Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Tawhid Boys School

Abdihakim G

As soon as my face spanked the surface of this unforgiving ocean, I thought it was the end of the road for me and even my life. With my life on the line, I felt trepidation as if the Loch Ness Monster was tracking me down, as if I was its midnight feast. The water looked at me acting smug, praying for my heart to ditch me and vanish.

My heart was in my mouth as I tried to come up for air. I have never been in this situation, not even close. I thought about my allies. Were they existing at this very moment? Or were they just sitting there in a life changing situation thinking about treasure?

I came up for air and I tried to breath but I struggled, can you do this comfortably? I don’t think so.

I thought about being upstaged by the water with my life wobbling, maybe coming to an end. I shot up for the third and last time, regretting and wishing I was there paying attention when I was doing the Pirate’s Ship swimming lessons. I was playing with my good old friend in the corner, he didn't want to go to the swimming lessons because he was a professional. I chose the stupid idea and stayed with him for 12 weeks. This does not matter however as he is dead.

I shot up for the last time before I officially gave up with myself and drowned to death.

And guess what? I… shot up…

Gave it all I could…

I did it!

I had just done something that, in my terms, was known as the 'IMPOSSIBLE'.

But there was still danger to come… worse… than ever before.


The ship incident...

Once, upon a ship, an enormous storm came over a lovely ocean (atleast that’s what theythought). The smell of rotten cheese came rushing to me and I felt like vomiting, sea sick like anyone else would be. I also hate cheese. Anyway, after a while all the pirates got to one room and we all started talking and having a laugh, after 10-15 minutes, I heard a big wavy noise and that’s when I thought we were all going to die. After the wave hit us, we all fell off the ship and into the sea. Everyone knew they were going to die, so we told each other how we felt about one another. And some way, somehow we learnt how to swim and we all went to the island of Somalia safely.

The End...

Abdirahim N

CRASH!! The wave jumped on me.  My body drifted across the harmful ocean. It was terrifying. The sea was ferocious. My heart was beating as fast as the ocean pulled me. This was the end of my life. Suddenly, a small dot appeared in front of me. I thought it was an island so I checked if I had my binoculars. NOO! I probably left them when the ship was crashing, but then I found a little piece of wood. Finally, I gasped. I saw little trees lying around in front of the unknown island. The weather was better than before when I was on that ghastly ship. Suddenly, guilt slapped my face because I had bunked all of the swimming lessons in Pirate School! My eyes were very sore because of how hard this buckling ocean had hit me. This was my last moment to breathe as I heard a lion roar. “ROAAAAAAAAAAAAR!” I was terrified and I swam to the other side, panting as I reached the shore, a flood of water was dripping down my filthy cloak. Sighing, I tasted the filthy air as the water washed me up the island’s shore, I felt a sudden gust of wind blowing at me like a wolf, huffing and puffing as I could feel the breeze. As I was running through the ALIVE jungle, sweat was flooding my cheeks and as I went deeper and deeper it was getting moist. The alive plants that were trying to grab my bruised leg, but then quietly I pulled out my sword and slashed their slimy tentacles. Then I saw a sign that was pointing in front of me, it said ‘Village This Way.’ I felt like this unknown place I was in was creepy, but I found a little cave with a light gleaming at me. I covered my eyes and saw young Jimmy with a blanket. As I approached him I saw water dripping down from his eyes. I asked him what was wrong and he said “My dad [who was our captain], my dad has died.” Then I felt that this was the moment of despair…


Splash, I went into the deep sea. I could feel myself drowning, thoughts filled my head. My heart was racing. I could feel it split like a half moon, my sweat was racing down my scalp in deep thoughts, I imagined I would die. In the distance I could see an immense wave coming towards me. I tried to swim away, but I had never learnt how to swim as I always went out to the shore with my friends, and I was always late going to pirate swimming lessons. The wave came closer by the minute, and as the wave came closer I knew it was my end. No matter how hard I swam it didn’t work. Then the wave hit me. I could feel myself holding my breath but I was losing air quickly. Before I knew it I had concussion...after a few hours I was on shore somewhere I had never seen before. It was a jaw dropping site because there were looming trees. There was one problem. I couldn’t find my way out. I stumbled across trees and branches seeking help but it was a dead island: no person no, animals to be found. There was no food but I remembered pirate boys scouts, I learnt how to find food if I was ever stranded on an island. For example I remembered not to eat berries that are blue also not to eat insects that suck blood out people because the blood that they drank could have been off a diseased person with the infectious disease malaria.

