Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

St Paul's with St Michael's 


My Journey

Dear Crew,

My Ship and I got washed up by a big wave coming in like a wrecking ball smashing through big walls. I was in the sea swimming towards the island but on the way I saw a dolphin!

The dolphin asked, "Would you like a lift to that mountain?"

"Yes please," I said. So the dolphin swam as fast as it could, underneath the bridge and there it was; the biggest mountain of all, Mount Everest. Then I began my treacherous journey by climbing up the mountain but it was too steep and snowy. But I kept on trying and finally saw the top of the sharp mountain. I saw my crew in the distance trying to find each other. I came down the mountain and went back on the dolphin and went back to the beach and found my crew. I found one of my crew: his name was Eyepatch. Then the two of us went to find the rest of the crew. In the meantime we went through the jungle, the caves, and found a bunch of pirates talking and finally we found our crew, talking in the second discussing how to get back home.

"I am here now I have a ship waiting for you guys", said the Pirate. "Thank you!” said the group of pirates, then we all went home. The End.                 


Gulp! I swallowed a mouthful of salty slurpy seawater. As the salt stung my eyes, I grabbed onto a huge shard of wood that was floating on the sea. The huge wave had given our mighty ship such a blow that all our crew had flown into the icy, foot-freezing sea! Even though I had the toughest feet on board, even I could feel my feet like blocks of ice. In the distance, I could see the far away mystical island of Dalston. I swerved round to face it and kicked my legs trying to get there as fast as I could. The ship, which had been blown into 1,000,000 pieces, was scattering the dark blue sea like pepper. Finally (after much leg kicking) I was washed up on the beach, but there was something very strange about this beach. The sand, which I was expecting to be yellowish and hot, was pitch black and even more freezing than the sea! It felt like I was walking on an ice-skating rink with bare feet! I scampered off the beach into the thick, lush, rainforest. This was just a normal rainforest, no freezing sand (or strange creatures, yet). Breathing in the fresh sweet-smelling air, I heard my belly groan like a deep rumbling earthquake. I hadn’t eaten for ages! Hungrily, I ventured into the rainforest, there was bound to be some nice exotic fruit native to the land of Dalston. After about 12 minutes of searching, I found a huge fruit tree with different fruits on every branch. I clambered up to a branch with a greenish, blueish, square fruit and plucked it carefully out of the tree. As quickly as lighting, I wolfed that fruit down like I hadn’t eaten in days. The first taste in my mouth was zesty like a lemon, but the aftertaste was like undercooked chips! Yuck!  As I was trying to get the gross taste out of my mouth, I ran around with my tongue hanging out. I had got the taste out of my mouth when I glimpsed a monstrous, mammoth mountain in a gap of blue leafed, skinny trees. Trying to not get distracted by the blue leafed trees, I kept my eyes on the mountain and headed for it. I’d be able to see the whole island from there, maybe even my ship! With a thought of determination glued to my mind like super sticky superglue, I started up the mountain.  


In a blink of an eye STORM

A  creepy dangerous storm came: it rushed, it puffed and down came the boat floating down in the bottom of the blue sea. There it goes again floating back to the tropical island. I remember I have some food in a secret door... anyway, let me describe that tropical island. The hotness blew across my face I was wet like a fish, you should have seen it. All I saw on the ground was sand crabs and my secret door hidden in the sandy ground. Suddenly I saw this thing wave to me. As quick as a flash it was my good old friend that had been trapped on the biggest monster boat ever. You should have seen it, all the sharks hanging of that boat. Oh what was that boat called again? Oh yeah, the monster boat. That's right.


Splish, splash is all I can hear. I felt terrified, more than terrified. I got a mouthful of stinging salty water. All I can remember is my fellow pirates floating away in the sea. Suddenly, an island appeared out of nowhere. When I finally got on the island, I felt relieved. Apparently there were no humans, all I could see were animals. One of the animals was a magical, enchanted creature that looked like Pegasus, the flying horse! I was starving. I looked to my right and I saw a mango and pineapple tree. So I picked one off. It looked a bit strange! I took a nice bite of the exotic mango. My mouth was full of wonderful juicy flavours. Wouldn't you like to taste this sweet, juicy exotic mango/pineapple? After I ate the juicy mango/pineapple, I went to explore.


