Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Sir Thomas Abney 


BOOM! As I was up in the air. I thought I was flying but, once I looked down, I was terrified. A few seconds later I hit the water… I was unconscious. Then I woke up. I found myself on the beach... I stretched, wiped the sand out of my eyes and turned around. I saw this jungle-looking place. I could not remember where I was and how I got there. It was difficult to find the ship after I got up, but… I saw a tiger. It was looking at me like I was food. I didn’t like him looking at me, so I got up and with all of my speed, I raced off. I had to cut my way out, but just then I saw a gorilla. He was friendly. He or she helped me by blocking the tiger. I looked, but I just did not want to stay… As I walked through my stomach was growling, so I knew I was hungry. I looked around some trees and I found apples. They tasted different, but better than the ones we had on the ship. Speaking of ship, I wondered where my crew and captain were. I ate the coconut and, as I walked a little more, I found a mountain. I thought the ship might be on the other side. When I got on to the mountain, I saw a ship. I fell down and cut my arm. It was bleeding, but not a lot. I rushed to the ship and there I saw my crew and captain. I felt happy to see my crew. And my captain. We decided to sail to another place. As we were sailing, we saw an island that came out of nowhere. A TORNADO got us! We were holding on so hard to not get flung off! I hit my head, I was so dizzy, a few seconds later I passed out… I heard a whisper. Slowly I got up, but my leg was broken! I had to crawl the way though…

 To be continued next time…


Splash! A salty wave, then I knew I was at the bottom off the ocean under the sea. Then I saw a blood thirsty shark looking for its lunch then suddenly... A dolphin pushed me all the way to No Island. I even communicated with the dolphin a fish in return. After that, I got on to No Island and was being chased by a colossal creature which had two eyes, two beaks and four legs and sounded like this: ‘squerch squerch.’ It was EXTRAORDINARY! I was running for my dear life through bamboo branches all the way to the MOUNTAIN. I could see my crew waving at me from the beach! THEN I tumbled all the way down the rocky mountain! THEN I RAN ALL THE WAY TO MY CREW! THEN my crew replied “how are we going to catch the beast? Where is the beast?” Then we set a trap and caught the beast! THEN. TO BE CONTINUED...


SPLAH! Into the freezing water. Millions of fish were swimming all around me, some even nibbled my toes! OH NO! A... SHARK! A shark with teeth the size of my legs! They glinted in the darkness. As quick as possible, I swam to NO NO ISLAND! BUT I just remembered that I couldn't swim. However, I found a piece of wood from the ship. As I dragged my poor tired arm on to the wood, I was lucky to be alive. Soon enough, I was on NO NO Island. I heard a noise coming from my belly. I wandered around the island desperately and I saw lots of coconuts rolling on the hot burning sand. WOW! I SEE... A... MEERCAT. It was so adorable. I gave it some coconut and I thought it liked it, but I couldn’t give it more because I was still hungry. BUT WAIT, I SEE ... A MOUNTAIN! So I decided to climb the mountain, what a nightmare, the mountain was so big it was humungous. The ground was slippery under my red boots and I fell lots of times, hurting my knees. As time passed, I was at the top of the mountain. I looked around and I saw ... the SHIP! I was so excited to see the rest of the pirates and the captain. So I climbed back down... Oh... No… A LION!!!!!! I. I. I did not know what to do, but it seemed like a friendly lion, so I walked towards it. It started to sniff and lick me, so I touched it and it licked me again. After a while I ran towards the dark brown ship!!! This adventure is to be continued!!!


Splash! Mehmet and I went down the blue huge ocean with excitement. Just then, we saw something friendly which was a horrible monster. BOOM BANG it came with horror. “Let's run!” But my tummy started rumbling. I was so hungry, I didn't know what to do. Then something dropped down from the tree. It was something brown. On the inside it was white. It tasted sweet. It was a coconut. We walked again. We saw the beach with dolphins, then we became friends, so it took me to a ship with a flag on it. I guess it's my crew mates, but the ship was sinking. I would need to help. If it’s my crew, I need to save them so we could go on the ship and go to the island. Then we arrived at the island. There were people with their boats. It was fabulous. I was so surprised because I thought we were lonely then everyone wanted to play with me.


