Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Sir John The Baptist

Ali & Esther

It was on a foggy night when the colossal wave came to take the ship. I fell straight into the sea and it felt like my lungs were about to explode! I woke up on a shore and assumed I fell unconscious. There was no way I was going to survive, but then I saw a forest. There was finally hope! I quickly ran into the forest. On the way I saw someone who looked lost. His clothes weren't ripped or even stained. It was like he got left here by the cruise ship that just went by. I told him to follow me on my journey to find his captain and his crewmates. He refused at first but after he thought about how he was going to survive he followed behind. We did everything together. It was like he became my brother. We finally climbed the mountain and surprisingly I saw the ship that got shipwrecked. We both ran to the shore and we went to the ship. But someone was missing...

Beckley and Zelal

BOOM! Went my lungs, it felt like I was dying. I thought I was going to have good times but...

"Where is my boat and where are my crew mates?"

I saw a rope under the sea dragging me towards the beach. I landed onto the soft sand and tried to figure out who was pulling me.

I tried to get up but I was too tired, I wanted to crawl  but I couldn't, it was too hard. I rested for only TEN MINUTES.

I got back my energy and started sprinting into the forest, as I went deep, deep down into the forest I saw a shadow as enormous as a bear. I started running back to the beach because the shadow was tracing my footsteps.

As I went to the beach, I saw a huge mountain. It was green but it had a lot of rocks. I ran to the mountain....

Chelsea and Javan


It was a sunny bright day; the sun was scorching hot. Out of nowhere, a wave started to form in the distance, the wave struck us and we went flying into the water. My lungs started to fill with water, i gasped out a loud shout for help.There was nobody in sight, my team mates had been scattered around the ocean. At this point, i was nearly at the bottom of the sea. I was sinking. Silence fell upon the whole ocean, there was a pause... . Suddenly, a whale came out of nowhere and saved our lives. Whales around this area are well-known for saving people. He sucked us in and we came out of his blow-hole. We fell to the ground, it kind of hurt my back. We landed on a beach...

Christopher and Giselle

I was approaching a dead end. Slowly but surely, my target was awaiting my call. "Argh!" I bellowed. There is no way I am going to make it out alive. It seemed to be like years were resuming continuously. Soon, something unordinary came over me. I felt as if I were floating like a helium balloon.Then, my eyes met an island. Not just any island - a plurtridanious island. I couldn't draw my eyes away from it. I saw diamonds perched on leaves. I was to enchanted by it all but my legs refused to see more. I then I came across a forest. It looked...weird. Definitely not like a normal forest. As I trembled in, the colossal trees towered over me. I became alarmed when I heard awkward rumbling noises. Luckily, I made it out of the forest alive. Standing before me was a humongous mountain. In no time, (which was forever) my stamina motioned me to the top of the mountain. The view was to amazing to look away from. Then I saw...


Deshaun and Nnanna

As I fell in the sea with a SPLASH I thought I was going to drown. I saw a island so I swam to it. I saw a forest with big scaly spiders and palm trees. The spiders chased me for days. When I found a sword then I killed the spider and ate it for dinner. Then I fought my way through the forest. Next I found a mountain and scavenged my way up it with my bare hands. It's been five days. I noticed a ship, it was my ship. My captain Tom was still alive. I slid down the mountain and fought my way through the forest. I hitched a ride on a dolphin to my ship. The ship was called the Ghost Rider. If you don't obey your captain you will walk the plank. I will send anyone to walk the plank if they disobey the captain...THE END.

Devonte and Ebube

SPLASH! BOOM! BANG! Together Ebube and Devonte fell with force into the water. They lay peacefully on the ice-cold rocks. Unconscious, not knowing the dangers surrounding them, they wondered where Dilan, Esther, and Lekara were. And while they were unconscious one of their crewmates got bitten by a shark and lost a leg! It is said that the razor sharp teeth dug into his leg with no regret, and the shark bit his legs off as if it was eating fish.

Two Days Later.

Ebube and Devonte entered the Amazon Jungle. They looked around for vines and luckily they found many. With Ebube's creativity skills he created a sling shot that  shot them up to the mountain and there they used their eagle vision...

Dilan and Esther

When the incident happened, the big wave came and washed me off the island. I looked behind me, I saw my fellow pirates drowning, I knew I had to do something fast but I didn’t even know where I was.

So I tried to swim fast to the captain but he was nowhere to be seen. I started to panic.The ones that survived were too injured to swim so they went back to the island, the island of... I DON’T KNOW. I called my whale then he sailed me to the other side of the ocean.

After my whale dropped me off I climbed up the mountain...

Eleanor and Empress

...As I fell into the sky blue ocean my heart started to tingle with fear.The frosty ocean swallowed me whole. I saw crewmates sinking around me. As I slowly drifted towards the surface, I saw a tremendous wave. I saw this as a chance to be pushed to the nearest island.         

1 DAY LATER...                              

I found myself washed up on an isolated island, no one to talk to or even to ask for help. ALL ALONE!!!!!

