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Silvia - Partners for Youth Employment

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we were visited by a lady called Silvia Giovannoni Webster and she works for a company call Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE). She is a creative facilitator. A facilitator is a person who is not like a teacher but helps people build on the participants’ ideas.

In the session we played a rhythm game and a memory game. We also wrote a poem were we all wrote one line and acted it out, we wrote the poem to help us:

·        Be more creative as a group

·        To have a better understanding of others in a group

Empowerment is when someone gives a person the power to have their own say and have creative ideas. 

This was my poem:-

The hum of the Hackney Pirates sound
So cheerful and fun
Being here makes the world go around 
The atmosphere is cheerful and happy 
I cant help but smile when I walk into the ship
It can make you smile every day when you look at the sky
Its like a happy feeling of your own where you can forget whats happening in your life and have fun. 

It was really fun and I hope to see her again.

You can google search Partners for Youth Empowerment.