Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

St Matthias C Of E Primary School



We were flung of the table and we were so terrified also we were about to vomit. We were dreaming were we could go home. And never come back but maybe we can come back. Also all of my mats were gone. I was so petrified but then l was so excited. Because l found my house. But also l found some weird animals like a dog with a cat a spider with a dragon all this was a nightmare. l was so petrified and terrified l couldn’t do this. Why did l go it was so scary who could of do this. The walls were drawn the walls were scary as a zombie. Some pirates died. l climbed the mountain but then l found the gold beautiful ship l got so happy l could never get happy like that l wanted to go on it inside there was food drinks everything but l was still upset because l didn’t have no team mates. But also l found some of my team mates l was so battered l was so so so so excited. Then the animals were catching us but it was a lion and a tiger and a shark and a snake. 



It started off all good but then...There was a huge storm in the air it buzzed onto the sea and made a big rumble on the ship. It pushed almost everyone off the boat but good thing I can swim. The water was really cold so I couldn’t swim that well, the water pushed me without me even using my hands!!!It pushed me to a tropical warm relaxing island that looks nice and quiet... I felt quite suspicious because I don’t think water can drag u to a relaxing tropical island!!! So I forgot about the storm and all that and went to the beach. The beach had so many strange animals like zebras mixed with lions, I must think I’m seeing things! I saw them eating crabs and fruit TOGETHERR?? I found something suspicious near the palm tree there was a...A MAPP!! Finally my first investigation! It said I had to cross the beach island to the mountain of doom there they would be.. t-T-T-TREASUREEE! So I listened to the map and went to the mountain of doom...Now I’m halfway up there I can see a big shiny mind-blowing gold box I ran up there anxiously and saw it was the TREASURE I ran down to the ship and all my pirate friends were there I showed them the treasure and they were all shocked and then on i am a brave pirate!! THE END..



Suddenly, I was in the air like a ball. I felt like a caterpillar curled all up. There was a giant blue whale staring at me. Then I saw land with a fish with five legs. Also a lion chest nut blue eye with seven arms that ROAR! I went through the forest of mystery .Then I went to the fruit tree to get some fruit. Then I went up the mountain and I saw the ship and the crew. I ran down the mountain to the ship.



When I was thrown into the sea I saw a huge dark blue shark underneath the ocean coming near me. I  was trying my best to  swim as fast as I  can  then I saw the sea when I saw the sea I stopped and take a big nice breathe. But when I got my telescope I saw lots of different animals like snakes mixed with spiders also the snake was jet-black and the spider was poisonous there was more and more so I said to myself I’m a   strong pirate so I wouldn’t be scared of those animals. Afterwards I was near the forest, next I saw the light trees stood near me. I started running as fast as a lighting and there was more animals coming out some of them was friendly and some of them were rude. Meanwhile I saw a mountain then I started climbing to the mountain and then I got through the mountain finally. I  saw my treasure and saw my way I was saying to myself I was proud of myself because I got through the scary frightened animals and find a giant golden treasure and I found my ship and I went  to my ship smiling that I  could see my family and I felt cheerful.



Flying through the air I felt sad because I was scared because my friends was lost in the island and I think they are so sad they lost the captain and now they are alone in the island. Than they were so angry of they had no food and the shark was going to eat me and I went on the island and saw sheep dog was eating cat and the cat was barking and the shark saved the cat and the island was destroyed. I swam to a nearer island it was about and I was so happy and all of my friends was all that I was happy and another spirit from another ship was trying to kill me and I was having a defend myself and I found the captain so hungry he said to help me and I took him to the ship and he said he was my food I want it now please ok captain thank you my prince and get me a drink to and he ate all it up that  was love said the captain. He went to sleep zzzzzzz and he woke up that was a love, sleep and another pirate came shot the ship but it built another one. The End.



On a dark and stormy night. It was terrifying we were flying dangerously across the stormy seas. We all belly flopped into the ocean blue sea like cannon balls. My body felt confused because it has never felt like that before. We were all lost in the seas as for some of the crew were fighting monstrous beasts .Such as Cerberus the dog with 3 heads and the minotaur I felt petrified I was like a piece of stone. We crashed landed on a mysterious island with lots of wondrous and extremely dangerous things. I saw lands I’ve never seen before .And animals I’ve never wondered to hear about. I’m travelling through the forest slashing my way through .Climbing up mountains that are even taller than skyscrapers. I finally climb over the Ginormous Mountain and ending up finding my ship with all my friends in there. I felt relieved and ecstatic running back to my captain and crew. I felt extremely happy because I have my old bossy captain again.