What a mystery I've had

In a blink of an eye I found myself on a hot tropical island. I didn't know where I was; it was really worrying and I was really hungry so I went in the jungle to hunt for some fruit. Suddenly, I heard a scary and creepy noise so I went to check and I saw a lion. It roared at me, I was really scared.


As quick as a flash, I swam to the shore, there was pink shining sand. It was as sunny as the summer holidays. I saw a shining, dancing tree that was blue. Then it grabbed me and took me to a cave. It was lit up and I saw a giant berry. I ate it and I saw a passage open and it led to the top of the enormous pillow mountain. Then I saw the giant wooden boat and then a giant wave again approached then I was scared. Then... the huge wave as big as the Eiffel Tower crashed pillow mountain. Bang! Pfff! Then it crashed down to the ground. I was most scared and I almost died but the pillows saved me. Soon I saw the ship and then I jumped on and sailed through storms and waves to find you and after two months, I found you. The end.


One day I was in a boat and then SPLASH! I fell deep into the water and started to swim deep. Under water I saw sharks, fish, whales, and many more. I tried to swim faster but the water was so deep. Then, as quick as a flash, I saw an island. It was really weird. I saw little animals such as dragons and small angels then I saw a fruit tree with yummy oranges on. I quickly climbed up to take a bite then a few minutes later I felt really full. Then I saw a big stretchy mountain. It was really big. I climbed fast and got to the top .There, I saw the lovely view. Suddenly I saw the captain sleeping on a big mouldy green slimy rock. I helped her up and we lived happily ever after.


Splish splash is all I can hear. I felt terrified, more than terrified. I got a mouth full of stinging, salty water. All I can remember is my fellow pirates floating away in the sea. Suddenly an island appeared out of nowhere. When I finally got on the island, I felt relieved. Apparently no humans, all I could see were animals. One of the animals was a magical, enchanted creature that looked like Pegasus, the flying horse! I was starving, I looked to my right and I saw a mango and pineapple tree so I picked one off but it looked a bit strange! I took a big bite of the exotic mango, my mouth was full of wonderful juicy flavours. Wouldn't you like to taste this sweet, juicy, exotic mango/pineapple? After I ate the juicy mango/pineapple, I went to explore. 


I felt scared and terrified. One minute I was in the boat but when I saw that wave, I wasn’t ready to swim and I had just learned to swim. I was doing well, but I wasn’t ready for a big wave that was tall as the sky! I was scared and even more because I didn’t know where I was. Suddenly I saw some dolphins! But when I was going away they said, “Hello do you need help!” I turned my head with a shock and I said “Sorry” and they said it again so then I asked if they know where there was a mountain in this weird island. Then they said there was one through the jungle. They took me there. I was hungry because I hadn't eaten for 2 days.  But up there I saw some fruit but it wasn’t a usual fruit but I was still hungry so I ate it. It tasted so nice and wonderful andI sawa dragon. It talked to me too so I asked it “Can you fly me up there in mountain?”

He said “No, only if you accept me as a pet”, so I told the big red and yellow skinned dragon that I accept him as a pet. Suddenly as I said the last word he got me to his red and yellow skin and just when I blinked my eyes I was already in the mountain and when I saw some of crew in a new boat I was shocked, and suddenly I told my abducted pet to take me to that boat. When I was there, my captain was shocked and asked me “What’s up with the dragon?” and I told the whole story and that’s all that happened.


My Journey On The Island

Splash! I crashed stridently into the turquoise coloured ocean. The sea, calmer than I expected it to be, was very warm and I had remembered that I thought all my swimming lessons wouldn’t pay off, but here I am, and so I started doing back stroke. It seemed I looked like one of the jellyfish that whirled beside me. In the distance, as I squinted my eyes, I caught the sight of a small island with an exotic beach. I floated towards the island and found myself washed up on the dry, soft sand. Suddenly, I saw a scattering crab creep towards me and I slowly tiptoed away and I felt my heart pounding faster.

Gradually, I turned my body around to see what was awaiting me on this mysterious island. Wow! I thought I was dreaming so I closed my eyes, rubbed them, and opened them again. In front of me, was a magical sight. A tropical island with enchanting palm trees and exotic rain forests. A little further, I spotted the peak of a high, rocky mountain on the horizon. I said to myself, “Wow! I have to get to the top of that mountain so I could search for my crew!” And so I was off to the rainforest.

