Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Queensbridge Primary School


It was a dark and stormy night. The dark ship was now an abandoned ship. I don't know what happened to the ship and I don't know if any one does, but I can’t see it. My friends and I went up into the air it made me feel like I was a bird flying in the amazing air and were shot back down again. My friends disappeared in the dark deep forest and I felt that I should go and search for them. I then landed on top of an extremely tall mountain that kind of looked like Mount Everest. I slid down the mountain and ran straight in into the deep dark forest. I saw weird looking creatures like a bogersaur, it looked very weird. I then saw something that looked like a pirate. I thought it was Lilly the dinosaur. It looked like a giant chicken. Then I saw it was a giant chicken. I then saw a giant boger-egg, then the chicken started moving to me. "OUCH", it stepped on my neck with its claws. My neck was bleeding, heavenly there is blood everywhere, I keep on walking. I saw a ship...


As I saw my mates falling on to DJBJ Island... Splat! They were DEAD! I had no choice but to go through the filthy forest of DEATH! It took 90 DAYS and 90 NIGHTS, but I was through, then I really knew that it was not over! As I climbed the mountain I saw a stream, so I took some water to drink. Just then, I felt like a super-hero!

I flew up the mountain. It was taller than Mount Everest. Just at that second, I saw my ship. So I flew down the mountain and over the forest and to my ship! I felt happy to be back on my ship, there was nothing to eat but fish, bread, salmon, fruit and coconut! Apart from that, there was nothing to eat.

Suddenly I saw something in the distance…


As I stepped on Ulas Island I saw Ulas eating boga-apples, so I ran to him, realising that he had four legs. So I said “How did you get four legs?” He said, “Because I have been eating too much boga-apples!” So I snatched the boga-apple out of his hand and threw it on the floor. Some of the slime came out of it! I said, “Yuck that’s nasty!!” But Ulas said it was nice. Just then, I dragged him out of there, he was covered in slime. As we were walking through this dark and dingy forest he was saying, “Two years ago I was on this titanic ship but then it started raining. Then lightning struck the ship, it left a big hole in there!” The ship started sinking, so Ulas jumped out of the ship and swam to the nearest island but everyone else didn't make it. “It was really sad but then I started to starve, so I saw some apples. It looked normal, but when I took my first bite there was slime in it. It was nasty stuff but I got addicted to it, so that’s how I got four legs."


‘Woosh!’ Went the wind and the waves. Slowly, I opened my eyes to a beautiful island named Ozuki Island, I was amazed. I went into the dark, damp woods. It smelt rather bad, but who knows what it could be? Just as I was walking, I saw the magnificent temple of Ozuki. It was beautiful, I had never seen anything like that before. So I decided to climb up the temple. Suddenly, the temple started rocking so I ran as fast as I could back to where I was. The whole island was rocking, I was so worried. On my way, I found a cute little piglet. I named it Pinky. Anyway I carried on running with my piglet, my heart was beating extremely fast! Soon I made it back to where I was and the island had stopped rocking. I was very worried I had never been on an adventure like this before! Soon I started thinking of what my parents were doing whilst I was gone. I missed them a lot, but soon I would see them as long as they were okay. Later I got really hungry, my tummy was rumbling like a volcano. So I stood up and I walked all the way to a tree and grabbed a coconut, then opened it. I drank the coconut water and it was really nice. I drank more and more and it soon filled me up, “Yum yum, I feel better now.”

Later I smelt something terrible, my piglet smelt it as well, we decided to go and find what it was. We followed the smell. It got worse and worse until we found a Slagon! I fought it with my hook and I had my rope with me so I tied it up and slayed it. Later, I went back to the edge of the island and I saw something, something big, a ship perhaps… I don’t know, I think I s...see my friend on a ship.. A great big green ship! I smiled a happy smile, tears of joy came down. I was so happy to see my friend I hadn’t seen for so long, I didn’t expect to see someone. ‘YAY!! I can now be free and I can go home to see my parents, I am so excited.’ I thought.

Later I found a tall, transparent bottle from my best friend in the world, the bottle had a note in it. It said:

‘Dear Liv, I am writing to tell you that something unfortunate happened to your parents. They were in a bad accident and now have sadly passed away. I am so sorry to tell you this. From sky.’


