Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

 St Francis De Sales R C Junior School


Splash! The water pushed against my face. As soon as I reached the water, I decided to swim all the way to the Island. A weird octopus came up to me, it had green slimy eyes and a head as big as a bus. While I was trying to climb a huge, rocky and dusty mountain, the octopus was trying to stop me because there was an enormous amount of treasure on the top of the mountain. BOOM! CRASH! The octopus was jumping on the mountain, but I was very determined to get the treasure. When I was swimming to the Island, I found a huge spear, so I stabbed the octopus and I carried on climbing the steep mountain. Finally, I got to the top of the mountain. I was so happy but sad at the same time because I had lost my crew. Also, I was lost and I did not know where to go. I saw an abandoned jungle, I ran to the jungle and I hoped I would see my crew mates. The jungle was so scary I saw so many animals such as elephants, monkeys and cheetahs. To get past all of those animals, I ran as fast as I could. I went left and right, but at the end I finally, found my crew mates. The good thing was me and my crew mates had treasure. The horrible thing was that my crew mates were stuck in a tree and they were scared to get down. Afterwards, I shook the tree and all of my crew mates fell down. All of us ran through the abandoned jungle, climbed down the mountain, swam to shore and finally we were at home we all shared our treasure.


Splash! I swam, but the salty sea water pulled me back. I swam as fast as I could, holding my breath under the water hoping that I would survive. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! My clothes were filled with water and my legs filled with pain. I finally landed on a massive, amazing, tropical island. It had lovely palm trees and tasty fruits. Big tumbles of magical gold coins laid ahead with a shiny picture of a hook on it. I grabbed it and put it in my wet sack. An eccentric looking, tall mountain stood there and looked like it led to a forest on the other side. So I started to climb it with my gold coins and large fruits I had picked out from the island. My legs began to become weak and I was drowsy. The wind blew on my face and my hands were freezing up. I finally got to the other side. I got up and I went through the forest and back to my fellow friends and no one was hurt. I shared my magical coins with them and they thanked me. We went on another ship with huge, black sails and sailed back home. Now I was as famous as Ching Shih...



As I fell into the freezing cold water, I knew it was me and me alone. I woke up in the breeze of the wind, I was on a land. I looked around, I saw something, and it was some words that said: ‘Welcome to Tottenham, the world of real gold cups and crowns.’ Behind was a deep, dark green jungle. Suddenly an idea fell into my mind ‘What if I climb to the top of a mountain?’ I started to go to the jungle, on the way I met a monkey. Its eyes meant that it can take me to the mountain. I sat on the animal’s back, it only took 3 minutes and we were at the top of the mountain.

There I could see a ship. I knew it was our ship. I was so happy and I was not watching where I was going. I suddenly tumbled down and in a matter of seconds I was on the sand next to the ship. I rushed onto the ship. I was able to swim back home. I was there, alive, hugging my crew mates. Maybe we did not find gold, but the most important thing was that I was back with my friends and now we could all go back to Haringey and live the rest of our lives with even more adventures with other crew mates. I just can’t wait for new places to visit.



SPLASH! As soon as the rapid ice-cold water crashed against me, I wondered whether I would survive or whether I would end my remarkable life. The tall, towering ship was floating on the surface of the ocean. I swam as fast as I could to get to the alluring island of Tottenham.

Finally, as I got there, I ran as fast as lightning past all the dangling trees and grass, past the fearless animals. When I got to the end of that, I could not believe what I saw. An enormous mountain under the scorching sun. The place was deserted with tall mountains. Then I remembered that I had a rope that was as long as one end of the ocean to the other tied next to me. I used it to climb up the mountain.

Once I got to the top, I was exhausted and I could not move an inch. After, I was refreshed. I looked over to see the view. When I looked over, I was so amazed because I could see that everyone had paid attention to the swimming lesson that the captain had taught us. They were all swimming back to the ship to be safe I took a deep breath and jumped all the way over the jungle and landed on the sand because it was the largest mountain in the world. I swiftly jumped into the ocean and I started swimming back to the ship.

Everyone was really glad that they were ok and had survived from the monster and ocean. Everyone had pockets and shoes full of treasure and made a resolution that they would gather all the gold and treasure up and share it equally among each other. After all the exhausting challenges that we had fought against, we decided we would take a rest and live happily.



