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Taniesha - My pirate world

Hackney Pirates

My name is Taniesha . I am from Portugal and Trinidad and Tobago . My favourite colour is red.  I am funny , smart and I have a pink glue stick which my best friend gave to me . I like classical music because my teacher puts it on so we could concetrate .

My favourite movie is "The devil wears Prada" because it makes me laugh and I like the fashion drawings . I really like to draw and make pictures that come to my mind like monster, animals and people.

I have one brother one sister and a step sister .  I love playing with thembecause it is really fun .  My brother is 2 years old , my sister is 1 and my step sister is 11 . Sometimes I read my brother and sister a book before they go to bed. 

Everyday my emotions change. Sometimes I could be happy, sad, shy and sometimes a bit bossy. In school some people make me angry which makes me cry.