I explored the island thoroughly, I could see raging volcanos, the lava bubbling along the surface. I could see animals such as chimpanzees grooming each other by eating each other’s nits.  


Swoosh! The first thing I saw when I awoke was water. The strong and massive wave threw me on to an island. What was this place? I had my treasure map in my pocket but what use was it to me since it had been filled with water and torn away? I could read bits and pieces but could I read it all? No, I couldn't. I saw a road not far from here. I then found out that this place was covered in forest. What was I supposed to do? A thought crossed my mind. It was to go through the forest. But what if I got lost? My mind then went blank and so I made an insane decision: I ran into the forest. After 3 days of living off forest animals, I came near a mountain. The mountain was massive and extremely dangerous.  My mind came back to me (I could think again). What if I could get to the top of the mountain and see where I needed to go. I was having trouble thinking, so my mind forced my body to go up there. The only things I had were my clothes, myself, my gloves and my empty water bottle (since I had drank it already). So, with those things, I climbed the mountain. I realised that this was pointless (the mountain was endless) so I stopped and looked at where I was. I saw my ship. I knew it was mine. I could spot it 200 miles away, so I headed in that direction. But wait, I saw someone. He had binoculars which I asked to use and saw that it was not my ship and I also saw my ship in the exact opposite direction. I went down the mountain rushing and cut my legs, arms and face, but this did not stop me. Finally, I got down the mountain. I then walked as I was very injured and couldn't run. I walked to the boats near my ship and fainted due to not having water in a long time. The next thing I knew, I was in my ship. Was it all a dream or did the man next to me take me to my ship…?


Smash! I woke up somewhere else. Suddenly there was a big, scary monster. It was going to eat me, but then I got my sword out and stabbed it in its stomach. But then I got captured by the captain and then I got thrown in the sea. Luckily I knew how to swim because I got to learn in school. I swam to the land. Finally I got there, it was so beautiful, but then there he was again. This time he looked bigger. I got out my dagger and killed him, but… He got back together and he ate me. I was in his stomach, it looked ugly but I was full of luck, he ate me with my dagger…

I stabbed him in the stomach. I ran. I swam. I jumped in the life boat and went as far as I could.


When it all ended, I was in the back of a boat looking at the treasure in my hands. I was on my way home and, there it was, the shockingly ugly, unsightly monster. It was so badly cut it fell back in the sea, where that ugly, hairy monster belongs. I got home and lived happily ever after. The end.

Abu B

As I hit the surface of the ocean, cold rushes up my nose. I look around. Nobody is there to support me and all I can see is blue. A few creatures are in the distance swimming around elegantly. I look down and can see thick seaweed. I carry on searching and, all of a sudden, I spot one of my crewmates calling out to me. His leg is stuck in seaweed and he cannot reach far down enough to his legs to free himself. I make my way over, swimming as fast as I can. I realise I am running out of air and very soon I will need to go to the surface. I quickly go over and unfree his leg. Then I rapidly dart upwards and poke my head out. I take in the beautiful oxygen which has come to my rescue.

I spot a lovely island in the distance. I realise that it is where we were heading to, Somalia. Then I feel a nudge on my back. I completely forgot about my crewmate! He follows me to the Island and collectively we gather our things and start walking down the peaceful beach. It is a little dirty.

Suddenly an animal jumps on my friend. I look over and guess what I see? Sitting with him is a friendly baboon. My friend laughs at my reaction. Then I join in with him and start laughing too.

