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Tom Mustill

The Jolly RogersComment

Tom Mustill is a Wildlife Film Director who has done some work for the BBC. He has made movies such as Bat man of Mexico. He showed us a video of a documentary about some of the things he has filmed like a kangaroo giving birth and a family of baboons. He told us about how the male baboon finds a mate by seeing if the female is ready to have another baby. He also showed us a tooth of a sperm whale which had washed up on the shore and scientist had to cut it open to find out what it ate and if it was healthy.

He also showed us another tooth from a White Siberian Tiger who had died. Tom once stayed on an island right of the cost of Madagascar to study rare pigeons. The island is the original home of the Dodo. He told us if could be any animal he would be a giraffe.

Check out Tom's website for more cool videos:

Tom is an inspiring and courageous man who will inspire many people to come.