Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

 St John the Baptist November 2018


I woke up dazed, on an island. I saw a fruit tree. There where mangoes, apples, pears, kiwis and other fruits. It had all the fruits that I loved. I saw a mountain, and I knew that if I could get to the top I could find something to get me out of this place and find a new home... 

  So I started climbing. Two hours later, my hands where aching. There were dodo birds flying past. Finally, I got to the top and found a boat. It was ready to go!  Threw it down into the sea and jumped into it and went back to London.  

The end. 



BANG! I flew out of the ship in to the water, and glided onto a beach. When I was at the beach I saw a lot of animals like elephants, birds and lizards. Then I saw a tree with apples, so I climbed up the tree and got some apples to eat after. Then I saw a swamp in a forest, so I went to look at it. After that, I saw a tremendous mountain that I wanted to climb, so I went to the mountain and started climbing. When I was climbing I found a perplexing cave that I wanted to go inside, but it was too dark so I made a torch and went into the cave. When I was in the cave, I saw a dead dragon. Then, behind the dead dragon there was a golden lustrous treasure, so I left the golden lustrous treasure because the treasure might be a trap. Then I went out of the cave, went up the mountain and found a magical sword that was really  small. I found a secret book, and I was scared to open it. 



When I was having a good and amazing dream, I heard a BANG noise! Oh no, what’s happening! After I said, "WHAT is going ON?” 
  I went outside, and looked out, and I saw... A big storm, so big was going to eat me! Then I came to an old dirty sea, and I was really hungry, like a lion! Afterwards, I looked for food but I couldn’t find anything. I was really terrified and I just walked and walked, and I came to an old forest.  

 There were lots of fruits, like strawberries, mangoes… Lots and lots! I took four strawberries and one mango and ate them on my long and tired journey. In the process, I got to the top of the mountain and I saw two of my friends. They quickly and loudly asked me, “why are you here?” I said it was a long story. I went on a boat and it had guards, which was really safe. I was really happy and excited to go back to my house. It was really, really good and I was just in joy, feeling the joy of a person that is rich. I said to myself, "I will definitely come back for the yummy and gorgeous fruits!” THE END. I hope you enjoyed my story. 



The Adventures of Benga 

The ship was extremely good. Suddenly a huge storm arrived. We all fell in the muddy water. It was very cold - no one liked it. We found land and we swam forward - it was very far, and most of us were poor swimmers. So it took a lot of time.  

 I was on the beach, but l saw a boat, so I left and made a fire for the night. I headed off into the forest to look for wood. I heard so many creatures making a lot of noise. A big creature said to me, “are you lost on this beach? Do you want to come with me to the cave and live with me?” I said, “ok, as long as you keep me safe. Deal?” I said, “then carry me to the mountain top to get safe!” Then he carried me there and I got picked up by a helicopter. I got a vacation for free! Bye guys! 



The Island of Wonder 

I woke on a dark and soakey island. I had a part of my ship left next to me. I found a small kayak on the other side of the island near the swamp. I stepped into the swamp. I saw a fruit bush with a parrot eating the berries. I got as many berries as I could. The parrot flew off, and as I followed it, I found a mountain. The parrot flew up the mountain into a cave. I climbed into the cave and saw a shiny golden light in the cave. I stepped in and found a golden sweet in golden wrapping, and the parrot suddenly climbed on my shoulder. I ate the sweet and climbed to the top of the mountain and found my crew, and they had made a tent and a new ship. Then I slid down to them and I gave 10 berries to each of them. We slid down the rest of the mountain and climbed into the new ship, even though the kayak was still next to the swamp. Then I named my parrot Pecky, and we sailed back to my home island. The End.  



Once I woke up on the Caribbean island, there were palm trees. But I was hungry, and I saw fruit on the trees. 

I was climbing up on the tree, because I was super duper hungry! 

Then I ate two whole palm trees! Then I got a knife to cut the palms, so I could get the fruit. 