I wandered around the island in search for someone or something. I have never felt so hungry and alone. I saw something in the trees, it moved swiftly but elegantly. It was tall and hairy, it had big round eyes, like a lemur. I walked slowly but cautiously towards the....Was it dangerous or friendly? WAS... THIS THE END !!!!!

Grace and Troy

As I fell off the boat it felt like a thousand knives stabbed me, but it was just water yeah, freezing cold water. I struggled to swim. I thought I could not make it, but I felt something on my stomach pushing me up. It was a dolphin taking me to shore! I said bye to the sea creature. Then out of nowhere came a huge cat with sharp teeth and enormous claws. It growled at me, but I was too hungry to run. All of a sudden, the dolphin returned and grabbed the cat into the water. Sadly I never saw the dolphin again. I climbed up the mountain and looked at the view and saw my ship. I ran and jumped down the hill and caught up to my ship.    

Macey and Gold

One moment I was staring at my surroundings, when suddenly a big wave knocked me head first into the ocean. It was freezing cold, I was shivering with fear. A big dolphin came to rescued me, I was so grateful I gave it fish in return. She took me to the beach and behind that we went into the mountains. The mountain was called Mount Everest, it had snow on the top. I started climbing, I was exhausted. I climbed and climbed and climbed. Suddenly I saw a white figure. I thought it was a ghost. But it turned out to be a baby polar bear. I finally reached the top of the mountain. I jumped for joy. I turned around and I saw a ship in the distance. I was curious to find out who's ship it was but then I saw the name on the side of the ship in capital letters: THE WRECKING BALL!!! I was so  relieved that I had found my ship, but inside my head I was wondering ‘is my crew on the ship? Or is this a fake ship trying to trick me?’ I ran down the mountain so fast I almost slipped. I ran and ran and ran till I was standing directly opposite the ship, I wandered inside ....                                          The End!

Nana and Daniel

Once my face hit the water my blood froze. I couldn't feel a thing, my body was numb. The heavy, colossal wave washed me onto the cold sand. There I could see in the distance a green patch that might have been a forest if I walked closer, so I strolled along until I came face to face with an aged tree. It seemed as if it was peeling. I nervously took a massive step. Through the forest I saw how twisted it was. If I wasn't careful I could get seriously injured with these thorns. Luckily I stuck to all the aged tree. Time after time I looked behind me, spotting any danger. Soon I was hurrying through the abandoned forest. As I took my last steps through the forest a calmness ran threw my body. Sunlight! I hadn't seen that in a while. Then my eyes travelled up standing right in front of me was the biggest mountain I had ever seen. I imagined how challenging it would be to climb the mountain: all the sweat, all the sweat! But I did it in the end! PHEW. Then I became a statue. MY SHIP, MY SHIP! I dashed down the mountain speedily, brushing past the forest even though i got scraped A LOT. I swam, I swam so hard. MY SHIP!

Nathan and Metehan

He pushed into the ocean, water filling his lungs dangerously, giving him no time to breath. He swam up with all his power and strength, and he caught sight of an eye-opening island. With all his energy drained, he forcefully swam towards the island and the waves pushed him towards shore. Then all of a sudden there was a noise that grabbed his attention. As he stumbled across the mysterious island, he noticed there was a dark cave hidden in a mountain. Before entering inside it, he caught glimpse of his very good friend Jack. Tears ran down his bloody face, as his pirate friend was badly hurt.


Jack replied: "I ran into a forest full of stinging nettles, then I tripped and banged my head on a log broken on the floor, then i started bleeding."

“Do you think the others made it?"

“I don’t know what to think, the ship pundered into the air along with the sea. I’m not sure what to think."

They both went to look for the ship hoping everybody made it, then they saw a mountain, a rocky road mountain. The mountain was easy to climb. They reached the top of the mountain... and caught sight of the ship, broken, damaged and seemingly abandoned. They ran with hope in their hearts, and without thinking they dived into the clear blue sea, swimming towards their pirate ship. Suddenly a massive wave hit them! They were on shore again, and the boat sunk into the sea. But there was one person, their captain, and together they'd find a way off the island.

Neyo and Jason

The waves made me shoot over the boat and I felt like I was flying. As I flew I saw my rival pirate with his crew. They had their swords in their hands pointing at me. Then I shot down through the air feeling like i was going 50mph. "HELP!” I shouted. However loud I shouted help no one could hear because I was too far out. All of the sudden I made a big splash in the water and it was my life nearly ended without seeing my unborn child and wife. However, I was in luck. I saw an island full of pineapple and coconut trees. It was full of dark yellow, smooth and dry sand. I was about four yards away from it, so i used all my strength to swim to shore. I made it to the shore and i was relieved. I've never felt this happy in my life. The coconuts and pineapples were right at the top of the mountain. I ran through the rainforest as fast as Usain Bolt. I slowed down because I could see the mountain getting closer. All i needed was to get up the mountain. At the mountain i stopped for a second to breathe. I was about to hit the pineapple and coconut tree. I reached the top i grab the pineapple and bit into it. While I was eating I saw my pirate ship. I ran down the mountain through the forest and through the sand. I jumped on the ship and said "I thought I will never see you again!" The Captain said "Welcome back!"

