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Josh and Josh - Cape-Abilities

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we were visited by a pair form a group called CAPE ABILITIES. They go to primary schools and talk about how to be a hero of the world. They even have there own interpretations of the word 'heroes'

H - hopeful

E - empathetic

R - resourceful

O - open-minded

E - energetic

S - super-sapiens

It was a little confusing on the account they were both called Josh but we got it in the end. Josh 1 as a kid he liked to dress up as a super hero. He would imagine all the different possible things he could do to change the world but in the end he gave up. Josh 2 wanted to be a rapper and he loved to skate boards and play the guitar.

They showed us a slide of some the things they do and why. I learnt that you don't have to have super powers to be a hero. All you need is a motivation and you can do anything.

We played a game with willow sticks to see how well we can work as a team. It was fun. We also drew maps of what our dream worlds would be and then we presented them to each other, that was really fun too.

If you could do anything to change the world what would you do?