I found one of my friends, who was named Kiki. Then we went to find some more things to eat. And then Kiki was so so so so so so so so so hungry! Then we went back to get more palm trees, and we found some oranges, coconut, and pineapple. And then she wanted all of them - all the oranges, the coconuts, and the pineapples. She was so full. We heard a bang! We were so scared. 


 CRASH! I went flying away out of the boat, thrown by the mad water, and I was thrown on to the water like a flappy fish. I was so dizzy that I fainted for one hour. I woke back up again. I was very hungry so I went for a little hunt to find food. Eventually, I found some fruit, but a monkey found it as well. I did not know what to do so I did a count down and ran for the fruit because it looked very tasty… But the monkey got the banana and got away with it, so I had to go and find more food. 

As I was going through the forest I saw a swamp, and in the middle of the swamp there was a banana tree. I had to get it so I jumped into the swamp, although It was very sticky and I was sinking. This totally backfired! I hung on a branch but then the monkey came along, eating the banana LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW. Still, he came to help me out! But when I was out I put HIM into the swamp, and I was eating the banana. Then I was walking and saw an enormous mountain. I think it was Mount Everest! So I climbed up the mountain.  


BANG! The ship was hit with a wave the size of a tsunami. I woke up with a fright. I ran as fast as I could to the top deck, and rang the bell that woke every one up. Out of nowhere the crew then asked me questions left and right.  

JOKE MAN JOSH came out with: 

"What ‘append, why did you ring the bell?” 

I replied with,  

“I felt a thud crashing against the ship!”  

I caught a glimpse of a wave coming towards the ship, and as loud as I could I shouted, “INCOMING, BRACE YOURSELVES!” 

 Everyone held on to something, and ducked, and so did I.  

The wave made a huge impact on the ship, which caused it to shatter into little pieces, and only left the pine border and the crew.  

We were all separated, but me and the captain were not. We spotted an island and we asked each other: 

"Should we head towards the island?" 

 The captain replied with: 

"Absolutely, we must do whatever it takes to survive and find the rest of my crew!"  

We proceeded to the island in a hurry because we couldn’t afford to lose each other in another wave.  

We made it to land in one piece. We searched and searched until we found a fruit tree, with fruit so juicy it made our mouths water. 

We jumped up and were able to grab some fruits.  


I was woken up on a soggy island, where there were palm trees, and a tall mountain that looked familiar - the same as on my map. But I knew if I were there, I needed to be prepared for whatever could hit me. I was searching and searching for nourishing fruit. I walked for around 10 minutes, and there it was - watermelon, apples, berries, and more! My mouth watered like an animal - an animal I just remembered that i had a seen…  

Nearly there, nearly there, yes! On the top of the mountain, it’s like I have an eagle eye. Now this is perfect - look, people, and a chest. 

 They are sitting around a camp fire, I think it’s them. Hurrah!  


As I woke up with sand in my hair the sand was thick and blue all in my mouth and it was not nice.  

As I looked up I could see a massive volcano and all of a sudden I saw an icy mountain glooming at the top wondering what was up there. I was all alone which was scary.  

Then I set out to sea, swimming to the mountain and did not stop until I got there. As I reached the icy mountain, the clouds were smiling at me beaming with its bright teeth. It was blinding therefore there was no sun to be seen. 

CRASH! The mountain shook like an airplane terminal just hit. I was scared but what could I do? 

FINALLY I got to the top I could see the whole mountain I felt like an eagle looking down at everything but then something caught my eye. It was a human transforming into a dragon and I saw a pedestrian behind it. I could not leave even though I achieved my goal as I was zooming towards the dragon. I grabbed my sword. I looked like the knight in shining armor as sliced the head OF THE DRAGON.  

The pedestrian was saying no no but I did not listen. Down I went up to the pedestrians and they ran away out of nowhere. 6 more heads grew back, everything was dark, he swallowed me like a piece of chewing gum and I was never seen again. Moral: listen before you act. 