WHEN I was in the winter air it felt like a cannonball just hit me. The turquoise blue, ocean made a gigantic wave just hit me like I was I swam under the sea and an ocean blue whale came and it opened its mouth like it was going to eat me so I swam to a cave that was pitch black and when I put on my torch I saw a centaur mixed with a lion. It had chestnut brown fur and a jet black tail. When I jumped of the water I saw a beautiful island with mysterious trees and long giraffe with spots like a cheetah also with razor sharp teeth. When I saw a winter cold mountain so I ran to the top of the mountain then I ate some fruit, then I ran down the mountain then I saw my friends and felt safer.


As I got  fling of the ship I plummeted into the water like a cannon ball  and  all  I want to see is  dry land I was petrified that I  will  never  see   my  crew  again I passed out and  I was under the water for  8 minutes  I  floated  to   the   surface  and clanged onto piece  of   shipwreck   and  drifted  off   to  a   weird island  called  Muoka  as  I  gathered my   energy   a  tiger panther     pounced  at  me  and I cut  it  in half I saw  a  vivid  green  mountain  it  was  painful   struggle but I got   to the  top  of  the  mountain   .I saw a battered  old  ship   with  patch    works  it  looked  familiar. I looked   close   and  it  was  my  ship .As  quick as  sound I dashed   down  the  mountain.    



Sweat poured. Numbed palm. As was throw into the air I plummeted straight for the ground. SMACK face. Confused. Looking from the distance I saw the huge hand of the wave. Dry land ahead .meanwhile the mystical hand throw me like a ship my ship onto mount Olympus in the corner of my eye I saw a familiar figure.MY SHIP! At the speed of sound I plummeted to the ship. My family the ones I love where safe now.



When my boat was flung in the air I felt like a trampoline. The forest was vibrant violet. I saw a slithering slimy crocodile mixed with a dog as quick as lightning, I abseiled down a cliff .I ran up the mountain and met an ice beast ...I jumped over it ran towards my boat and saw my captain and saw sleepy and said "welcome back." I was so relieved. 



I felt petrified because I was thrown of the ship by something...

I was under the water for 599 years. I was thrown of the ship by a monster.


How old is the monster?

He is 1000000000000000000 years old.  

How old is the ship?

The ship is 111 years old.

Monster, please can you give me a lift to my ship?

Thank you from Black Beard. 



I was go to a place call St Matthias it was good and I learn stuff then I saw a ship it was big so I ran to the ship .Then I saw my name on the ship so I’m the pirates then I went inside of the ship I love see the fish tank it was a tank fish. Then I went out to see the shark it was amazing then I ran after I ran I went to a tree to get fruit because I was hungry, it was good but not amazing. Then I saw a tiger I ran for my life so I was at the top of the mountain I saw a friend so I ran to the ship it was a long day I felt like I’m go fast to sleep.



I felt frightened because I thought I was going to die and I lost my crew mates. When I went on the water I fell deep into the water. I saw a huge emerald green slimy monster with four gigantic heads. The island look like an island filled of monsters. I saw another monster this monster had 3 wolf heads. I saw the mountain it was tall so I climb it. Finally I reach the top of the mountain I saw the ship and I saw my friends so I ran to it. I felt so ecstatic because I got back to the ship. The end.




I felt air sick.

I felt petrified.

I felt glum.

I felt lonely.

I felt scared.

I felt shocked being under land.

Out of breathe.

Lightning struck.

I felt surprised when I saw the unknown Treasure Island.

Lightning made me think that I could fly.

I saw a shark liked lion. My heart skipped a beat.

I saw my crew fighting in fury.

Roar went the tiger.

This forest was so creepy I nearly fainted in fear.

Iran down the sky scraping mountain made me think that I was flying.

I felt relieved when I saw shinning ship that looked like treasure.



When I got flung like a catapult I was scared. I lost my mates it felt like ice water. I saw a land I went. I surfaced on roost wood. I walk to a magical forest white vicious tiger all I over the place there is a fruit tree. All I could hear my heart going boo boo boo boo boo boo boo! I saw a red mountain I witch the mountain. I can’t believe want I saw the ship I ran past the forest and thought the beach I saw them. I felt emotional. The first person I talk to was captain to see if he was alright.



In the middle of the night, I felt scared that a massive sea creature getaway from the sea prison. Suddenly, my crew saw the sea creature in front of Treasure Island so then thunder and lightning came so my crew went down deck to keep safe from the storm. When the storm stopped the crew went upstairs and saw that they arrived at Treasure Island they saw a giraffe with a cat tail on the back. On a sunny morning the crew saw some crystal sparkly gold treasure chest to take home so they went back to the ship to take the treasure home. I felt so excited to have my new treasure back for a long time. THE END.