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Refer a child to The Hackney Pirates

Welcome to the Hackney Pirates Teacher's Initial Referral Form. This form allows you to refer students to our after-school programme and is used by Hackney Pirates staff to assess the suitability of the young person being referred.

Some notes on the process - 

1. The young person's place is only confirmed once your pirate contact has contacted you to let you know the referral has been approved.

2. Please do not inform the young person or contact their parents at this stage. This will avoid disappointment if we decide that the child does not meet our referral profile.

3. Information for this form should be provided by the class teacher (primary) or English teacher (secondary) of the potential Young Pirate. (Although multiple referrals may be collated and filled in by one person.) 

4. Data protection: please do not submit sensitive information or Young Pirate contact details via this form. This form is for the assessment of access and learning needs only. If you are in doubt please contact your contact at the Hackney Pirates.

5. Once the referral is approved, we will begin the registration process with parents. 


If you have any questions, please get in touch with your Hackney Pirate contact on

You can also email or call 07912 178 037 (Primary), 07834 372257 (Secondary)

Many thanks for your support. We look forward to working with your students!

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