SPLASH! Splash. I hit the sea with a belly flop, then I found my way out of the sea. I saw the horizon. I saw the green vines twisting and turning. Cautiously, I put my foot on the hot gold sand which twinkled. I was tranquil and also determined to find the gold glories........ I stood up on my trembling, bony feet. I galloped to the green and gloomy jungle. I scurried through the jungle. I spat on my hand in disgust and galloped on up to the tilting mountain and slid down the mountainside. I screamed happily, I was overjoyed. I also was anxious. I did not know if someone would liquidate me. Determined to find the gleaming, glistening and glorious gold which shines in the depths of darkness. I slid down the emerald green mountain into the jungle and saw fellow allies, but as soon as I set foot on the ship they all leapt on me like I was a chicken and pleasantly sung "OH I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE TOTTENHAM X2"                


Bang! The boat exploded into a million pieces and I zoomed into a pencil dive far from shore, not able to get back. I backstroked to shore on the new island. As soon as I saw the treasure, I sprinted. WACK!!!! As I got there my mate pirate J hit me with a stick and took the treasure for himself. I chased and chased him then another ship picked us both up, just when I was about to catch him. My former friend had betrayed all of us, until I noticed that it was our exact ship. SUDDENLY, a giant magical octopus said that there was more treasure two miles away. We ran to the top of the mountain and there it was! A golden octopus that must have been worth a lot of $$$money$$$. Five days later, we were chilling on the beach and we were attacked. “AHHHHHHH!” Unfortunately they got away, "But there is more," claimed the octopus. They finally got the treasure, will they make it this time? They were sprinting to get on the ship, flying over waves.


Splash! The freezing cold waves run down my body. The blue whales quickly swam passed me.

Then, I recognised I was not with my mates. I felt a bit frightened. Then big waves came, I ended up in the land and saw a big wild jungle. I quietly walked inside the jungle and I saw a big grey elephant passing me, a brown monkey, a tall giraffe, an orange roaring lion and a stripy tiger. At the other end of the jungle, I saw a mountain with white snow on top. I felt cold looking at it.

With my hands I grabbed the rocks and started to climb. At the top I found a golden treasure chest. It was as big as a bus. There was a key on top of it so I used it to unlock the treasure chest. I saw lots of golden coins inside it. I carefully took the treasure chest down the mountain and gave it to my... To be continued.


As I hit the sea I was petrified, scared, frightened. The rapid water sank me to the bottom of the sea. It was a rough journey to land doing front stroke. I stared around looking for my crew or anything that would lead me to them. Then suddenly I saw the brown loud monkeys swinging around, the elephants slapping and screaming with their long funny trunks. I looked up again seeing an abandoned jungle that no one had seen before I walked through and saw....

Gold gold gold!!! I picked it up wondering whether I should keep it for myself or look for my crew and share it? In the distance I saw the crew near the boat. I shouted “Mates mates mates mates! I found gold!” I scurried towards the boat. “Yay!” I made it, I was the hero, found the gold and led us back to the land we came from! It was a rough journey with wind blowing but that didn't stop our teamwork, so we were able to make it.   


"Splash!” Mixed emotions run through my body as the warm tropical water hits me. I stay calm and praise myself for listening in swimming lessons. I swim in front crawl all the way to the surface of the island Tottenham.   There are beautiful animals such as; cheetahs, monkeys and jaguars. I am now not sure what to do. In the corner of my eye I glimpse an animal, it’s a cheetah.

Excitedly, I get on its back and I command it to bring me through the jungle. In the distance, as far as the eye can see, there is a huge mountain. Luckily I could walk up it, so I leave my cheetah and start to walk up. From far away I see the ship, then I run as fast as I can down the enormous mountain onto the cheetah and through the jungle again, cutting down trees as I go along. Then I swim through the water. As I get to the ship someone puts the ladder down for me. I wonder who it was. When I get onto the ship, the whole of the crew had made it and they all have treasures. The treasures come in many colours: gold, silver and many more. Some are pottery, some have gold coins of all kinds. At this time I am feeling loads of good emotions. This is a relief. TO BE CONTINUED.....


