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Ashish (Ash) Ghadiali

The Jolly Rogers1 Comment

Today was the first Jolly Rogers meeting after the summer holidays and we were visited by Ash Ghadiali a short film maker who came in to show us a short film he had made.

The film was about some friends who like to play scrabble but one of them likes the girl but she likes someone else. The girl named Bobbie came after school telling her boyfriend she was going to get a book but was really going the play scrabble with the boy named Rajah. Then Bobbie and Rajah were left in the dark of their school and they kissed. I believed that was an OK movie but not suitable for young children because it had swearing such as “f**k” and “a**e hole” in it. Also it had flirting and kissing. But overall it was a good short film. Ash did good :-)