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This Is Rubbish - Mickey and Poppy

The Jolly RogersComment

Today the crew were visited by Mickey and Poppy from This Is Rubbish, who fight to increase awareness about food waste in the UK.

Mickey and Poppy treated us to some delicious banana muffins which we all scoffed down. After they told us that the muffins were made from bananas that were going to be thrown away because they had gone a little soft or looked a bit brown. Thankfully Mickey and Poppy saved them otherwise we wouldn't have gotten to eat their yummy muffins! They told us that bananas are the most wasted food the UK and that you could make a BILLION muffins with all the bananas we throw away every year. Just imagine how many hungry and homeless people we could feed with all those muffins!!!

It's not just banana that get chucked out for no reason. Mickey showed us pictures of massive trucks full of bread crusts that get thrown away by sandwich factories at the end of every day. It's so sad to see all that bread going into the bin. I love the ends of the loaf so I could eat some and we could feed the rest to birds.

Mickey also showed some more horrible pictures of vegetables and other fruit being wasted. In some of them it looked like millions and millions of oranges, tomatoes and apples.  It sounds silly, but sometimes the reason supermarkets throw food away is because they think that they look funny so people won't buy them. We saw some pictures of vegetables that looked a bit wonky but we would still eat them all.

Mickey and Poppy asked us to think of some slogans that could get people to buy wonky looking food and to get supermarkets to stop throwing away good food. Here are some of the slogans that me, Michaela and Nardos thought of:

·         Don’t waste, get on the case.

·         Eat what you want. Take what you need.

·         Just because it’s brown, don’t mean you bin it down.