We carry on through the sand. We have no idea what awaits us. We look ahead. "Is that a jungle?" I remark all of a sudden. We both know exactly what it is. The jungle is a monster, staring at me with the million eyes it has. They are all staring at me, singling me out from the wilderness. I look ahead. The dense greenery is really pounding at my skull, making me feel a little queasy. The thought of me having to get through does not occur to me as I look at it. However then I am reminded. "Come on then, the quicker we start, the quicker we finish."

"What, you're going in!"

“Yes, of course. How do you expect to get to the other side?"

"My God, guess I'll have to come to come then."

"Of course you'll have to come!" So we start to venture through.

We hack through the wilderness, with only two swords and that little monkey in our aid. We travel and travel, every half an hour believing it is coming to an end. But it continues and continues for what seems like forever. The trees, like sky scrapers come and go, sometimes too close to our heads for comfort. We get close to amazing animals, talking and playing with them for unto even an hour. And then we come out after 2 days and nights in the thickness.

We come to some rocks. They are sharp and are very much in number. They stand out to you and we felt they are like bullies, picking us out as their next victim. We long for an end to our difficulties, but each time they keep on coming. What will they make of us after our daring adventures…?

Anas A

Splash. I fell in the light blue ocean. Thoughts rushed in my mind. I didn’t know where to go. I saw a beautiful island. I swam there and suddenly I saw animals. I wanted to ride them, but I had to look for the treasure. I searched everywhere for it, then I saw a donkey. It took me to a tall mountain, it was so tall that you can't see all of the mountain. I climbed it. As soon as I climbed it, I saw the treasure. I ran down with joy. After, I saw the ship. I ran towards it. I had to fix it and I couldn't see my crew mates so I left them.                                      


The ship incident...

Once upon a time, an enormous storm crashed into the sand of the lovely forest (at least that’s what they thought). The smell of rotten cheese came out of the beautiful blue sea onto the great island of Somalia. It was very scary when I heard the creaking, and then… KABOOM!!! The ship sank. The water was cold, so I rushed on to the island and saw nobody. I knew this was an opportunity to take the treasure or go and save the ship. I cared about the others and so I went to the other side of the island and climbed the volcano. BOOH!!!! The volcano exploded because of my stinky feet. As I was falling, I saw the others and the captain drowning. I don't know about the captain because he wasn't aware of anything. He was sleeping on his chair which was floating in the sea. Everyone jumped on and fixed the ship. I fell on a tree and bounced on to the ship. They helped the captain who woke up and we spent the night on Somalia.

The end (maybe)...


As I hit the water I felt cold and I also felt the warm soft sand as soon as I realised that we were close to the island. So I started to swim. I saw all my fellow ship mates following behind me. As soon as we came to shore, we saw lots of animals and creatures which were used to us, so we realised that other pirates must have been here too. Also, because of all the wreckage that we saw on the sand. After we had rested, we started to walk further down into the forest. We saw lots of vines and trees as big as skyscrapers. We walked right in to the middle of the island and found small boats, so we cleaned them up until they were in good condition. Soon after we made paddles out of the small trees with our swords. We carved 10 paddles, then we set off to sea. It had been a while now and we saw are ship, so we went on and salvaged what we could find and then sailed off with our small boats. After 3 days of paddling we saw...LAND!!!!! We came out on to the cold water and rough sand. We left the boats. Our arms were aching with pain, we all fell on the floor. After a while, we made our way to the bottom of the country and found out that we were some where they called ‘London’. We got used to living here and we went to learn in a place called school. Then we found out where the rest of our crew was, they were in a small shop called the Hackney Pirates. Soon after we went in and wrote down all of our adventures of being a pirate in books and scrolls.


