Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

St Matthias Year 5


As the pitch black sky appeared, a gigantic wave came rushing through the water like a quick lion. We were just on the way to go to the magical land of JAPAN! Suddenly bad luck started to happen sadly :( BEFORE WE SAW TWO MERMAIDS, only I can understand them. The merman was called Fatpaps and the mermaid was called Alice. They were frightened like MAD! Under the bright blue water was a giant squid with 5 heads and 6 legs. We were just an inch away from our magical majestic land. But when we finished off the squid, Leo the pirate took his squishy brain and used it for his bed to sleep on. Later that day, we all saw a 3 legged horse and a lion with glasses on. We teased Leo because he had the same glasses as him LOL! Also we even saw a flying pony. Everyone says they're not real, but wait till they see this (gets sharky phone) MY BEST PART WAS THE TALKING SHARK LIKE ME :3 So we had all our might and strength and climbed up the inactive volcano, well that what captain said anyway. But the next thing you know it was an active volcano!!! :1 POOPS. As we avoided the lava, there was like a letter written on it, it said beware this volcano is active and it will not stop till you DIE!! (SHARKY'S MEMORY) !

BE WAREEEE! We all got lost. As the days passed and the nights passed we haven't met again until now. We were really happy to remember the old days. They were really fun and we had lots to explore. As I was by myself and very lonely, I found a majestic crystal that was green and blue at the same time. It was glooming so much my eyes were shining like the yellow beautiful sun. 


Angel Asare

I was afraid to go alone without my friends to a scary adventurous adventure to the scary high big mountains. I was feeling hungry to eat some fish fingers for lunch and to meet my best friends to play together. We had to swim in a cold freezing sea, the mountains tall from the distance. All of a sudden I looked down the tall mountains, I shivered because I was scared of heights. But I was still brave because I got one of my best friends to help me not to be afraid of heights so I wasn't scared. Abdul said “Ahoy matey, get the ship mates. Let's go to our ship!”
“What? Where is the captain?”
" I do not know."
“I think I saw him being captured by some men up from the mountains" said Abdul.

" Captured? What do you mean Abdul?"

“I mean he has been captured!”

One of the pirates fainted.

"OH O NO!!!! What do we do now? We need him back on the ship now!”

"but we need him please matey, I beg you please."

“No we need to go right now.”

What could we do now since the captain and our mate has gone?



25 years ago, we found our best friend, his name was Captain. Just Captain. He was the best, we sang a lot of songs. He was bright as a bird and never gave up.  We heard about a golden treasure in Nigeria, it was very hard to get because we were very naughty. We went to some countries like Japan, India, Egypt and Mexico, you know. After that we're in the sea, we also found our friend Sharky. Then we were washed up at the beach, it was terrible! There was sand in my shoe. it was uncomfortable, these rocky things in my shoe and there's a hole in my shop. So I threw it in the sea. Then we saw a bunny and Sharky’s head. Then we had to fight the monster. Then I defeated the monster and we lived happily ever after and story goes on.



As the sky got pitch black, mighty pirates sailed off in a ship from the island of St Matthias to the amazing island of Japan. Captain Freeman shouted “WAVE, WAVE!” The other pirates went below deck, but some pirates stayed on upper deck and freaked out. The wave got closer. It looked like a tsunami. The wave hit the ship leaving the ship upside down and the pirates floating in the sea. The good swimmers swam as fast as they can, running up the volcano, looking to see where their team mates are. He blinked and saw a ship and people, so he ran down and gathered all his teammates. Running to land he saw mysterious creatures, a three legged horse and a funny -looking crocco-rabbit. The pirates were never reunited with the captain until this day. And that was the end.



We went to St Matthias to Japan. We heard a big crash which went boom crash bamm.

It was horrible, I felt like I should have died. I wish someone would help me. CAPTAIN Hank said "ALERT a big wave coming towards us." I climbed up the ladder and whispered "Ahhhh, its coming our way please help us!” We heard a caboom. How can you this to me? My own friend did this to me, he was my best friend, but he betrayed us. OMG it wasn't A TORNADO. My friend Sharky killed the big octopus and we survived. Captain Hank told us that "let’s go to the beach and relax.” So when we went to the beach, we chopped up the tree and got coconut and made drinks. 2 hours later, Captain Hank shouted “I think someone needs help! Do you hear that?" NO. Maybe it’s just wind. We saw some people who looked like cavemen. The beautiful sun was shining on my bright skin. After a few seconds it started to rain. I told captain Hank and I told him that "I think we should go to the secret bunker. Did you know that if you go to the secret bunker you get golden prize? So let’s go there.” And we go.



