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Arwen the Assistant Producer

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we were visited by a lady called Arwen Roberts. She is 29 and her favourite subject is English. Her favourite food is burgers and her favourite colours are yellow, green, blue and white. She works for TV and writes drama and comedy. She is from Yorkshire and her first job was as a runner at the BBC TV Centre in the drama department but now works for Tidy Productions as a production secretary where she helps the cast with their needs. Arwen told us about the different departments. There are 7 departments:

  • Costume department;
  • Hair and make-up department;
  • Location department;
  • Art department;
  • Camera department;
  • Directing department;
  • Script department

After we learnt about want she does for her job we did an extract of the TV show ‘Our Girl'.  I directed the scene and told the actors what they needed to do and what they needed to improve. Afterwards we swapped and I then filmed. In the end I thought everyone did a great job. You can contact Arwen on twitter- @arwenelinor or her website- IMDB.