Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

St Matthias - Year 4


Queen Acacia

Smash, into the rocks!  Suddenly a creepy creature came on the boat and attacked. I was feeling terrified because it almost killed me on the horrible ship. Furthermore the creature had spikes on and it was very  angry, also it  was very rude! On the amazing beach there was a panda with two heads and eight feet. There was a cat mixed with a dog. They chased me into the horrific and scary forest. There was a flower land there, the flowers were beautiful. The volcano had melon gummy cherry flavour. The TIGER with three legs came and all the creatures went away.

... dum dum dum - To be continued...
By Queen Acacia from St Matthias 4 year - What do you think will happen next? 


Captain  Adesewa

In the beginning ... A boy was in a ship trying to go to an island called Strattsomsa. He was driving the ship when he saw the biggest bird called The Sea. When he saw it, it had 11 heads and 100 eyes so it can see behind itself. While everyone was fighting The Sea went back to the water and let the crew go. When the boy was sailing one person from the crew saw the island and swam in the water, the boy saw a big wave and said "Watch out, there is a wave!!!" The boy shouted "Hello, helloooo helpppp!!" The other boy Sportsman shouted and he had disappeared in the water, never to be seen again... The crew went onto the island and saw many different animals - a horse mixed with a cow, what!? A cat mixed with a dog, think of that! Then the boy saw a unicorn's tail go through the forest. He wanted to go to the volcano and follow that unicorn. He was also very hungry so he started to eat some fruit. The unicorn said "eat too much say and you're fine, this curse is your life ended!". "Mmmm this is delicious. Mmmmmm" the boy said. The forest was a tropical forest in the beginning and a dark forest when you enter a gate. "I think you should stay right there"...                                    

TO BE CONTINUED....                


Captain Ahmed

Once upon a time there was a pirate sailing. Suddenly a storm came, then it rained very hard. After there was a huge wave under the ship, the pirate flew up and landed in the water. The water was cold as ice and cold as snow. Then later that day the pirate found himself on a beach. He was hungry and was trying to find some tropical fruit. Then the pirate saw an animal, it was a panda mixed with cat! It was night time, the pirate tried to make his bed. The pirate went in the dark and creepy forest, he was looking for some big leaves to sleep on then when the pirate was sleeping he heard weird noises. he went back on sailing. He saw an octopus. The octopus had 3 heads and 10 legs and the pirate cut off his 1st head and then the octopus went.


Captain Ansu

After the storm, as pirates were sailing on the calm waters and as we passed by, we hit a rock we did not see and we all went flying as high as a bird that was out of control. I was even able to touch the clouds and as I fell I remembered that I couldn't swim so I used my clever thinking and took my pirate hat off and threw it towards the calm water, and as it landed on on the water it could float. "Shiver me timbers" I thought, as I never knew that a pirate hat like mine could float on water. "Hey guys," I called, "use your hats as floats, drop them into the water and land on them, use your hands to push the hat so it could get us to the island." Soon later parrots that looked like heavenly rainbows helped us move faster to reach the enchanted island. They pushed their feathers back and forward to push the hats and soon later, we've reached the island. "arrrr me harties" we all called, as we heard a volcano starting to erupt, the parrots knocked down the the fruit, especially the rare ones and loaded it on to the ship and found a treasure chest of golden coins, and loaded that on to the ship. All the lava started shooting off around the island as we sailed fast and rowed fast, the lava landed on the ship.




In the middle of nowhere, a huge wave crashed upon the ship. Everyone fell to one side and many people were injured, we couldn't go on. Then, a brave and injured pirate climbed up onto the pole. Everyone was looking at him anxiously. Our captain was really worried, he shouted out, "Barry get down from  there ".Barry didn't listen .He knew that he had to risk his life.The waves were coming at an incredible speed. He knew he had to time this right, if not his life and Barry's life will be a stake. "Barry if you want to do do this the best time to do it is now." "Ok i will just have to do it now. They need to find a way to STOP.

To be continued....


Captain K (Kaedon)

A long time ago I was stranded on a island with my crew mates. We went through so many battles that I nearly got killed but that is not what we are talking about today. We are talking about the death zone that only pirates can enter. So our journey began with a big wave crashing into our ship with an awful storm.There was a Crackin. The Crackin was as smelly as rotten egg and toilet water. Luckily we chopped off one face but then it grew back and we defeated it but it laid a really big wave wooooshh.Then we all got pushed into The devils cage, the scariest place of all. We landed on a island in The Devils Cage named the death zone full of evil and treasure but all of my crew mates landed somewhere else in The Death Zone so I looked up and saw a volcano so I decided to climb it. Luckly I survived.Then I looked down and saw my whole crew and I climbed back down the volcano and rushed to them. When I got there and they found so much gold, I decided we take all that gold and build a ship filled with gold and we got off that monsterous place and did what we first started.THE END

So we had a amazing party with our crew and played egg, chicken, Dinosaur and the witches and wizards. COMPLETE END


Captain Joseph L

The death curse island.

