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Steering Group

This is the place where you can find out about our upcoming Steering Group meetings, as well as read about what happened in the last one!

Next Steering Group:

Wednesday May 31st, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Location: The Ship of Adventures

You'll be able to book into the session like a normal session (and it counts towards your Pirate Pledge, like a normal session) and then you can join us afterwards for a Pirate Social!

You can book your place here

As always, our Steering Groups are followed by a Pirate Social Event! More details here


Autumn 2016 Steering Group

The main focus of our Autumn Steering Group, was to explore the establishment of partnerships with organisations who may be able to support us through staff volunteering, fundraising, donations, or simply by spreading the word about us through their networks.We asked Crewmates to generate leads for potential Pirate Partners, and they came up with great suggestions of  potential organisations, which we will be following up on in the New Year.

If you have any suggestions of potential pirate partners, we would love to hear from you! Partners can be companies who have existing volunteer programmes for staff,or who donate to selected charities regularly. We are also very interested in connecting with organisations with a large social media presence, who may be able to share our message with their followers. Please email any suggestions to or mention them to Carmen and Anthony the next time you are in the Ship.


Summer 2016 Steering Group


Over the Summer holidays we conducted an internal review of our education programme. We asked attendees of the Steering Group to feed into this by providing us with the volunteers' perspective. Some of the key areas under review were: the use of pirates logs and their relation to our Theory of Change, participation of volunteers in secondary sessions and resources available to volunteering both in and out of sessions.

Thank you to all who were able to attend; by providing us with feedback from your particular vantage-point you have ensured that any changes to our education programme will be informed by as many participants as possible.


Spring 2016 Steering Group

A big thank you to all crewmates who were able to attend the Spring Volunteers' Steering Group. The main topic of discussion on the night was our newly developed Theory of Change. We were keen to hear feedback on how crewmates find the Theory of Change relates to their experience in sessions and to get some suggestions as to how we can embed its core elements into future volunteer training. We were delighted to see such a strong turn out of volunteers and super high levels of engagement in the discussions. The feedback received will be used to inform the future planning of our education programme.

For anyone who missed the previous newsletter, the Theory of Change is a document that presents the rationale for and evidence behind our learning programmes. It is laid out in a way that allows the reader to follow the logical steps that link the activities in session to the impact we want to have on our Young Pirates. You can download the Theory of Change and Impact Report here: