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PrintME 3D

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we were visited by a company called PrintME 3D who  specialise in printing and scanning 3D object. The names of the members who came in today was a guy called Peter a girl called Priya and the last guy was called Dan.

They showed us some of the items they make and we got to use some of the machines they use. One of the items was a 3D pen and we made some 3D object like flowers and squiggles. We also scanned our faces and looked at them on a computer and we watched them start to print out a 3D octopus. We also played with a little mechanical printbot (a car) and a robot called JD. JD was doing different moves and was being controlled by the computer. The printbot was moving in circles until one of the Jolly Rogers fixed it and made it go faster and go forwards.

If I could have anything as a scan I would have a 3D model of my granny's dog - who passed away - so I can have a memory of him here.

If you could have anything printed what would have?