I WAS INSIDE THE SHIP WHEN WE HIT A HUGE WAVE, as huge as a tornado. Then suddenly a tornado appeared out of nowhere. The tornado swung them to a curse and terrible island. There was some Ghost and demons like a panther. Then they had to fight for the their lives. After that there were more panthers and there were some cobras, then we escaped the creatures. Then we saw a volcano.  

To be continued. Previously on the cursed pirates. After that there was a HUGE lava monster and it flew to the beach then partied.    


Captain Daniel

One day we saw a huge wave AND WE WERE SCARED and we did not know what to do so that day we lost each other and we did not know were each other were .So I climbed a mountain so I could see were they were. I can call their names but they could not hear me. I tumbled down and I saw that one of my friends called Daniel was in danger so I went as fast as I can. I tried to build a new boat and I worked really well so I was the only one on the boat that could push it. I  saw what was his problem. So I went to him and there was a BIG HUGE 3 HEADED DOG and I was trying to kill the dog,  so I got my sword and I sliced his head off and I done a smelly fart and it smelled like dead fish  and I was so happy we killed it but we were not finished. Later that day we tried to get the other people so we were missing a girl named Favor and another one name Obi. He was a boy. And one more girl named Myah. So Daniel knew were Favor was so he directed me to her. Daniel was so happy that he built the boat so it could be quicker to go there.we saw her. She was in danger so we helped her to kill the thing that was trying to kill her so it looked like a cat and human joined together so we jumped on its head and we killed the cat but we needed to kill the human so we both sliced their head off and we were finished with that beast so we needed to find Myah. We had the best news, Myah was with Favor but Favor ran away from her so they don't get killed together so Myha said, "I am going to stay here" and Favor said, "ok". So Favor told  me where she was so she directed me to her, she was the last one to be found so we saw here she was just chilling in the sun and having fun so we dragged her out of there and took her to the boat so we saw something in the mist and we think we knew what it was so we went as fast as we can and it was SO MUCH GOLD. We even went faster as Hussain olt and we were there in at least 10 seconds we took the gold but people say that our captain called Micheal s was scared but he really wasn't sacred he was just doing some chores and it was important because his mum was coming to visit his boat...



Admiral Favor

In the middle of nowhere, a huge wave crashed upon the ship. Everyone fell to a side and many people were injured. We couldn't go on. But then, a brave and injured pirate climbed up onto the pole. Everyone was looking at him anxiously. Our captain was really worried. He shouted out "Barry, get down from there. Your going to get hurt." Barry didn't listen. He knew he would have to either risk his life or risk the team's life. He chose to risk his life.The waves were coming at an incredible speed. He knew he had to time this right. If not, his life and Barry's life will be at stake."Barry. If you want to this. The best time to do it is now!" One of the pirates shouted. The waves came in even faster! It nearly touched the ship. Barry pulled the rope. The ship went faster.They knew that they couldn't stop the wave by running away. They need to think of a way to stop it."Captain! What should we do!" Barry shouted. "The only thing I can think of is to throw a net at it."Yea it is enchanted. We can throw anything at it." The pirates were at the ready! "Three... Two.. One. FIRE!" The net blasted through the air. The net caught the water. The water started shrinking into the water and the ocean became nice and calm again. "YESSS" Everyone was cheering happily as they set sail to continue their adventure. As they thought all the danger was over a storm came. The sail stopped sailing, the pirates stopped cheering. Everything went quiet then... BAMM a lighting hit the water making a little wave. Lightning was striking around the boat. Sooner or later the pirates would be electrocuted by the storm. The storm struck coming over the pirates.

What will happen next? Do you think they will be electrocuted? To be continued...


Adwoa the Brave Explorer

It all started 3 years ago when me and my crew were on an adventure to the island of Eleven Hands which took almost 60 years,10 months, 6 weeks, 5 days, 30 hours, 20 minutes and 40 seconds. Everything was going as planned when all of a sudden, I felt a sudden force that took me off my bed! "What on Earth..." I got out of my cabin to see what was going on when I suddenly shot up into the air. I didn't need three guesses to figure out what was going on: a 20 foot high wave came crashing onto our ship! Next thing I knew, I heard a SPLASH! and began to shiver. I fell overboard! I swam with all my might. I've never felt so glad that I knew how to swim in my life. Just then, when it seemed like I couldn't swim any longer, I found a piece from our ship. I quickly grabbed hold of it and began to paddle. I paddled and paddled until the piece hit something nice and warm. Land!! As I was getting mango to celebrate, I heard a growl. While I was investigating, I gave a yelp because of what I found. Why what sort of creature is that?!