Hanza S

As I came crashing down into the stormy waves, my brain was flying as if I was on an aeroplane. As I tried to swim, my arms felt frozen as if I was in Antarctica climbing a very tall iceberg. In the distance I saw an island and I thought to myself ‘hooraay.’ So, as I said ‘hooray,’ my arms started to melt down and fill me up with courage. When I arrived on the island, I saw an enemy ship coming my way, then I got very frightened. Then, when I looked the other way, I could see some of my crew mates dying because they could not swim, so I jumped straight into the water as if I was a dolphin trying to catch its prey. Then, when I swam for a little while, I saw the ship stuck on the shore. So, as I got to my crew mate, I carried him on my back. My crew mate and I raced to the pirate ship to see if we could get it off of the shore, go to look for the rest of our crew mates and rescue them as well. So, when we arrived at the crew ship, I threw my crew mate on to the deck of the ship and then I went to the front of the ship and tried to push it back to get it off the shore and in to the water. Then my crew mate got up and came to help me. Then I shouted "this is going to be a very easy thing to do." Then, as me and my crew mate got the ship in to the water, we jumped on and we set off.......


Thoughts rushed through my mind as I hit the ocean floor. Where should I go? Is everybody ok? I didn't know what to do. One thing was for sure, I had to survive. So I grabbed anything that would help with my journey back to civilisation. Nothing else was on my mind as I was swimming to land. I swam without stopping until, finally, I saw something that gave me hope of surviving. I could see land. With every kick I was getting closer to land. I kept thinking that someone would be waiting for us. As I got closer I could see children running about and adults lying in the sun trying to get tanned. As my feet sank through the sand, joy filled my heart. When the children saw me, they ran away because they had never seen a pirate before. I was in the city looking for shelter until I walked through an alleyway. Suddenly some strange hooded men approached me with weapons. I didn't know what to do!


Lost in the endless sea, I was drowning in my thoughts. ‘What next?’ I thought. Maybe I would die and just drown, leaving the world and becoming unknown once again. Or maybe I would just lose consciousness and drift away onto an unknown island. Suddenly, my surroundings turned black as I entered a deep sleep. A few minute later, or even hour or a few days I suppose, I awoke. My eyes dazzled at the amazing sight I saw. It was an island with a beach made of gold. It had trees made of red stone, glimmering through the dark night. Animals that were as bright as a star in the sky, and...



All of a sudden, the island started to sink.

Animals came in troops towards me and tried to throw me into the sea. I ran as quickly as possible into the small wooden building. I saw a small trapdoor. I jumped into it, and saw something better than gold, better than silver, ruby or even emeralds! I had found my crew once again. To my surprise, I had found out this glorious island was in fact a ship. Once again, I took the helm and sailed to victory!!!!  

The End.

Or so you thought...

I had woken up once again, I was still in the sea. Gasping for breath as I was submerged. Once again an island stood in my way. Yet this wasn’t full of gold or jewels, it was a gloomy island. Then I saw it. I saw it. It. My crewmembers? But why would I call my crewmembers ‘it’? What I called it was a monster, as tall as the sky, as ferocious as a lion and as savage as hungry rats. It had the fangs of a cobra, except it was much bigger. When it breathed, a putrid stench filled my lungs. The monster looked like a giant zombie, and its brain seemed to be poking out. Its loose hand went flying towards me and it hit the sand. Blinded by the sand, I retreated. I had to make a plan to defeat the ferocious monster. I had cut down a tree and made a small bow. The arrow had a golden tip, from one of the leftovers of a gold ingot I found. Aiming for its brain, I shot its brain. It fell over.



Mahamed A

‘Oh no! I am officially dead! I should have paid more attention in swimming lessons. I have no one to help me. Wait, what is that? Agrrrr, the enemy ship is there.’

I dive deep down in the sea.

‘What! I can swim? Maybe this is my talent.’

I swim to the enemy's ship. The attackers are THE BIG BOSSES. They steal. They kidnap. They also kill. If they see me, I am done for. I grab the back of the ship, AND THEN CLIMB UP THE TRANSPORT TO SEE MY CREW. OH how glad I am. THEY told me they stole the ship from THE INVADERS. I decided to type it. And you JUST finished reading it. HERE ARE SOME TIPS: never give up and always be CONFIDENT.

