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Ben Sellers

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we were visited by a man called Ben and he is a music melody composer from Yorkshire. He showed us an app called 'Loopseque' were we made a composition to a short film and made a backing song the Ambassadors Rap that Anthony wrote for us. 

We played a rhythm game to start the session then we preformed what we composed during the session. It was really fun to play with all the different rhythms. Some of us made a track to go with a video that showed a man skydiving off the side of a cliff. The music we made had to be tense at the start and got more relaxed as he landed. I liked using the app because we got to mess around with all different beats and you can change the beat as it's playing. My favourite part of the session was performing with my beat while Anthony rapped to it. 

Ben was really cool and one of our best ever speakers! You can tweet Ben @thebosmanruling.