When we met the two mermaids, Sharkey was talking their language. They said they were scared of the ginormous squid below us. The squid jumped on board like a flying snake. Sharkey got flung into the sea. Rapidly I took out my sword and try to attack it. Later we stumbled across a storm. My heart shook! Lightning burned the ship. “Storm ahead!” Shouted the captain, then we got flung into the water. Captain started to drown. “Captain!” I said, I helped him and ended up in an island. Sharkey got there first.

“A forest,” I murmured. A volcano was north; it was an active volcano. I climbed up until I reached the volcano. It started rumbling. “Yikes!” I yelled!



Hello my pupils. I had a long adventure from St. Matthias to Japan. It was worrying, as we were half way to Japan a storm came to our ship. It was first small rain drops and pater pater pipet. Freeman was at the top deck, she exclaimed "Tsunami!:
“Jump off the deck!” I cried, but I held my position, i saw a 5000 metre tsunami. It hit our ship, it crashed into vicious squid I killed with my sword and slayed the monster.

:4 hours later:

 I saw japan as my destiny, I swam to Japan I saw a volcano.



As I was sailing with my mighty brave friends, I the saw for first time a colossal creature... It was a 62-pound whale. It was wearing a nerd glasses, and I call it the nerd whale. It might seem strange but it's not. It was like 03:00 am in the morning. I forgot to say this, but there was not one, there was about 10 of them. Also, my friend and I screamed and it knocked us down and we fell into the freezing ice cold water...

2 hours later, I woke up floating in the cold deep. Me and my friend were lost. I started to get panic attack. I swam to the very top of the water, I searched for my friends, but I couldn’t see them. So then I swam back down to the deep and guess what i saw... my friend Hank! I was very happy :] .                              Later, me and my friend were completely lost. I was in the beach.



As we went past the blue clear sea, Miss Freemen saw a big wave and everyone was screaming for their life. After that everyone was washed up on the land, so I was wondering what we should do. I thought maybe I should go and get food because I was starving so I wondered if I could go there. In the forest there was some pineapples so I eat them because I was really hungry.

When I saw a volcano I rushed to the top and quickly thought “If I can see my friends, I can see our ship!” So I quickly rushed to the bottom and ran as quick as I could. In that moment I went to go get some more food for the crew as soon as that I saw some of the animals and made some friends in the way as I walked to the ship and saw my ship I rode it all the way to my friends when I saw them we started to the shore.



As the wave pulled us down into the sea, there was a bang from the swaying wind. Squishy came out to save our life. Everyone shouted 'YAY.' We all was so lucky; it was like a Miracle happened! As we continued our Adventure, a disgusting Monster which had 6 heads and 17 legs grabbed our ship and pulled it down. Even thunder was struck 'CABOOM' everyone stayed silent, to see if it was coming towards him. Also, everyone was saying "Everybody stay silent." We don't know where it's coming. Everyone stayed silent as it was coming towards him.



 Once upon a time as the wave pulled us down we started making a tsunami. When we crashed in the biggest wave, we fell into the sea. We started to build a wall to block the big wave. The treasure glowed like the sun, the chest as heavy as a London bus. As we started to land into the big wave we blocked as i said. As we landed to another ship we climbed up the ladder “Do not get past my ship you old man!” said a strange old man holding a stick. There was a sparkling golden, old ship sinking down like a titanic. The old man parkoured to the old ship, the bright, twinkling, messy with jungle leaves ship. Later that day we crashed to a strange island. I thought my body changed because I saw a 3 legged horse thinking he judges the area. A bomb exploded like its end of the world. The volcano exploded with lava on my clothes. I felt like I will never be a hero after I avoided the lava by dodging. I went to the volcano blast, it was dangerous. My arm was flooded by lava. l felt very angry, I wish I saw my parents, but I can't because my family passed their lives. 2 hours later, as we reached the bottom corner of the ship, I printed a story about a hero to save me. After that, a furious guy pushed me off the ship. I don’t know what I did! Then I fell into a giant hole and with my binoculars I saw a man far away. The keeper had no manners and l felt angry.



We started when the pirates were saying “There is a loud thing below, it is going our way. Quick! Get out your swords! They're going to kill us!” Later that day, a big storm came and washed our ship and us away into the sea. I'm scared. Am i going to die today? Then we spotted our captain on the top of a volcano, so I went to save her I had to go into the forest and i found a coconut and pineapples.