As I got hit by the wave I saw a Dunkleosteus. It had a very long tongue and the teeth were huge and as sharp as a sword, but it didn't see me. It was fighting with the Megalodon. I ran away and I hid behind a long tree before they could see me. They were still fighting, and they were bleeding so much that their blood went all over the sea. It was a pool of red blood. Then I climbed up the mountain and it took 5 hours, but the Dunkleosteus and the Megalodon were still fighting! I saw them from the mountain. I had to climb back down before the mountain lions saw me. When I got to the beach, I saw a ship and there were a few people and they let me get on the ship. The size of the ship was immense. The Dunkleosteus and the Megalodon died when they bit each other by the time I got on the ship.                                      


Today I was going to Booger Island, it was a long journey ahead of me! After a while I got to Booger Island. When I was walking in Booger Island it felt a bit weird. I found Ulas eating booger apples from the tree.. I was confused! I knew I needed treasure so I just carried on walking. I passed by a booger dinosaur, boogie was dribbling down his nose, that was gross and gooey. At last I found the treasure, it was golden. Someone interrupted! He had one hundred wings, a square head and he was covered in boogers. In a flash I took out my wooden sword and I was ready to defeat him. There was a golden sword in the treasure. As fast as a cheetah I ran to the treasure and grabbed the precious sword! I threw my wooden sword at the weird looking person and I was ready to use the golden (never touched!) sword! I fly kicked him and stabbed him on the neck. He could not talk anymore. I said, "DON'T MESS WITH ME EVER AGAIN!” I stabbed him again and ran away with the treasure. Leon was standing eating his boogie and picking his nose. Eww! I quickly ran to my ship and sailed away.


The End!



I went to the island and there was a dinosaur.

I ran fast to go to the mountain. I went to the top of the mountain, saw the ship and ran from the ugly dinosaur. The dinosaur was angry enough to eat me! He had no one to eat, I think, and was hungry. So I got food for him and he smiled at me. I took him to the ship and we had a nice ride, we went see the pirate and it was night. Next morning, the day after, there was a bad pirate who came to kill us. After we killed the bad pirate with a big shiny sword it was fun. The morning after, ten weak bad pirates fought us. On our team 10 pirates got killed, but we won! We went to the dark cave and got the silver sword. It was the best sword in the world, this could make us beat the bad, rude pirates. Next we got the silver sword and sliced their evil heads off. Down to the floor, blood came out everywhere.


Suddenly I fell off board! Then I saw a dirty log, I swam to the log. Then I took the log and surfed my way to the beautiful island in the distance. I saw a sign saying Zollo Island. I pulled the log to the island. Out of the vibrant, lush forest a graceful orangutan jumped onto my leg. I followed him into the fragrant forest and then I saw a tall rocky mountain with a lush tree at the top. I saw on the tree there were lots of tasty, ripe mangoes that looked juicy. There was also a fresh, blue stream. I was thirsty, so I followed my orangutan up the mountain to the mangoes. I drank from the stream and I ate the mangoes. Suddenly, I flew up through the air and then realised the mangoes were magic! I scooped up the orangutan and some mangoes and flew back to Booger Island where I found the treasure. Then, I fixed our boat and set sail to find the rest of the crew. I went to many different islands in search of my crew but they were nowhere to be seen… Suddenly, I saw a message on my pirate-phone. I looked at it… It was a voicemail from the captain. I listened to it. The captain said “We are on Evil Island! We have been captured by Lord Dark Face and you need to save us!” I had never been to Evil Island before and I was scared for the challenges ahead.


One day I was travelling with my crew. We hit something, but we could not find out what it was, so all of us guessed what it was. I guessed that it was a shark blocking the ship. So, we jumped out the ship and we looked at what it was. It was a chunk of rock blocking the ship from moving. Then I realised that there was an island nearby, so I went to look at it. I was swimming there, it looked all slimy but I never found out what it was made of.        


As I woke up on a ship I opened my eyes and what I saw ahead of me was the Booger Island.

I called my mates but none of them answered. I looked around and they weren’t there. I saw my parrot! I called him and he never answered... I touched him and he felt so cold. I was scared that he might be dead. “Why oh why“, I moaned.

So I set off to the island. Once I got there I saw this creature. It was very strange looking. I said “Hi who are you?” He replied with something very strange. This is what he said, “Booger booger booger.” It kind of scared me. I saw this mountain, it had a mountain on it and the mountain was shaped something like a raisin or maybe a booger.. whatever a booger is [sigh]. I went up to the mountain and there was a ladder, a weird kind of ladder. I climbed up it, it felt very weak and slimy. I was very curious to find out what it was so I ate a little bit and it tasted like booger! Now I get it, the booger that comes out of your nose, that’s what it was. So I could just go up to the creature and eat it, or maybe not. I carried on climbing and, as I climbed the big tall mountain, someone heard me and came out of the mountain. I was scared because he didn't look much like a booger. So I climbed and up he called me. He replied with something like this “Who are you!?”

 By now I was freaking out. Once I got up there, he said to me “Answer me now!” So I replied with something like this, “I’m Max, who are you?” He said he was King Booger Man and I asked why this place was made of booger. He said “Because I eat booger, booger is food.” “Well, I like booger, so could I stay here?” He said to me “NO MY BOOGER GWAHAHahaha!” He said “Go back to your swamp Shrek!” And laughed at me! I went back and took a booger dog with me, he started licking me and I took a bite out of him, a large bite. And I rode back to my swamp.