarding practice, we may share information with primary carers, school or referral partners, and other statutory bodies.

Information we collect about volunteers over the age of 16 years old

We collect the name, address, phone numbers and emails of volunteers. We use this information in order to track and monitor through the recruitment process and sessions attended by volunteers. We also use that information to communicate through Mailchimp, about the successes of the Hackney Pirates and other opportunities to support us.

We collect, process and store Disclosure and Barring System information of all volunteers, to ensure the safety of the young people we work with.

Information about how DBS process your data and the options available to you when submitting an application can be found at:

By agreeing to our privacy policy you are confirming you have read and understood the DBS Standard/Enhanced Check Privacy Policy.

We collect and process information about our volunteers’ ethnicity, age, gender, occupation. We collect this information from individuals directly. This information helps us to monitor diversity within our volunteering community, with the aim of creating a diverse and inclusive organisation that reflects the diverse community of young people that we work with. We make use of the information in an aggregated, anonymised way; this anonymised data is then stored for future research and evaluation.

We store information on the number of volunteering session completed and individual performance of volunteers in sessions. This information allows us to assess volunteers against our minimum requirements and provide development opportunities where required. This information is also used to ensure that we can provide accurate references when requested.

We store information of active volunteers for four years after the last volunteering session.

Information we collect about supporters

We collect supporters’ and donors’ name, email addresses, addresses and phone numbers, which we gather directly from the individual, through online giving platforms, JustGiving, Virgin Money Giving and Benevity and through our website operated by SquareSpace. Donors have the option to remain anonymous through these online giving platforms, in which case we only receive information on the amount and date of donation.

We collect information to track donations, to communicate about our ongoing achievements and how any donations have been used. We use that information to tell people about opportunities to volunteer and fundraising appeals.

We share supporter information with our trading subsidiary, The Hackney Pirates Trading Ltd. We do this to let you know about events, appeals and opportunities that are offered at the Ship of Adventures (the venue of The Hackney Pirates Trading Ltd).

Supporters are contacted through e-newsletters that are created and email lists maintained by Mailchimp. We store information in our database Salesforce for up to four years after a donation.

Where consent is given to receive the e-newletter communicating opportunities to support Hackney Pirates, we store information until consent is withdrawn via the ‘unsubscribe’ process.

Information we collect about customers of the Ship of Adventures

The Ship of Adventures (company name The Hackney Pirates Trading Ltd), the trading subsidiary of The Hackney Pirates collects information about organisations and customers booking spaces, regular customers and volunteers. We store names, emails and contact phone numbers in order to confirm and fulfil bookings, as well as to communicate about volunteering opportunities and upcoming events.

Volunteer recruitment information is collected on paper and used for training. Which is shredded after the completion of training.

We collect this information from customers and volunteers directly and with parental consent from volunteers under 16 years old.  

Information is stored on Microsoft 365, Survey Monkey and POS system for up to four years following the last active engagement.

How we store your information

We promise to keep your information safe and secure.

Information that we collect is stored securely on our client relationship management system (CRMS) Salesforce. Information is also stored on our Cloud based filing system, Microsoft 365 and used on staff computers. These computers are protected by ESET UK Anti-Virus software and Deslock Endpoint Encryption by ESET.

We avoid keeping paper copies of sensitive information in all possible instances. In the case of our Learning Programme, we need to print out the information needed about the young people attending at the beginning of each session, and then we shred the paper copies at the end of each session.

How we collect information online

We collect analytical data from Google and our website, operated on the SquareSpace platform, along with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This information helps us communicate more effectively with supporters about how we are making a difference in young peoples’ literacy, confidence and perseverance.

Our website,, operates Cookies. Cookies are small amounts of data generated by a website and saved by your web browser. Cookies remember information about you, in order to make your online experience smoother. You can change the way Cookies work on your computer through your Settings.


Who we share your information with

We will never sell your information.

We have two types of contractual partners that we do share information with.

1.      School and referral partners, or statutory bodies operating like school and referral partners (for instance social workers looking after in-care children) who refer young people to our Learning Programme. We share information that helps us deliver our Learning Programme to the highest standards and impact. We inform school and referral partners of a young person’s progress throughout the year. We will also share information that keeps young people safe as part of our Safeguarding duties.

2.      Organisations involved in our Volunteering Programme. We have a contractual partnership with companies that are part of our Volunteering Programme. The organisation shares information with us with individuals’ consent. We share information about attendance and observable behaviour to the organisation; as well as sharing any information that ensures we keep young people we work with safe.

We share information only when there has been consent. We might share information without consent if there is reason for concern for the individual or the safety of a young person; in which case we might contact a statutory body or our contractual partner.

How you can see the information we store

Hackney Pirates will provide you with an easy to read print out of information we hold about you. You can request that information by writing to We aim to provide that information within two weeks.

How you can request to be erased

We generally hold information for four years. Any information held beyond this time is held because of a legitimate interest for example, the need to hold Gift Aid information for seven years.

Anonymised information will be kept beyond four years in order to undertaken research and evaluate the ongoing and longer term success of the Learning Programme.

You can request that your information is erased by writing to

How to complain about the way we handle your information

If you would like to make a complaint about the way we have handled your information you can make that directly to us by writing to or calling and asking to be put in contact with our Chief Executive or Chair of Trustees, on 020 3227 1777.

You can also make a complaint directly to the Information Commissioners Office