As I fell into the water, I was about to sink into the water but I held my breath up high and swam. As I swam and swam I saw the island of Tottenham. I came ashore to this magnificent island. I lay down and took a deep breath in and out but as I stood up I heard the sounds of marvellous monkeys swinging from tree to tree, making swish sound. The animals off the island came like leopards, cheetahs, elephant, snakes and many more. As they came up to me, they started to talk and I could understand them. WHAT! It was unbelievable. “Hello my name is Kacy, I'm a pirate from the Shiver Rainbow Ship, but I’m a kind and sweet pirate, daughter of their captain". I said to all the humongous animals. “Bless.” The bear had said, "There's the treasure of Tottenham, it is the magical genie called Gigi. Would you like to go and see her?" "Of course, my father would be glad that I have brought a glorious treasure home." So the cheetah offered me if I would want a ride on her back and my heart was so kind, so I took the offer and said “Yes.” The cheetah dashed through the dangled vines and trees like she had never ran before. They came to the end and I said "So this is the place where this .... Genie lives?" "NO NO NO!!! Before, I told you she's a MAGICAL GENIE so we have to go through a magic portal" said Shania the Snake. I was so sorry for being so rude to them and said sorry. Kovontayie the Koala told me to pick up the key and place it in the keyhole, so I did, and a magic portal appeared right in front of our eyes. We all took a deep breath and we all went in. It was like a genie world, everybody was whirling round having fun. Then Kayla the Kangaroo pointed where GIGI was living with her mother. We all went in and her mother allowed her to give us seven of our wishes.


Splash. Splash. Splash. I worked my way to shore. I lay my head on the soft, golden sand. I didn't hesitate because pirates always find their way back. I looked around for gold and treasure. In the distance, I heard rustling leaves, I jumped up and.... “Oh, it’s just a monkey.” I carried on my adventure. I saw giant elephants singing their song and other wild animals strolling around. I got to a steep hill and... Treasure! I found Treasure! “Wait one second! I see my ship. That one with green slimy eyes and black sails, that’s the one, that’s the one!” I swam to the ship and said good bye to the unknown island. I carried my treasure chest with me to the Island of Tottenham.


WHOOSH! The crew and I fell into the sea and the first thought that came into my mind was, “Will I, or will I not, live?” I felt relieved that I listened to pirate swimming lessons, for I swam to the beach. The first thing I saw was a lush green forest full of cheeky monkeys and gigantic, grey elephants. There was a beautiful white horse that I rode on to get to the end of the jungle. Through the jungle I met a cheetah who didn’t eat me, but turned out to be a friend. So together we ventured to the end of the jungle. I FOUND TWO OF MY CREW!! It was my mate Mason and little Luke, so we all made it to the top of the mountain. There in front of us was the gleaming treasure. We went to the treasure. In front of us were diamonds, rubies and emeralds and a wishing well. We all wished for something. I wished that my horse could talk and fly and my cheetah could talk and never be hungry.


SPLASH! SPLASH! As I touched the spiteful water, I knew I should have taken pirate swimming lessons. I was exhausted and tired of this long rival journey, I hoped that I would have a chance to live. As I looked straight ahead, I saw the gloomy Astonishing Jungle up ahead. Twigs and branches were blocking my route to danger! I saw a huge lion which I didn't want to walk past. It was fast asleep. I zoomed into the jungle like a flying falcon in the sky. At the end of this rapid jungle, I saw an enormous and dreadful mountain which looked like it had been there for over 100 years. I was flabbergasted and amazed, I climbed the enormous mountain and came to the top. "ARRRGG, look what I have just found!" At the bottom, was our lovely old ship. I blazed as fast as I could to the bottom, there it was our old ship. I jumped up on to it and was shocked to see no one there. I checked down stairs to see that our captain was fast asleep on his normal scruffy sofa. I was shocked and puzzled. How had the captain come but the crew hadn’t? So, I explored everywhere but I couldn't find my crew. The only thing left to explore was a cave, a nerve-racking cave, so, I slowly crept towards the cave and saw a twinkle of light, there was a huge pot of shiny and gleaming gold! I stole it and rushed and rushed all the way back to the ship. All out of sudden people came out and shouted "SURPRISE" .It was my crew! I was as happy as ever, I thought that they were sucked away by the blue sea waves. I shared my gold with them and everyone was happy and we sailed back to our island. But we didn't know that something or someone could have taken over our island…