There was a wave. SPLASH! We got blown off our dark brown ship and we got blown on the emerald green sea. Some of us were really strong swimmers, but some of us couldn't swim! Luckily some of us made friends with the dolphins and happily made it to the Island of No No. Some of us had to grab a piece of the ship and float to the island. When we got to the island, the sand was boiling hot like a roasted chicken. Some of us jumped right back in the water because of how hot it was. Meanwhile, when it cooled down we went back on the boiling Island of No No. There was a fantastic tree and a pebble area on the other side. Suddenly we heard a sound, “Errrrr”. We realised it was our tummies! We haven't eaten for a whole day! Until we saw a tree filled with fruits. Apples and oranges. They tasted like sugar and salt. Some of them were bitter and salty! Without warning, we saw a creature, we saw a cheetah (the fastest animal on the planet). We ran and ran until we saw a mountain was there, but it was a dead end and the cheetah looked hungry! Then we had a plan to climb up the steep mountain! How were we going to make it? The cheetah climbed with us but fell down. Finally, we made it to the top of the mountain where we saw the SHIP! The ship was in the sea where all the sharks were swimming! But...but we saw A CROCODILE! “Oh no it looks hungry!” We all ran down to the ship, but the cheetah was still waiting for us to come. “OH NO! We’re surrounded by creatures!” That was when a hiker appeared and stabbed all the creatures and helped us. We were almost there when there was a beast with a green, slimy body and triangular teeth as if he was a piranha. He killed the hiker and “OW!” He hit me, there was blood all round my leg. Then it recovered. We all attacked the beast, punched it, kicked it, smiled at it and made scary faces to make him run. “HAHA!” Finally, we got back on the ship. Then the Captain thought that we should have another adventure to another island. What was the island called I wonder? “The island is called the Hungry Land.” Yelled the Captain. “WOW, I SURE AM GETTING HUNGRY!” When we arrived, BANG KAPOW POW! A storm came out of nowhere and struck the ship and the ship was sinking. BANG! The wind was strong, blowing a few of us in the water, when the ship sank. Wow, there was a whale, a big huge whale that some of us climbed on. We saw the island in the unsatisfactory distance.  Then the tornado was on the water, then it turned into a waterspout. SPLASH!

To be continued...........................


In the wavy ocean the colossal wave splashed on me. As I got up, I felt so mind blown. I saw the beautiful beach ahead, “yay, yay.” However, as I saw the dolphin, I made friends with them and they took me to the majestic beach. Not only this, but I saw the tasty delicious mouthwatering fruit. When I went to the mountain, I tried my hardest to achieve to get to the top of the mountain. As I came down the towering mountain, I saw a beautiful jungle with lots of animals and inspiring food. When I got back to the beach, I saw the monster. As I saw the monster I made a trap and we were all saved. “Yay.” As I saved everyone, I said bye to the dolphin. Finally we were all happy that we were not chased anymore. As soon as I saved everyone, I was the bravest and happiest kid. As soon as I got rid of the monsters, another one came and all of us made a team and made a trap to defeat him. They all lived a happy day. What will happen next?


Helin 2

Splash! We were inside the unbelievable sea with colourful fish swimming innocently. Suddenly...  I saw a really gorgeous and friendly dolphin helping me to the island, but then we saw a dangerous and hungry shark with blood all over its mouth. First it was chasing little fishes, then it saw me on top of my friendly dolphin. It started chasing us, but the ugly shark slowed down. I closed my eyes. My friendly dolphin took me to the island. I saw a big coconut, I started eating it excitedly. I saw an axe, it was helpful to cut the hard foods I found in the woods. I had an adventurous day. I met lots of cool animals... But then I saw a mountain. I walked carefully because it was really tall and the wind was very strong. I was trying my best to not fall... horrified, I slipped down the slippery mountain. In front of me, it was really big and colourful. I had the best adventure with the big ship as a whale.


Splash! I was in a tropical forest. It was so beautiful! I saw a lovely, cute parrot singing songs but they come as a “SQUAWK!” Just then, I heard a rumble. My belly was grumbling, it wanted food. I saw these coconuts on a long tree. I thought I could have them for lunch. They were tasty. It was melted, but it still tasted amazing. It was like sugary sweets. As I cut through the enormous forest, there was a tiger! I was running and running. I was as quick as the flash. As I slid down the mountain, I banged my head on an enormous rock. BANG! I saw this big wave. SPLASH! But then I saw this ship, it looked similar to our ship .I was surprised. Our crew mates all returned. I was waiting with trepidation. As I was waiting, I saw some friendly dolphins. I thought of having a ride with them. ‘This is going to be fun.’ I went on the dolphin’s back. I had I ride. "WHOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO." Somehow I made it, I saw all my friends and all of us were ready for our next adventure. I was so excited that my heart missed a beat. We all sailed and sailed with lots of sweat. Eventually, we made it. This strange looking island. TO BE COUNTED................................