Nida and Turiayah

I  was on a ship. A ship called Wreckingball. I was on a search for gold. I was on the watch but then I fell asleep.

CAPTAIN TOM told me off because he had heard the mermaids.

While I was on a look out I saw a LARGE creature.

It was a BOY with 10 HAIRY legs and 10 SPOTTY TENTACLES.



He was the captain of all the octopus*.

He wanted to steal all of our golden treasure and so he did and it was all my fault.

But to fix that I let out an alert warning and everyone came to defeat the evil creature and so we did.


Then the mermaids came to get the last few gold and silver coins that were remaining from the octopus.

ALL TOGETHER the mermaid and the octopus teamed up to steal our ship and they achieved it. We had to swim and find a shore island. ISLAND IDUNNO. We went past lots of islands. Finally we went to ISLAND IDUNNO. It was very stressful because on the search for the island many of the crew had split up it was only: CHEF NIDS CHEF TT CHEF MACE AND CHEF OLIDAYDAY and CAPTAIN BLOODKNIFE.

It was only five of the crew mates remaining and if they lost each other they may not be able to survive.

So off they went to a mountain ahead skipping into a deep steep forest that was making people frightened. When we slowly climbed the mountain, two people had split up to go into the forest, it was only THREE people remaining.  The good news was that ahead they could see the SHIP WRECKINGBALL.

They all felt very relieved at that fact.

When they got down the mountain they felt tired after all that running.

When they got back to the BOAT they saw all their crew members together.

AND they had found the TREASURE.




Oladayo and Vanessa

I splashed out of the water, and I was so lucky to be alive - until the horrific monster tried to eat us! The monster had 21 arms and had 30 elbows on each arm. It had 1000 eyes and 200 feet. It was a slimy, disgusting creature and we just had to kill it. We used our powerful pirate swords and knives. We slayed the horrible monster and its 1000 eyes popped out and its 200 feet burst like bombs. It splashed into the Pacific Ocean. We tried to see the island Jeff and we saw dazzling sparkling gold. We thought we should get through Jeff Island. Vanessa and Oladayo stole all of the dazzling, sparkling gold and then a skeleton jumped out of a tomb and tried to get us. So while Pirate Vanessa was slicing the skeleton, Pirate Oladayo put the gold in her bag. The wobby skeleton moved its arms like a zombie. Its legs started to move like wobbly jelly. The meatless creature chased us up the hill! By the time we got to the top we were exhausted. We saw our ship from the humongous hill and we ran down to our ship. The skeletons chased us until our crew defended us with their powerful swords until the skeletons were in pieces on the ship’s deck. “We’ve got the gold!” We threw the gold in the air and we celebrated together as a team. We ate huge pieces of chicken mashed potatoes. and we had a great night together.




As I was on the lifeboat I heard the waves in the water - swoosh swoosh swoosh. It was really relaxing, but then SUDDENLY the boat got out of hand and as I was sitting on my boat the waves got bigger and bigger and BIGGER. That's when I was stuck, and all I could think of was me in trouble. It felt mysterious and dangerous at the same time, when the boat was doing its own thing making sounds. What i mean by that was when it kept on make noises of it's own. As I shouted HELP HELP a big shark came out of the water and that’s when I started to shake. All I could think was: where is this big shark coming from? I was too worried. I had a mission to get back to the island. Rule number one: act kind to the shark and don’t mess about. Rule two: move away and start rowing the boat. Rule three: row faster and faster until you see the island but THERE'S A PROBLEM, THE ROPE IS STUCK TO ME. I have to get there in time before the shark eats me alive so I saw a knife on the floor and grabbed it and cut the rope. Finally i got back to the island before the shark jumped onto my boat. YEH YEH YEH I SAVED MYSELF I COULD HAVE DIED.

Quincy and Cavell

Yaaargggghggh me heartys! Today me and my friend Quincy will be telling ye a story about how ye re assembled with arr crew.      

It was a vast and stormy night and the crew were all in bed when a sea monster appeared from nowhere! We defeated it easily with our trusty swords, and we felt eased arrgh...

We were looking for Captain Avery and Thomas Tews’ Treasure. We had to fight storms, tsunamis and hurricanes until... We finally found the treasure in the middle of Malaysia. It was in Captain Avery's sunken ship. But as we found the treasure the lookout person finally did their job and saw a big fat wave coming our way! Before we climbed the ship the wave took us away. We had to breathe in and hold our lungs, but we came right back up. Our crew was gone...

So we had to go through this whole quest to find our crew. We had to go through the forest and climb up a mountain until we finally found our crew. We were very happy to see them: we thought they were dead!