To be continued...


Captain Johann Brown

It was a normal day.  I was feeding the goldfish. I was lost. I was hungry. I hadn't had any food for 5 days. I wished I was in with my pirate crew so I could have food. I went to sleep, and then when it was morning I woke up and I was in a pirate ship. My pirate crew were there too. I was happy to see my crew again. They gave me food to eat. I ate grapes, bread, fried chicken - no bones because I don't like the black bits on the bones. I was drinking apple juice and orange . It was fantastic. There was a big storm coming to my crew to drown my crew or put us to an island to be lost. It was far away from us. So we have packed everything that belongs to us before the storm.


Captain Lesley Blackbeard

As we were on the ship sailing, drinking tea and feeling happy, a tiny wave became a big one. I tried to stop it but it didn't work, it exploded and spoiled the whole world! Someone rescued me. I thought I was home but I was not. I could just see water. I couldn't see my friends. I found a pirate hat, it was better than my old one. I found my friend with a peg leg. He was dead. I was almost dead, but I saved myself. I became Black Panther, because he's a saviour, so I could save myself as well. I found the captain's parrot, and wrapped a scarf around it to keep it safe and warm until I could give it back to the captain.

To be continued...

I was bringing people back to life.


Captain Mo/Captain Michael

How I felt when I was with my mates, I felt so scared because I was in a ship that looked abandoned and as I was getting close to it I saw a four headed Tiger joined with a wolf and it had ten heads, four arms and twenty legs. As I got close to my mate I felt a cracking noise under my foot, but I thought it was my mates playing around. So I got off the ship and I started to swim to a volcano. As I was swimming I thought if I can take Matt with me so I went back to the ship and I took Matt with me for luck. Ten minutes later I reached the volcano. Then Matt told me "let's go on the volcano so we can see where our whole mates are, so we were at the top of the volcano and then I told Matt "let's go to a beach since we know were our mates are at." As we reached the beach there was a BIG BANG and we flew back to the sea, as I was getting back onto the sand I lost Matt then Matt appeared right behind me and he shouted "I TOLD YOU IT WAS CURSED!" Then I said "SINCE WHEN YOU SAID THAT" and he told me "I DON'T KNOW". So I went back and we found a safe place to live and we lived happily ever after. Next we had a party and we invited everyone and we had some fruit juice. Also we put on 'Man Not HOT.'


My next adventure is going to be when I go to England and see what's in the museum.



Michael S

When I came onto the island I saw some more waves coming along. "THESE ARE HUMONGOUS, THEY COULD KILL US!" So I swam under the waves and then I fell on the sea bed, once I fell I had no breath so I met the monster and she showed me to a cave and there was air for me to breathe because there was no water. The monster was purple, it even had a wide mouth and sharp teeth.

 Once I had some breath I swam back to the surface to find my crew. I searched for them from a tall volcano and saw some treasure. If my crew finds it before me they wouldn't share with me so I raced down. As soon as I leaped down I saw everyone sleeping so I raced to the treasure and saw necklaces and shiny metal.




 As we were on the sea, a huge tidal wave appeared almost smashing the ship to pieces. Luckily I was able to put up the sail. I said "put up the sail!" and we sailed away .Then the kraken appeared! Luckily I cut off two of its heads and stabbed it in the head but it exploded and I found myself stranded on an island and was able to tame a spider monkey and find my crew mates.

by Obi the great



As I fell in the ocean I felt like I was swimming but my legs weren't moving so I said... nothing. I swam to a beach. As I entered the beach... "Pooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

"What was that," I said with excitement. "Where am I," I said to my self. A pig from out of nowhere had a donkeys leg. "Skkkkluuuuuuulllap pap pap pap pap!" What the hell was that?" "A a a a, are you going to say that word?" "A a a a a a a a a a OK I'll stop, should we go to the vocano yeah". A few hours later...  Finally we reached the volcano. There they are! I ran as fast as I can and I fell in a hole when I was running...



AS I CRASHED INTO THE WAVES I lost my appetite and had a little accident. I vomited on the ship and my head boss got angry with me (his name is Mr Freddy) so I was grounded. Because we lived in a ship we had to scrub the deck .A few hours ago we hit this hard surface, it was hard as a rock. So Mr Freddy said "we are going to split up and find some food that could be scrumptious to eat. So he did, we were in teams, there were two teams that were Olivia and Mick and the second group were Grace and Matt. So when Grace and Matt where searching they saw a grey shadow ZOOM across them... they got scared and it was a Tiger with BIG WHITE SPIKES. They was running like the wind and then got lost! Then in front of them was a BIG ENOURMOUS OGRE so they ran and caught up with Olivia and Mick and told them all of the bits and bobs. Mr Freddy was calling them but they couldn't find him so they were basically lost. But there were foot prints so they followed them and found where they were and Mr Freddy found lots of coconuts and different types of food. So they went back to their ship named Borris and went inside their cabins and ate their scrumptious food.