Mohamed M

Woosh, as the wind invaded my ship I swam for my life. I thought this was going to be my last breath. As I swam, I saw my ship far away on the horizon. I then challenged myself to go deeper so that I could find that gold treasure. On the other hand, I wished that my dear friends could help me to find this treasure. But, now they were gone, I had to find this treasure myself. All of a sudden I saw a big hill. I couldn't see much because the clouds were covering it. OH NO! Someone was taking the golden treasure. So I ran and ran, taking a deep breath every second, until I got to the very top of the hill. I saw a ship at the horizon. This time it was an enemy ship. Is that luck or not? ‘I must go and try to convince them to take me home.’ So I ran down the hill and swam, they seemed to see me, but they tried to shoot me with a humongous, big bullet shooter. What do I do...?

Mohamed Y

Suddenly I hammered into the big blue sea, painfully my head hit the sea floor. It felt like a life time but it was a short time. Later, I fell on the sea bed. I was awake, suddenly I jumped into a swimming position and tried my best to hold my breath until I surfaced at the top of the sea. However, the island off the coast of Somalia was on the tip of the horizon. On the other hand, I felt amazing that I swam from the bottom of the sea bed and that I survived that titanic wave that had demolished my ship. I really hoped that the crew had survived that fumble with the wave. I couldn’t turn back now or that would be a waste of time.

I swam to the island, then a kangaroo punched me. I woke up frightened, but the wolves managed to scare away the kangaroo and then astonishingly helped me to my feet. I remembered that captain gave me a map to where the treasure was, I ran with the wolves. Astonishingly, I ran much faster than them, I reached the mountain and I remembered that the treasure was in the cave right beside the mountain. I ran towards it. I was astonished by the amount of treasure there was in the cave. I took all the money and I saw another wave soaring through the sea and a tornado right behind it. I knew that I was officially dead and that no one was there to save me. Then someone grabbed me from behind and I saw Captain Golden Hoop and the crew and they said "are you going to share that money?" I didn’t bother. I gave them a massive hug, then we created a new boat from cutting down trees. We also helped the animals by making massive shelters and helped the poor back to health because they had helped us. Now we could return the favour. That is my story of how I remembered the crash until the end. But suddenly I realised that one of the crew members was lame for life. He had melancholy thoughts and he was in deep despondency. Then the island went underwater and we realized that the island was a turtle that had an island on its back. It looked old and then it guided us home.


Mohammed B

As I fell down with a booming noise, the anger increased. I had ways to get out of the sea but big, massive waves blocked my path and I couldn’t get out. “Oh no,” I said. There was something making noise right behind me. My jacket fell off when I fell down. I couldn’t move because it was a shivering day with storming thunder. As I looked around, there were animals staring and I thought to myself wait I could ask them. I saw a horse and was a perfect one to take me back but it did not come my way. I saw broken pieces of brown wood and I didn’t know how to swim, so I held onto one as my supporter and went to the edge of the sea where I could get out. Suddenly, a horse came to me and I put my heavy, loaded things on his back and we started walking through the forest. The trees were blocking the path and the horse had a lot of strength and moved it away. Slowly, I ran through the forest and saw a huge, massive mountain. I climbed in an angry manner because I wanted to go back. When I got to the top, there were people walking around and looking at me. I saw people in a crowded place. I was devastated because my ship had gone missing, so I went near the sea and accidentally jumped in and a massive storm was coming so my heart started to sink. My clothes got wet and I was stressed, but the storm came and threw me to the end of the sea. I used my techniques that I learnt and worked out well. I was hungry and there was some food left in my bag and I had it. It was delicious. However, I wanted some more. There was no food left and my hunger went booming away. My body was like a machine because I moved every moment. While I was finishing my food, my brain caught sight of an eye of a storm coming and I quickly rushed down to the forest and moved away from it. I thought of an idea and it was that I could jump down the hills and get out of here. The problem was that if I got injured I wouldn’t be able to walk properly. It was a cold day but I felt hot because I was running a lot and anger and sadness grew and grew. But then, on the beach, I saw my friend. He was waving at me. I told him to find a rope in the forest and bring it. When he brought it, it was quite long so I had to help him pull it. It was attached to the top of the tree! When I reached halfway I saw the storm coming. The waves splashed on me and got me to the top. Then I was safe. WAS IT A DREAM? MAYBE...

