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Luke the Magician

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Today a magician came in to show us some magic tricks. First, he made a card appear in my hand. Then he splayed out the cards and asked me to pick one, I picked the ace of spades then he shuffled the deck and gave me the 8 of hearts. Next, he made me put it between my hands then he blow on the deck. I opened my hands and it was the ace of spades!

Craig - Designing Apps

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Today, a man called Craig came in to show us what he had worked on. He makes apps for an entertainment company called Mind Candy. Mind Candy have produced games like Moshi Monsters and World of Warriors. At the moment he is working on Pop Jam (a social media for young people that is safe for them to use.) 

Pop Jam has puzzles and tests your knowledge by asking you questions on a certain subject like a video game or celebrities! Then he got us to test out the app by doing the quizzes. The first one we did was a random test where it shows you an image and a word on top which says an object which is either the object in the picture or a random object, you have to swipe left for it to be wrong and right if it's right.

His website is :

Arwen the Assistant Producer

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Today a person called Arwen came in to talk to us about her work. She used to work for the BBC as a runner (a person that is like an assistant).

She is 29 years old and she did a degree in English at the University of Brighton. Her favourite food is a bacon and cheese burger, her favourite colours are green, blue, yellow and white and she is from Yorkshire.

Although she used to work for the BBC, Arwen now works for Tidy as a production assistant. She also said that script, costume/makeup, directing, filming and art are the most important roles in the TV industry. Then she let us read out one of her scripts!

Paul the Storyteller

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Today a person called Paul Webster came in and he talked to us about his hobby which is as a script writer. He used to work as an actor and he remembers playing a rant which had to backflips on the stage whilst being thrown around the stage.

Then he asked us a couple of questions like if you walked passed a cash machine (and there was no one around) and it had £100.00 pound in it would you take it? Or if someone broke into your house to get equipment for your dying grandmother would you see it as a criminal act or would you give them the equipment?

Silvia - Partners for Youth Empowerment

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Today a person called Silvia came in to talk to us about her job (Creative facilitator) and she works at the Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE). After she had told us about her job she made us do an exercise which was where we made beat with our feet then she got us to slap other parts of our body like our arms legs and chest and at the end clap.

Then Silvia got us to write the first line of a poem and then we passed it around. The next person would write the next line and so on until it got back to you then you and you would write the last line.

Kate the Chocolate Maker!

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Today a woman called Kate (@thecocoaden) came in to talk to us about her job which was making chocolate, but then she told us about how chocolate was made and how it all starts with a cocoa pod and ends up with chocolate.

But then we started to make our chocolates we were given 2 marshmallows and a slab of milk chocolate (that she had made). Then Kate gave us some cake cutters and we made chocolate shapes and we decorated them by dipping them in melted chocolate. The chocolate were black and white and we dipped the marshmallows using a weird skewer-like thing which you would find on a BBQ.

Then when we had finished, we placed them in little plastic bags and we decorated them with little stickers. I chose some blue stickers and did a ‘T’ on my bag. And that was it!

Nicole - Dancer

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Today, a woman named Nicole came in to talk to us about herself. She is her last year of college. She is studying history of art but she talked to us about her hobby which is dance and she is a part of her college's competition dance crew.

So first she showed us two dance pieces that she had composed, one of them was the first time she had been on stage. Then we were shown a dance routine her friend had composed (it was House). We had a dance-off competition between the boys and girls. Nobody really won but the boys were funnier.

We tried to do a ‘Baby Freeze’ which is when you balance yourself on your head and hands. You will need to lift yourself while you are crouching down by put your elbows on your hip and your side.

Tony - Animator

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Today, a man called Tony came in to talk to us about his job as an animator and how he got into animation. He then showed us an animated music video he created with video game music.

He got us to make our own animation with an application (an ‘app’) using a stop motion camera. First, we had to draw and cut out our character. Next, we stuck them onto an A4 green screen and we animated it. My animation was about a person who could control time.

Lexi - Animator

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Today, Lexi, a motion graphic designer came in to speak and show us what she does for a living. She makes films seem more real than they actually are by adding special effects using green screen technology and Photoshop. In her spare time she sings for a band and she is captain of the third hockey team that plays in the hockey centre in Olympic Park. Her band is called Hoopdriver. She was originally from Hong Kong but moved to London when she was 17 and went straight to art collage.

Lexi likes to cook, play sports (snowboarding and hockey), walk Holly (her 6 years old dog) and sing during her free time. If she could be any animal she would be an eagle so she could see a bird’s eye view of the world.

Gary - Alternative London

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Today a man came in, his name was Garry and he started a company called Alternative London. The company does tours around London to look at things that you  wouldn't normally know was there. And after the tours he would run spray paint sections to people that wanted it.

He started off the business by himself with no money and no staff but as it has gone by he has gained 11 staff and their office is an old bus which they spray painted white. And they won the 2014 Trip Adviser award.

Ben Sellers

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Today Ben Sellers came in to do a workshop on music on the ipads using an app called Loopseque which is an alternative to Garageband. Ben was really nice and showed us how an easy way to make music on the app. We had to compose a piece of music to go with a video or a rap of your choice. We had 15 min to compose our music track then we had to  show it to the group. I chose to make my track to a video of a man flying through the air with an amazing gliding body suit. Check out my tune and see the flying man in this video.

Alexis Deacon

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Today Alexis came in to talk to us about his illustrations and how they affect a characters emotions and how they feel inside the story's. Alexis also told us about how a story is structured inside a book. He also writes comics and graphic novels!

Then he started to draw new animals on the wall, they were all made up of different animals for example there was one that involved a horse, fish, kangaroo, chicken and pig!

Check out some of Alexis' cool drawings on instagram

Print Me 3D

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Today we met three people who work for PrintME 3D witch is a 3D printing company that sell 3D printed objects that they have made. For example they print models or statues of people. hey do this by scanning the person by using  laser to scan the scene of were the person is!

PrintME 3d use 3D printers called witbox and they brought in a robot called JD witch you control by using a wifi connection from a computer to do cool stuff like dancing, waving and a w.i.p hand stand!

We tried to make a space invader with a 3D pen which works by letting hot plastic come out of one end. You have to move the pen slowly other wise the plastic would not stick.

If I could 3D print anything I would print a monkey butler, with a suit and a bow tie and all! The most important thing I would print would be a titanic computer brain to control the world and make the  world a giant pizza with marshmallows and chocolate! I would also print an expandable house for homeless people.

Anna Clover

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A Director/Actor came in today to talk about the shows she is involved in. Anna was from the Hackney Shed Shakesfair Circus. She has worked on shows such as A Tempest in a Teacup and All That Glitters.

Anna works on devised theatre witch means there's no script, and the actors have to improvise.