A few minutes passed and I was surrounded by a stunning rain forest. I could hear the tweeting of the parrots and the hissing of the snakes. After an hour or two I found myself halfway up the rocky mountain. My forehead was dripping with sweat because the scorching sun was making me melt like an ice lolly. I soon grabbed a giant rock that was on top of the mountain. I cried out loud, “I reached the top, at last!!!” I raised my hand up in the air. Just then, I spotted my crew! They were all huddled up on a piece of wood from our boat.

Instantly I spotted a blue, majestic eagle soaring towards me. It landed right in front of me. “Hello, can I help you?” I was shocked to hear the eagle talk. “I was hoping that I could somehow get down this rocky mountain and save my crew… Maybe you could help me?” I mean, he did ask me for help.      

“Of course, get on my back!” So I climbed onto his back and he spread out his vast wings and he glided down into the ocean. Once we had arrived at where the rest of the crew were, the friendly eagle asked the crew to hop on his back and so they did. The eagle brought them to another island nearby with a welcoming village. In the village, the crew and I bought a new surviving ship and we bought food and all that we needed to sail back to the homely place of HACKNEY…


The big wave

“HELP! HELP!”, I screamed, grabbing onto a log.

It was terrible a big wave that crashed onto our boat. It rocked our boat and we all got a mouthful of sea water. I got held under (of course it would be me) I WAS SOOO SCARED. Finally the wave started to calm down. We all split up. I don't know where they went but I found an island. It was huge and very strange. There was a wolf with speed like a cheetah but a little faster and we made friends! It was very peculiar but then at that time I was getting very hungry so my speedy wolf let me ride him (I called him Speedy). Finally we found a pineapple and mango tree. So throughout our days, we did the same thing and that is how I lived. We did have some adventures but that is all.  


The Storm

Splish, splash, splosh. We all fell into the water. When the gigantic wave came dangerously towards the island, we panicked and we all drifted away from each other. Seconds, minutes, hours, we all took that long to wake up from the terrible, mysterious surprise. When I woke up I felt as if I was beaten upside-down.

Unbelievably, the island was amazingly huge, which made it impossible for me to see anything. So the only solution is to climb up the tallest feature. I looked around with my eyes wide open and there it was… a mountain!

I endured heavily to climb up the enormous mountain; that will help me to find my friends.


As quick as a flash, I swam to the shore where there was pink shining sand. It was as the sunny holidays. I saw a shining dancing tree that was blue. Then it suddenly grabbed me and took me to a cave, it was lit up and I saw a giant berry. I ate it, I saw a passage open and it led to the top of the enormous pillow mountain. Then I saw the giant wooden boat and again a giant wave approached, I was scared. Then... The huge wave as big as the eiffel tower crashed pillow mountain. BANG! pfff! then it crashed down to the ground. I was most scared and I almost died but the pillows saved me. Soon I saw the ship, I jumped on and sailed through storms and waves to find you. After two months I found you.



In the depths of the seeking storm was a boat and on that boat lived five crew mates, they were named after seas and oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, North, Indiana, South. Those were their names. And each one of them were special for a reason. Anyway while we were sleeping on the deck we heard silent winds, rain drops as big as golf balls and hail stones. Then, there it was; “The Storm”. Anyway we got wiped out and I was really desperate for some water. And we had magical powers.


Ahh splash. I saw an island near by, I could swim there, but I was a bit nervous. I am a strong swimmer so I think I could have some confidence in me. I swam to the Island. Finally I reachedthe Island and I saw baby blue sand. As I walked further in I saw a dragon and it took me to the top of the mountain. I could see my crew mates and the ship was repaired but I could see home and thought to myself: shall I go home or back to the crew. I should go home because I have been with the crew for too long. I think I have had to long with the pirates so I'm going home. The red dragon took me home.


Splish, splash, splosh. I dropped straight into the blue sea and the entire crew fell after me. While struggling to swim, I saw a kraken with 365 eyes rotating around it's big blue head.

I swam to shore as fast as I could.

The shingle was burning hot so I ran to the green jungle. While I was running I saw a humongous mountain, I thought if I get there I could find my crew. But could I really?

I felt scared and frightened of the journey. Wouldn't you be? I also felt hungry, but when I saw this tropical jungle, I froze... Trees with fruit that taste like banana but look like trees. This could work with a change of mind I thought. When I got to the centre of the jungle I found mini dragons with two horns and ten wings. They were peach. The dragons started to play with me, then I realized they could talk because one of them said: “nice to meet you”. I was astonished. Moments later the mother came along and offered to give me a ride to the top of the mountain.