One dark night, SPLASH! I dropped into the freezing water. It took me to a huge beach island, it was cool.  

I was so happy that I was safe until the huge storm...  

I was about to die because I didn’t know how to swim, so the water took me to a huge island. I wanted to go to another space but I didn’t get to go because I was still so scared of the big storm. I can still imagine it and I was scared so I didn’t go anywhere but I said I need to be brave so I tried to get on the boat but the boat was floating away.  

I knew I didn’t know how to swim so I tried jumping over the water which was as bright as the sun then. I arrived in a forest where there was so many animal sounds like bears and lions ROARING! I was scared but I still walked more and more into the forest and then I was so happy to be free and I found a home. I was so happy but I didi’t like the noises of the animals. I was quite scared.  

Two hours later I arrived at the mountains and it was very cold but I got my coat, boots, hat and gloves. And I was so happy. 



Whooshhhhhhhhhhhhh, suddenly the waves began to splash over me and my crew. The waves got bigger and bigger as we all screamed with fear. I knew the ship was going to sink so I decided to jump off my ship. 

 When I woke up I was near a really sunny island. I saw some amazing creatures. They were beautiful. There were unicorns, capricorns, elephants and monkeys and even more creatures.I knew what most creatures were but some left me confused. Any way when I got to see the creatures they were so calm and peaceful compared to the evil monster that was on my ship yesterday, I walked on until I came to a swamp. 

I could see green slimy stuff when I came to the swamp and I was soo sooo sooo creeped out I didn’t know what the slimy stuff was. I felt it was a trap from the over evil mean pirates. 

Anyway I came to the actual trap so I got my sword and I cut through all of the traps and there was one that I never saw. It fell down on me and I saw some of my over crewmates. About two of them came over to me and helped me out of the trap. When we got out we headed to the mountain. When we got half way up there we saw a CAVE we all saw a bright light coming from inside the cave. 

I was so tempted to go in so i did. When I went in I saw the bright light come brighter as I walked nearer...  

To be continued. 


Safe to shore! Pita pata pita pata… It became louder! Rata tata rata tata rata… Even louder! The storm was gaining on us. I could hear my crew screaming. We were screaming - "Capt’n! Capt'n!'' We were all scared. 

 The ship started rocking harder than ever. It threw us off deck! Some of us were drowning, even my best matey Rosievien. It felt as if I was on shore. I got up. I was on the Isle of Jamaica - Kingston! I was so happy to be here. 

 I was starting to become hungry. Three days passed, and I was starving. Three hours later, I spotted a forest. I got my sword out. Five hours later I found a humongous tree full of my favorite fruits - apples, pears, grapes, oh my giddy aunt! I was in heaven. I stuffed as much as I could into my pockets.  

 I met this odd creature, hard to describe. An hour later, we reached this mountain - two meters lower than Mount Everest. I was shocked. I saw my captain and my crew having a feast. When they saw me, they were happy - we had a wonderful feast. Four years passed, and I was in the place my crew and I were looking for: Ghana! Some of us ended up in Nigeria well. We lived our lives. Years passed, and I was thirty years old. I got married to a man named Kwaku Yeboah and we had two kids Abena Yeboah and Akwasi Yeboah.  

 My Captain and I still saw each other and shared tales our fierce journeys. I still will always remember my matey Rosievien.  



Shshshshsh! I was in the water I was screaming. “I can't swim I cant swim!!” I tried and tried and I was tired. 

 When I was at land I went to find food because I was very very hungry, so I went and I found amazing blue berries.  

 Days later I was climbing up a mountain and it took hours and hours and then when I was at the top I saw the captain but instead it was a trap! It was our enemy Bob Sheimbashim! How did they know we were there?  

 I went to the next mountain where I saw the captain and the crew. We were all pirates once again.