Captain Princess

CRASH! The crashing waves bang onto the ship and the ship was full of bits and pieces of wood but only the sides. The ship was rocking and rocking and the sailors were falling into the sea. SPLASH! After that we see a flying creature in the distance, it`s a half seagull half pig. It was a strange creature. Then the clouds pushed aside and we saw a beautiful island in the distance. "EVERYONE, WE HAVE FOUND THE ISLAND"

To Be Continued


Captain Samuella

Once a stormy wind came across the ship and made us a bit dizzy. We emerged to an island full of vibrant animals. I felt nervous because I could get lost. I came across a pink headed monstrous beast who looked friendly, but was not kind at all. I climbed up the hills and i didn't give up. Finally I stepped up to the volcano and heard some of my mates calling, "Come on, let's go home before we sink!". I ran down the forest, past the trees, the pink-headed monstrous beast that looked as if he was about to attack me, and saw some juicy fruit and had to take a bit. Finally we reached the ship and my mates were so happy they threw a party!




As I fell in the freezing cold ocean I felt shocked. Then I went under the water and I saw a one headed creature. Then I tried to get on the ship but I could not get on. I tried to call my fellow friends but they couldn't hear me so the creature brought me back down with a big SPLASH! I swam as fast as my legs could go, then I saw an island and I also saw some weird animals. I went to the island and they waved hi to me I said hi back, then I saw a panda/dog! I was scared and I went to get something to eat. Then I went to the volcano. I could see my friends.

To be continued........


Captain Sofia

It all started 3 years and 2 weeks ago when we were celebrating that we saw an island. WHY DO YOU THINK WE WERE EXITED ABOUT SEEING AN ISLAND? Suddenly one of the pirates shouted "a massive wave is coming from the distance!" WHERE DO YOU THINK THE WAVE CAME FROM AND HOW WAS THE WAVE MADE? We were all running around the shp! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" we screamed, trying to hide somewhere and !SPLASH! The hot wave splashed into the ship and some of us flew out of the ship to the other side of the ocean and others flew to the sky and to deck! BANG! The sea was as hot as a kettle. I fell to the boiling and I saw a shark with spikes and he was red! I SWAM AS FAST AS I COULD and I saw ground from the bottom of the ocean and I went on the island. I was scared of the island because some people say this island was cursed. The island was cursed by a big animal named Sherls, he has invisible parts in his body and has spikes. Later that day it was cloudy and raining, I saw animals and ran past them. One was red with some blue and pink and one of them had a panda head with a cat tail. As I walked into the forest it was dark and there was lots of shadows. The trees had mangoes, apples, oranges, grapes and a weird pink fruit. I ate an orange and ran up the volcano. I saw my crew and I ran down the volcano and I fell down the volcano. I thought I was going to hit myself but a wizard picked me up with his wand. "Watch out pirate," said the wizard. "THANK YOU" I said. I took some fruit from the trees for my crew I swam through the sea and went inside the window from the bottom and gave everyone fruit. We celebrated that we passed the wave.



Me and my crew are looking for the sea of the seven hands. 'Surely we'll find it. Where in the celestial spirit sea is the closest way to the sea of seven stars?'' sighed my lookout and the assistant of the great captain, Sergeant Haywood. Goodness there's a wirlpool ahead. We crashed and suddenly we started to question everything we knew. The cracken would appear! The mighty monster hit us with all its power, shortly me my crew and the chaos [the name of the ship] would become flying fish. Luckily Sargent Haywood's shoe slid off and the stench killed the Cracken. LAND AHOY. Sergeant, is that a flying snake with the skin of a snow tiger? What will you do if that happens to you? 



Captain Sam

When I flew into the air I felt like I was going out of the earth's atmosphere. I was heading straight. When I went out of the earth's atmosphere I was to going to fall on the land but luckily I was going to the water. Then I went to the forest and a sign was there that said "don't go in, it's the forbidden forest, it's dangerous". So I went in because pirates are not scared of anything. So I went in and it was full of things that I have never seen. It was full of crocodiles with human bodies instead. Then I got to the volcano then. One of my team mates fell in so I saw a ship and I shouted, "I FOUND A SHIP IN THE SEA!" and there was gold but it was not easy. We had to fight our way in and we won so we took their ship and we went back home with a party and we left them on the island.