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Alexis Deacon

The Jolly RogersComment

Alexis is an author and illustrator for children's books.

The first thing he did was he drew a picture of a creature made up of many different animals. He even let us draw our own made up creatures and it was amazing. If you could draw a made up creature for a book what would it be?

Then he showed us loads of different pictures of simply drawn faces. He explained how different types of lines can make different facial expressions. Look:

(: = Happy

): = Sad

:p = Silly

He also showed us that different body positions mean different things.

He read a book he has written about a bird and crocodile. It was called ' Croc and Bird' I thought it was a great book for young kids and I believe lots and lots of people will love it.

There are many ways to get in contact with Alexis, here are some links.