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Print Me 3D

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we met three people who work for PrintME 3D witch is a 3D printing company that sell 3D printed objects that they have made. For example they print models or statues of people. hey do this by scanning the person by using  laser to scan the scene of were the person is!

PrintME 3d use 3D printers called witbox and they brought in a robot called JD witch you control by using a wifi connection from a computer to do cool stuff like dancing, waving and a w.i.p hand stand!

We tried to make a space invader with a 3D pen which works by letting hot plastic come out of one end. You have to move the pen slowly other wise the plastic would not stick.

If I could 3D print anything I would print a monkey butler, with a suit and a bow tie and all! The most important thing I would print would be a titanic computer brain to control the world and make the  world a giant pizza with marshmallows and chocolate! I would also print an expandable house for homeless people.