Scared, terrified, panicking, I should have paid attention to that horrible pirate swimming lesson. I sank down into the dirty, ugly water which tickled on my hairy skin. I had to use all my might to swim up on the surface. I saw my pirate ship go off into the horizon with no one near me. There was a small green and black island with palm trees swaying like the water in the sea. I had to take a quick nap from the craziness that had happened. After I took a quick nap, I saw great big white and grey mountain with snowflakes coming down. I pulled myself up the cold rocks with my friendly snake on my neck. I went to the top of the mountain and looked around 180 degrees. I saw the great big treasure! I tumbled and stumbled down because I was too excited to grab all the beautiful goods. The first time I saw the treasure I thought it was around one thousand golden coins but it was actually around five hundred coins. Also, I saw my pirate ship had come to collect me which was absolutely amazing! I also noticed that my pet snake had gone off when I was stumbling down the mountain to get that shiny treasure. I went on the boat and we sailed back, but something happened... We found a giant jelly fish that electrocuted the whole boat which made everybody jump out and made me knockout cold. Did the jelly fish die when I got knocked out?


I'm swimming through the ocean, but the tides keep pulling me back, moving my arms back and forwards trying to find shore, but there is nothing in sight. ‘What's going to happen?’ I think to myself. ‘Am I going to find help? Am I going to survive?’ Thousands of thoughts are running through my head, maybe even millions. I’m trying to think but there is nothing to think about. I can hear wales under me making noises, it sounds like it echoes through the sea, that’s how loud it is. The biggest fish in the whole ocean, it’s a lot to take in. Seeing the biggest fish in the ocean, it’s not my first time. I’ve sailed these type of oceans before, just not by myself. People don't really see us swimming or swimming by ourselves, {it's most unlikely to see one}. I se land, but it’s strange. There are animals that I've never seen together. Giraffes, with their long neck looking up, and looking strong. Monkeys swinging on branches with their long fury tails. Huge elephants stomping their massive feet, and their strong trunks moving up and down, next to a flooding river. I swim over there as fast as I can because my legs are starting to hurt from swimming for so long. As I reach shore,{it’s more like an island} I turn around to make sure one last time that no one is there, or to see if there’s a ship so I can get home. So I turn around again, looking and feeling more disappointed than ever. I look up slowly, to see that there is a monkey’s tail right before my eyes. It has thick brown hair surrounding it. I look at the monkey and it gives me a strange but a very different look. Then a giraffe starts to stare at me with its huge eyes. My brain feels like it’s speaking to me, I feel like it says ‘Climb on!’ I am really frightened too, because I've never been so close to a giraffe or a monkey before. I get on the big yellow giraffe, holding on so tight. Zebras start to come up and sniff me. I didn't know what it’s for but I think it's how they greet people. There are eagles flying on top of me making bird noises, I duck down just in case it drops or something happens. After the monkey and giraffe take me everywhere, it feels like they are showing me places. There is this secret place, or maybe even a secret passage under the yellow burnt golden sand.


SPLASH! As I fell into the crystal sky blue water, I wondered if I was going to survive or not. Thankfully I paid attention in pirate swimming lessons so I knew how to swim! I started to glide through the shallow, raging water. I was worried about where my other pirate friends were. As I reached the shore of the beach, I took a deep breath in. As I was lying down on the rich gold sand, I could hear the sound of cheetahs roaming the beach, monkeys jumping from tree to tree and I could hear the sound of slithering snakes crawling in the sand. I knew I was here for a reason so I had to get the job done. I weakly walked to the front of the tall humongous mountain which had the treasure on the top of it. I began to climb up it but half way through, I knew that I couldn't do it. In the corner of my eye, I could see a magic wand that could get me to the top. I reached out for it. As I put my finger on it, it transferred me to the top. I couldn't believe my eyes. There were loads of bags of treasure and I had to get them quickly. I grabbed them fast, then I sprinted down the mountain and I started to dive through the water. I finally got to my boat and all of the other pirates were there. I was extremely happy.