Splash!!! Cicek and I went on an adventure. It was amazing! We came across a scary creature with four eyes, two wings and it was so huge. The monster was as scary as a ghost. I was a pirate and I knew that I could punch him and I did. I felt as brave as Superman. All of a sudden a huge, big wave splashed onto us and we found ourselves in the water. It was amazing. There was a friendly dolphin that came over to us. The dolphin told us that there were lots of sharks and the place that we could find them was near the surface. We had to try our best to swim as fast as we could. We went on the count of 3…2…1 AND OFF WE WENT. “This is what I call an adventure.” Cicek and I were really hungry. We tried to look for some food. We climbed up to the mountain and it was freezing cold. Our hands were as red as a tomato. We had to go somewhere, but warmer. So, we started to walk and we came across a forest. It was turning really dark so we went to look for food. I started to smell something really nice. I followed where the smell came from. We found hamburgers! It was like heaven. Cicek and I started to eat. Next, we had to go to our crew mates and our Captain. We started to run to the ocean and we found our crew mates waving at us. We arrived. We were so elated to see our mates!


As I crashed under the sea I hit hard on the ground. I was unconscious for a minute or so, I was washed up on the shore of the Terrific Island. The sand was silky and soft. I was strolling into the forest, it was easy to go through the forest. That moment, I heard a noise, it was a humungous roar! As I got closer and closer it was… just a friendly lion! The lion guided me to the end of the forest. I climbed up a tree to get a piece of fruit, as I got my fruit, I bit into it. It was nice and juicy. As I finished eating the fruit, I started to climb the mountain. I lost my grip and I scraped my knee and I caught the mountain just in time...

I pulled myself up and I got to the top of the mountain and I saw the ship. I was ecstatic to see the ship and all my crew mates, and of course my Captain. I had a bumpy time going down the mountain. I almost slipped down but I just caught my grip. But at that moment, I rushed down the mountain carefully. I got down the mountain safely. I ran to the ship.

I ran to the ship and said “Ahaa matey."

To be continued.



So, I’m back on the ship now, but let me tell you the whole story!

SPLASH! A huge wave smashed into the ship and I was thrown thirty-seven feet into the sky and landed on a wrecked piece of wood from the ship. Despite the fact my hands were full of splinters, I paddled back to shore with the help of a very friendly dolphin! I dragged myself to a luscious forest on the Island of Nono. I got out my iron sword and chopped my way through the plants that felt steel, but suddenly a tiger two times bigger than me pounced. I made a lucky escape and ran for a near mountain, the beast was right behind me. I picked up a rock and hurled it at the tiger, it lost focus and slipped all the way down the mountain. “NOOO,” it screamed as I clambered to the top...To be continued!


SPLASH!!! Solis and I ended up in a forbidden ocean with only a penguin and a huge friendly whale who helped get us to a place called STA Primary school!! As we searched for other crew mates, we bumped into a girl named Ruby who had a secret. She was part mermaid!!! She was really friendly because she led us out of the primary school and showed us where the Vaporeons were and said we were her friends. The emotion was so weird, we never had friends before, we only had crew mates. As we rode on the Vaporeons, we found an island which had a piece of our boat. We told the Vaporeons to leave us there and we continued our journey on the island. Solis and I bumped into six pups who were really friendly, they were called Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma and Sky. The eight of us walked together and got food for one another. Soon night fall came and we had to camp out in the dark, gloomy forest. As morning awoke we continued our journey. Soon we reach a mountain and climbed up using Marshall’s Ladder. Then we saw the ship with everyone on it! Gravely, we went down the mountain with Rocky’s recycled bits. Finally, we reached the ship. Solis and I had a great idea, we asked the captain if the pups could work with us and thankfully he said, “Sure!”


Boom!! Mustafa and I were swimming carefully, although we might have drowned. As the water was shifting, we were holding onto the boat. My two friends, Tre and Mustafa, and I heard something strange. As we looked back, a monster looked furiously at us so we ran. The monster was too fast. We climbed the mountain. To be continued.


Splash! I landed onto the beach. In a hush, I was wondering where I was. I wish I had concentrated on my swimming lessons so I could swim across. It was getting windy, the coldness was hitting my face, I was freezing. I had such a long adventure with the dolphins in the water taking me across, I was pleased with them. I was still thinking about how to travel a long way back, then I saw a ship! I knew I wasn’t alone on this big island. The pirate ship I saw was ancient, I was like, “WOW!” I was shocked. After a while, I asked the ancient ship, “Could you take me to the mountain? I will be pleased with you if you do.” “Of course I will." Said the ancient captain. I was pleased with him, he was kind. We arrived at the mountain with Zike, the ancient pirate. He was shocked by my story, he was really happy he wasn’t alone on the island too. He was actually a good pirate captain. Apparently, he has a big story called LOST ALONE, he was lost too. His mates had disappeared into the darkness of the sea. He was terrified. He travelled with the pirate ship to another island called Nono, where I was found.


