Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Queen Acacia

Smash, into the rocks!  Suddenly a creepy creature came on the boat and attacked. I was felling terrified because it almost killed me on the horrible ship. Furthermore the creature had spicks on and it was very  angry also it  was very rude! On the amazing beach there was a panda with two heads and eight feet. There was a cat mixed with a dog. They cased me into the horrific and scary forest. There was a flower land there, the flowers were beautiful. The volcano had melon gummy cheery flavour. The TIGER with three legs came and all the creature went away.

... dum dum dum - To be continued...
By Queen Acacia from St Matthias 4 year - What do you think will happen next? 


Captain  Adesewa

In the beginning ... A boy was in a ship trying to go to an island called Strattsomsa he was driving the ship when he saw the biggest bird called The Sea.When he saw it, it had 11 heads and 100 eyes so it can see behind itself. While everyone was fighting The Sea went back to the water and let the crew go. When the boy was sailing one person from the crew saw the island and swam in the water, the boy saw a big wave and said "Watch out, there is a wave!!!" The boy shouted " Hello , helloooo helpppp!!" the other boy Sportsman shouted and he had diapered in the water never to be seen again... The crew went onto the island and saw many different animals - a horse mixed with a cow, what!? A cat mixd with a dog, think of that! Then the boy saw a unicorn's tail go through the forest. He wanted to go to the volcano and follow that unicorn. He was also very hungry so he started to eat some fruit. The unicorn said "eat to much say and your fine, this curse is your life ended!". "Mmmm this is delicious. Mmmmmm" the boy said. The forest was a tropical forest in the beginning and a dark forest when you enter a gate "I think you should stay right there"...                                    

TO BE CONTINUED....                


Captain Ahmed

Once upon a time there was a pirate sailing.
Suddently a storm came out then it rained very hard. After there was a huge wave under then the pirate flew up and land in the water. The water was cold as a ice and cold as snow. Then early that day the pirate found himself on a beach. He was hungry and was triying to find some tropical fruit. Then the pirate saw an animal,it was a panda
mixed with cat.It was night time, the
pirate tried to make his bed. The pirate went in the dark and creepy forest, he was looking for some big leaves to sleep on then
when the pirate was sleeping he heard Weird noises, he s went back SAILING
 then. he saw a octopos the octopos had 3 heads and 10 legs and the pirate cut of
his 1 head and the octopos went