SPLASH, and it went dark...slowly but surely I was waving towards a town called Leeds neighbouring Tottenham Island. Immediately I was being questioned: "This is too much pressure, I can't deal with it. I need to make that statement untrue by finding my fellow pirates, it will be one hell of a journey, but I’m ready for it.” "Wohoooo!" A crew shouted in unison as they swung through tree tops and simultaneously attempted to leap THE ONE AND ONLY... MOUNT EVEREST. They cleared it! “Then to the river we go." They murmured. Their sound became muffled and I pounced over and a sudden shock surfed through my body. "How could you do this? Is-Is- Is this a thing now for the sake of humanity including me and you has the population of the ship really committed to this when? How? Why?" I questioned "We've been doing this for a long time you were our cute little bait that's why we're RICH we don't need you so surrender!" "Never I have the help of the LEEDS and TOTTENHAM FANS, RUN." THEY WERE NEVER SEEN AGAIN!!!!!! There's a splash. All the mind troubling racket of the waves were all about. I was still figuring out where to go, when an idea ran into my head. There was an island, just nearby, I could swim, [after taking many swimming lessons] but how was I going to make it when I was so tired? No. I had to make it. I had treasure to find. I'm a pirate. I swam rapidly towards shore, many waves were crashing behind me...

But I had made it, I had reached the island along with some VERY strange animals. There was a monkey looking much more golden than usual, a parrot with more than one eye and even a cheetah with THREE legs. But it wasn't my fault that I got blown to sea by the storm. Just then, I saw a mountain. "Mountains on an island?" I was rather surprised, but I decided to go for it.

While heaving and climbing up the mountain, I caught glanced sight of a familiar looking ship. It was our ship! I slid down the mountain and avoided every single palm tree with a sword I kept for emergencies, like attacking an enemy. The animals watched confused, while I swam back into water. There it was, the ship, this was my chance...

I had forgotten something. HOW was I going to get into the ship? How was I...

Just then, a large rope came out of the ship. I climbed hopefully, trying not to fall, was there really some of my crew left? When I got in the boat there were only six of the crew there, but with their shoes full of treasure. “Where’s the rest of the crew?" I asked timidly, as one of them gave a sad grin.

"I think that this is where we'll see the last of them" He said quietly.

"We'll share the treasure that will make us happy." Said another. I looked at my clothes drenched full of water.

"I think I'll get some dry clothes first." I said as they all smiled.

And so the journey continued, all the seven of us sang our little song of thanks giving as the moon shone brightly while our little ship swayed calmly side to side.


Isle Of Scarlet

Splash!!! When I hit the rapid waves, everything around was darkness. As I woke up I was greeted by a lone cheetah. I had scratches all over and no food to eat, all I knew was that I was standing on the Isle Of Scarlet. The cheetah had black and orange spots all over and shiny sharp teeth able to cut any meat down to shreds. I decided that I would call him Onslo. Onslo brought some meat that would last three days at best.

Next, we both searched around the Isle and found a gigantic mountain up ahead. I slashed and swung my heavy cutlass, cutting down the green vile vines. As I gazed up at the mountain, I saw five hooded people climbing up the ragged mountain. Onslo and I raced up Mt. Ruby.

Furthermore, as we raced up, we were greeted by an avalanche. Luckily we managed to escape certain death. We got to the top and found piles and piles of gold, seas of riches. I took them all back to the ship and...To be continued.


SLASH! That was when I fell in the water. The waves rushed me to the ocean bed, I should have listened to my swimming lesson when I had the chance. Suddenly I started to move my legs from the thorny ground. Finally I made it to the beloved ground, next to a wild jungle with wild animals. Then I had a look at the wild things, there were different animals like a monkey and a ferocious jaguar bending, ready to pounce. There was a slithering snake with venomous teeth and a huge elephant stomping around. As I was looking at the animals, all the animals stared at me and started to chase me, making me not get to the treasure that they had hidden. Suddenly, I quickly ran up a tree so that the animals wouldn't get me, but I forgot that monkeys can climb trees, so I climbed down. I hid behind a bush, and with lots of luck, I found a treasure chest hiding behind a spiky bush. I picked it up and quietly crept behind the wild animals and tried to swim to my ship. I saw some of my fellow friends and they picked me up with a golden rope from my treasure chest. Then I was ready to go on another adventure.