I wake up on a strange, mysterious island. The only thing I could see was the blazing hot sand. I started to adventure around that place, and I heard a sound...but then I found out that it was just my tummy rumbling. On my journey, I found a bit of a forest. In this forest there was some fruit, until I ate it all. Yummy, I had enough energy to adventure on. I then travelled to the mountain that I had spotted. The only way I would be able to escape this island was by having a bird’s-eye view. I climbed up the mountain and found a mountain goat! I waited with trepidation, searching the area. In the distance I noticed something. It was the ship! I was so exhilarated to see it with everyone inside! I rode the mountain goat down to the ship. I took the ponderous goat inside, since I would think some day it would be useful (Goat soup). But when I boarded onto the ship, there was something peculiar...To be continued.


As I walked on the mysterious Island of NONO I could see huge lions and beautiful parrots flying around with their colourful friends. All of a sudden, I could hear something in the bushes! I thought it was a lion, but it was my two friends Tre and Makai looking for our beautiful ship that we had lost in the storm. We were really hungry, so we climbed the tall trees to eat the fresh coconuts of the Island of NONO. The taste burst in my mouth with its sweetness, me and my friends loved it. We decided to climb the huge mountain, but we had heard the story of the guardian lion that never let anyone pass through its territory. But we climbed it to see our ship and meet our shipmates. We thought we were never going to see our shipmates again, but we realised the flag was up so that meant that there were shipmates at the ship. All a sudden, it was the guardian lion, “RAAA!” We sprinted down the mountain, everyone fell but stood back up, but we were used to it because we always used to scrub the deck and climb the deck.

To be continued.


SPLASH!!! Lauren and I ended up in a forbidden ocean with only penguins and each other for company. When we got lost, we met a mermaid called Ruby who took us to a strange palace called STA Primary School! After, we found out that she was half human. Then we said "Could you tell us where the No No Island is, for we feel our crew maybe there." To be resumed...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Splish! Splosh! I landed at the bottom of the ocean, swimming ferociously looking for my crew mates. I soon discovered a friendly dolphin who could talk! She offered me help to find my lost friends, but I had to go on land because I was beginning to drown! Luckily, she kindly gave me the power to breathe under water. Far away I heard a bellowing roar, it was the ancient tiger fish. He was the King of the Sea. Every fish was frightened, although they hated him with every one of their scales! There was only one thing that could beat him: the sword that once belonged to a master named Kikiwaka. He trained the tiger fish, but he betrayed him and used his power for evil and killed commander Kikiwaka. In the distance I heard a moan, it was my crew mate Johnny. He was hurt, but I had dolphin Zuri with me. She helped me to shore. Then I saw the ship, it was a wreck and there was nobody on it.



Splash, face first into the steaming water. Drowning undersea trying to communicate with my crew but no sound heard. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" As I wondered where my crew were, I heard a booming roar under sea. SNAP SNAP SNAP! A huge shark stormed at me, full speed. I panicked and saw an island in the distance. Without hesitation, I swam as fast as I could, but it was a big struggle because the shark was about five times faster than me, but I never gave up. The massive head start got me to the island very quickly.

"FINALLY!” I arrived on the island to see wonderful sweet and juicy fruits glistening on the tall newborn trees, but...

(to be continued)


Splash! I dropped off the ship with a splash, leaving the broken pieces of the ship behind me, swimming looking for help but aching. If anything was behind me…

I saw this Island. I swam and swam, rushing to see if there was any help for me, but all of a sudden I noticed there was someone following me. I SWAM, then I ZIGGED AND ZAGGED to make the monster who was following me lose its focus.

I was so excited that I got to the island, but there was no food, so I went deep down because I could hear something like a human screaming in my belly with hunger.

HOLD ON! I could see something huge and hairy like a dragon in two bodies. One of them was a mammal and the other was a lizard.  I finally got some food and my belly calmed down, so I set off to find anyone that can help me, or even someone who knew any information about the ship or the big two-bodied dragon that was lurking around...

I got some information and start walking back to where I was found. I saw my ship with the flag going up, but it was next to a mountain. I started climbing, but I was on the edge, I was stumbling and wriggling.