As quick as a flash I was at the top of the mountain. I saw my crew getting onto a boat which was where the dragon took me. I reunited with my crew and everyone was happy.         


Splish! Splash! Is all I heard of the thunderstorm and the next thing I know I was in the water. Next I swam to shore and I saw a crew member running away from the sea to our secret island; Dalston. I saw Nando's, I finally got to gather the crew around and we went to fill ourselves up because we were starving.

Next we went to the mountain and found a path leading up a hill, we followed it. We went to the jungle, I could hear ghostly voices and I saw a big massive dragon. I got my crew and their swords and we had a battle with the dragon. It was a fire breathing dragon and we slayed its heart and throat and shockingly it was still alive. I did a back flip and slayed it two times and I killed it. Next we met another dragon, who was the most evil dragon of them all. No one has killed it before and we're the first ones that might kill it. My first strike I slayed its throat and its arm, he had no hands, and I slayed its eye. I got my bow and killed it in its face. Then I found my way out of the jungle and I got in my boat and I dropped of my crew members. I got home and everyone was happy. Before I could settle down I had to kill a super evil boy. I finally killed my last prey. At least that’s what I thought, then there was another monster that I had to kill. It was dark blue and it was big and it was firing fire breath at me. I killed It with my reflect and I reflected it and I killed it.


The storm blasted me one hundred miles starboard.I was drowning but I remembered my swimming lessons. I grabbed a wooden plank and swam.

After the iniquitous storm faded away, it was morning. The sun shone shiny beams of light. I was paralysed after the storm.

I discovered a map right next to me; it was Londonium but Londonium is separated. I thought if I wanted to bring it back together it will stop wars! So I ran to see which Borough I’m in.

After sprinting passed I found I was in Walthamstow; the supply of Londonium. A fat wealthy man dropped and left a key, as my pirate self I took it. The key said: “the Lords wealthy ships”. So I searched and searched for the building. When it was feasting time, I found the building then I shoved the key into the hole shutters lift and it flew up like a magical angel. It had thousands of ship. I stole the biggest ship, the L.W.S Britannia, and I rolled out with the biggest ship in Britain.

I halted at hackney because the map showed I had to go to the Tower of Londonium, so I parked in front of St Catherine docklands. Well... that didn’t go well. I Crashed in front of the crane and it made a mighty earthquake on the dockland. I obliterated the 60 well-parked forklifts, twenty-five big ships blew up and sank into the immense depths of the R. Thames. Three hundred and fifty men fell into the sewage water of the Thames. They were as dirty as pigs and looked like poop monsters. One of them called me an idiotic manic! Well sorry not sorry! Dashed into the tower of Londonium and smashed the glass, containing monarchs’ ball and sceptre.



HELP!! I need help! There is a big, huge wave coming right towards us Captain. Captain we need your help, your crew is panicking.

            “Panicking? Yes! About the wave... let me see what's going on.”

Quick captain it's coming right this way. "Hoist the sails”, said the captain, panicking one of the crew members. When the waves stopped and it was getting dark there was a strike of thunder that rocked the boat left to right. And when the captain was sleeping the crew had to sort it out themselves. One of them said: "well let’s just get this over with so we can rest and make the captain proud”. The rest agreed, but first they had to come up with an idea before they 'd do it. Because they did not want to mess it up. Finally we rushed to the island where we always wanted to go. We found 'X' marks to the spot where the treasure was. So we woke up the captain first, because she will think that we forgot about her, which we don't want her to think... Do we?          


The storm

In a blink of an eye, I flew out of the ship with my friends and we survived. My shipmate’s saw the biggest wave in the world! I swam to my best friend and he was in a boat. I climbed into the blue boat and sailed away to a mysterious island. Luckily we still had food that we picked, but it was not that much. About nineteen minutes later, we were at the island. Rohit shouted: “We are all most there”. There were coconuts and fruit from trees. Rohit made a gorgeous, golden, shiny, sand angel. But when they thought this was a good place, two dangerous dragons came and one of them destroyed everything.


I was so anxious when I got on the boat but since I was going to the island, I was happy at the same time. Even though the journey with the boat was going to be very long, I believed I could do it! In the night there was a big storm, the tornado ate my blue bag so I had to get off the boat before it would drag me away too. I swam for so long, my body felt numb. By the time the sun rose and the sea calmed down, I was too tired to swim anymore because my legs were hurting. Finally, over the mist, I saw the island.      