Musa H

Splash, the heavy water splashed on me furiously. After waiting I went swimming, but then realised that I couldn’t swim, so I shouted "HELP!" But there was no one there. After that, the same scary monster who attacked my whole crazy crew carried me to the island. I was relieved and then I saw so many astonishing animals and creatures like snakes, zebras, lions, donkeys etc. Therefore one harmless donkey carried me. Sometime after, when I was riding the donkey, I saw a mighty jungle but the jungle was really dense, so I used my SUPER CHARRED sword to cut through the jungle. Moreover, I saw a really big mountain. It was so big that my donkey got scared and ran off. I was sad, but when I climbed the mountain, I saw so much treasure. I was so happy, but when I looked to the right I saw my ship and I saw all of my crew members, so I rushed, but when I saw the water I got scared, but the big slimy monster came and took me to the ship and we went home safely. Therefore we had a party, but at the party something terrible happened, kaboom! There goes the sh...


Suddenly I woke up. I was stranded in the middle of the ocean. All I could see was a small island. Paying attention to all of those swimming lessons had finally paid off. In the distance I saw something pink, it looked like a glowing, giant bag. Then I noticed it was swimming. It was a jellyfish. It was a big, mean jellyfish. It was the size of 10 men and it ate baby whales. All of a sudden a group of fast turtles came. Quickly I hopped on to one of them. They took me closer to the Island of Somalia. It no longer looked like a little dot. I could see Mount Somalia quite clearly. Once I got to the island, the turtles demanded immediate payment so I took the last non soaked packet of mouth-watering sticky jam tarts that I had and Iand gave it to them.

I was walking along the shores of the beach when I saw a huge wave, at least 10 meters tall. I ran into the dense forest and tried to climb the great tree. Not having much luck I fell down. Suddenly, I noticed it was hollow. There were stairs inside. I walked up the stairs straight to the top. It took a good 10 minutes to reach the top. The wave hit the tree hard but this was a huge, sturdy tree and the wave did not make it fall down. Eventually the wave had passed and I made my way through the forest. Daylight had almost gone. Mount Somalia was not far away. There was a bear on the only safe path up the mountain…

Ali A

Before I could finish reading the last sentence I toppled over into the open sea. Wait! Let me tell you how it all started. I wasn’t doing much, just sitting reading my ‘How to Be a Pirate’ book by Jamie Carol. The Pirate Committee doesn’t allow books. They think its evil and keep the books in a library. No one can get into the library because it is guarded by ‘The Hairy Scary Librarian’ which carries the longest and sharpest sword in the entire Pirate Committee. We are only allowed to read one book ‘How to Be a Pirate’ and if I was caught reading any other book I would be in a lot of trouble. I think books being evil and dangerous is poppycock. They are valuable because they give you plenty of information and they can be funny and adventurous. I wanted to be an author when I was young but I knew I wouldn’t be allowed. Anyway, I must get on with the story. While I was reading, Greybeard, who was the captain of the ship, and Gobber, who was in charge of the Pirate Training Program, saw the wave before anyone else. They were running around squabbling like little children, finding the life-jackets because a few children didn’t know how to swim. I was a decent swimmer back in the day, now I couldn’t swim in a bowl of cereal if my life depended on it. I didn’t realise what was going on even with all the commotion and noise and I didn’t even hear the thunder and rain racing towards me, getting louder with every BANG and ripple from the loud droplets of water. Before I could finish reading the last sentence I toppled over into the open sea. Just like that. I didn’t even know what had just happened.


