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Steering Group Minutes - August 2018

Our Summer 2018 Volunteer Steering group took place on 23/08/2018. The focus of the Steering Group was on our exciting plans to open a new Ship in Haringey in Jan 2018. The Steering Group schedule was as follows:

  • Captain's Update: Our Chief Executive Jude Williams updated Crewmates on our upcoming growth plans and strategy. Followed by a Q&A.
  • Crewmate Input: Volunteers were asked for their feedback on our plans to mobilise volunteers to become Pirate Ambassadors & support in Volunteer recruitment, fundraising and partnership building. Followed by a group discussion.

See minutes from the Captain's Update below:


    Strategic Development: 2010 to 2021

  • Jude gave an overview of how the organisation had developed since its beginnings in 2010, and outlined then next stage of development and our growth strategy for the next 3 years.
  • Over the next 3 years we aim to create a radical increase in the number of children who attend our learning programme, from the current 160 to 800.
  • We will carry on increasing the impact of the learning programme by continuing to develop our Monitoring and Evaluation strategy.
  • We plan to diversify our income streams, which currently relies heavily on funding from trusts and foundations. We plan to grow funding received from High Net Worth Individuals, Corporate Partnerships and Individual Giving.
  • The Hackney Pirates and The Haringey Pirates will both sit under the larger brand of The Literacy Pirates. There will be a focus on maintaining each Ship's local identitiy.
Slide 1_Captain's Update.JPG

   Ship Two: Why Haringey?

  • Our new Ship will be located not far up the road from our Hackney Ship, in the Tottenham area. We are still in the process of finalising the lease, and will be revealing full details of the location once we have signed on the dotted line.
  • There were four factors cosidered when deciding where the next Ship would be located (see below). Haringey was chosen due to its proximity to our current Ship, the similar needs in local schools, and interest from the local community and council.
Slide 2_Captain's Update.JPG

   What will The Haringey Pirates look like?

  • The new Ship will have the same 'fantastical environment' as the Hackney Ship.
  • Capacity for 200 Young Pirates, starting with 50 children and increasing this across the year.
  • We will be encouraging current Crewmates to volunteer across both sites, as well as recruiting an extra 150 volunteers over the next year.
  • Central control will be from the Hackney HQ and will include a centralised learning programme, monitoring and evaluation, fundrasing and volunteer management.
  • Local relationships in both Hackney and Haringey will continue to be developed with schools and other partners.
Slide 3_Captain's Update.JPG

    Launching Ship 2: The timeline

  • Plans are already in motion for the launching the Haringey Ship, including the hiring of three new members of the staff Crew: Lily Taylor - Fundraising Officer, Kemi Duncan - Head of Fundraising & Sarah Mohammad - Volunteer Coordinator & Session Support.
SLide 5_Captain's Update.JPG

We will be updating Crewmates on the latest developments towards the end of the year. Thank you to all those who attended. Remember to check the session calendar for next quarter's Steering Group.

As always - We Salute You!