The Storm

We were travelling to the islands of treasure chest, on my boat. Then a big wave came and BANG our boat broke, I fell in the water. Splish, Splash! I couldn't come back up as I was very deep. I saw an island in the distance. It was far. I held on to the wooden sick to float to the island. The island was creepy. There werelots of cliffs and monsters. The monster had seven eyeballs and five feet. There were lots of trees. The trees were green and black.

I was very hungry so climbed up the tree to get the fruit. The fruit was different. I ate it and it was weird, it tasted like rotten egg and it smelt very bad. There was a mountain nearby, it was so tall I couldn't see it. I tried to climb the mountain but I kept falling down, it was very annoying. Then I climbed the mountain, I saw my crew member and I also saw a village, the village was massive. I saw a dragon near me, I needed its help to get to the village so I asked it and it said yes. The dragon was a girl and it was friendly so it helped me and my crew members to get to the village.


As soon as I fell down the ship, nervously I fell deep in the water. Split! Splash! Splosh! Went the water. As quick as a flash, I sprinted to find a piece of wood so that I could go on. Magically, I floated away by the blue deep water. But I was lucky because I had landed on a beautiful spectacular island that had tropical juicy fruit. I could smell juicy scented fruit. I can see long tall green leaved tropical trees. I could touch the orange soft sand and it was melting on my hand. I can taste the flavoured fruit. There were some flowers. Isn’t that strange on sand? There are animals like small ants, spitting stupid llamas and that’s all. The llama just keeps spitting weirdly on me with its big round mouth.

Suddenly I remembered something: “Where is my crew?”. I looked around everywhere but I could not see anything. But yes, I saw a big, blue, bashy mountain which looked about 2500 feet high! So I just needed to find a way to climb to the top of the mountain to see my crew.

All of a sudden, I saw a puffer fish, which was spiky, had blue skin, three eyes and it had a red and stinky poisonous breath, it was really creepy. Have you seen anything like that? It carried me and we went to the mountain, it took about two hours. While we were on the bottom of the mountain I said bye to the puffer fish and it nearly stung me... OMG! I climbed and climbed as high as I could on top of the mountain. The weather was sunny but it started to rain. “Ouch!” I screamed I stepped on something hard. When I looked back it was a magical stick. It had a pink dragon head and a red curly straw. I said the magical word abraca- dabra take me to the floor. And I fell on the floor and bashed my head.

I was feeling dizzy so I jumped up and down. YEAH I saw some of my crew. I helped them up and ran away with the magical stick. We ran for five days and had food and water with the stick. Yeah! At last we were taken home. I was sad about my other crew. We promised each other not to go on that island again. And lived happily ever after in life and never went back to the island again and lose so many of our crew.


We all went shooting into the sea, like a fish jumping out of a river. Everything was so wet, it was wetter than a swimming costume.

Swimming to a long lost log so I could have some air. Tasting the horrible salt water. Everybody washed up in the madness. Floating away from the island of Dalston. Screams faded away, I couldn't see the captain.

Gliding in the sky, there was a had eight arms and wings, as big as the boat. Thankfully the weird animal came down to save me. Its sticky super arms got hold of me and flew me on an island that no one knew about. I was saved. The mysterious figure flew away. I was stranded. The only thing on the island was a glowing spot. I stepped on it. I was on another island. There was a trail of rocks, I followed it. Lots of trees appeared; a jungle was formed. Different animals, big and small, followed me. I was extremely scared. There was this moment when a light popped out from the trees. It was a glowing spot just like the one on the other island. The animals stood back. I think it was a different teleporter because voices whispered: "Come into the light, you will be with your family again!" I jumped into the glowing spot and there I was- in my bed with my family. I was almost dead. I couldn't believe it. I was wondering what would happen next...


"Storm is heading towards us", I heard a voice. When I looked up in the sky, all I could see were grey clouds moving quickly towards us and little drops of rain heading toward us too! We all panicked. I heard people screaming "Shelter shelter!". We had to quickly open the door to the secret room, but the moment we got the key the boat flipped over. SPLISH. SPLASH. SPLOSH. We were in the water. After two days and two nights we got whashed onto the big stony beach. We stood up and we saw a small forest. After one night and a day we finally passed the forest. Finally we saw a mountain. So tiredly we struggled to climb the mountain. When we got down we saw... our home, Dalston!  And then we saw the biggest fish we ever sa