Splash. I was in the sea, the deep, deep sea, all by myself. I was surely breathing the last breaths of my life, I couldn't swim. Kicking for dear life, I finally managed to get out of the sea. As I landed on the Island of Somalia, I noticed a beast, a wild animal, a king of the jungle staring at me. Was he going to eat me, was he going to care for me, was he going to help me? I didn't know, but I was sure it was going to be one of the three. Lucky for me, the lion had an arrow in his paw, as he stood there roaring with pain, I finally overcame my fear and took the arrow out. The lion then showed his appreciation by protecting me from the other wild animals. After the kind hearted Lion helped me carry all the treasure, I said good bye to him by throwing meat onto the island for him. After that, I arrived on the ship. All the lads were asking me where I was, so I replied ‘it is just another long story...’


Death was in sight. I was panting for air. Nowhere to hide from the freezing, evil ocean. All of a sudden, a plank of dark wood splashed in front of me, almost knocking me unconscious. I clung onto it with all my might, it was my only way of survival. I was kicking furiously, hoping not to drown. A huge wave, almost taller than sky scrapers, crashed into the ice cold sea, I was hit making me unconscious. I was awoken by a donkey licking my pale, frozen skin, I jumped up shocked and didn't know what to do. There in front of me lay a bottle that had a piece of paper. I twisted the cap which was shut tight, so I had to smash it open. It was a treasure map, from centuries ago, leading to a large red cross. I was ecstatic because I would have the treasure to myself, but on the other hand my crew was nowhere in sight. I ventured towards the spooky, dense jungle. There were rustling sounds all around me, black shadows filled the air with horror. I leapt from one tree to another without thinking about what could be waiting to pounce on me any second. There was a sparkle of light shimmering in the distance, I was out of stamina, and I was too frightened to stop, even though I couldn't carry on. A black figure with big yellow eyes was staring at me, I froze with horror. After a few seconds it fled. Then I realised I wasn't alone. My eyes were slowly closing, until I couldn't leave them open. I opened my eyes like lightning and realised I was being kept hostage on a ship full of terrifying, colossal men holding daggers that looked like horns from elephants. Should I run, or should I stay... 



I plummeted into the sea, my vision became blurry as the water ricocheted to and fro. I wanted to scream but I couldn't even breathe. It was like I was being sucked into a whirlpool, though the only difference was that it never seemed to end. I knew I could find a way to get to land, for I was a great swimmer and I had the confidence to swim to land. Before I had second thoughts, I swam to the nearest land hoping that I would be able to survive for a few nights.

At last I felt my palms grasp the sand, a sigh of relief ran through my body. There I heard my fellow shipmates sing a song 'OH IT’S ANOTHER DAY BEING A PIRATE, OH WHAT GREAT PIRATES WE ARE, OH WHAT GREAT PIRATES WE ARE'

Yes it was them, my beloved crew! Dashing through the sand, I tumbled over a large stone that was blocking my path. My sword dropped out of my leather belt and cracked open the stone that lay in front of me. I gaped. I gasped. My mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe it. It was treasure. Oh, how lucky I was, but what I didn't realise was my crew had spotted me and had also spotted the treasure too. I made a run for it, however I guess I didn't run fast enough. "YOU DIRTY SCOUNDREL. GIVE ME THE TREASURE OR IF YOU RATHER WANT TO DIE THAT COULD BE A POSSIBILITY"

I shuddered at the thought of myself dying. How awful would the world be without me! Thoughts rushed through my mind.

All of a sudden, my heart thudded rapidly as a sword was lifted up and plunged through my heart.


To be continued...



As I was on the ship, a massive wave happened and I fell off and eventually I fell in the sea. Unfortunately, I could not swim because I do not like swimming and I like football. I am trying to go to shore but eventually I had got to shore. On the island I could see different kinds of beautiful animals. The one I liked the best was the camel because it let me ride on it and it took me to the Island of Treasure. Eventually I found golden money and jewels. They were like shining stars. I got on the camel [not mine] and it took me to my ship. But when I saw the people eating and joking I was over the world. I was so happy to see them back. Then luckily I told them that I got treasure for all of us to share and keep so we can become millionares. They were happy and we sailed back to our country and we were so happy that we decided to give all our wealth away.