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Kate the Chocolate Maker!

The Jolly RogersComment

Today a woman called Kate (@thecocoaden) came in to talk to us about her job which was making chocolate, but then she told us about how chocolate was made and how it all starts with a cocoa pod and ends up with chocolate.

But then we started to make our chocolates we were given 2 marshmallows and a slab of milk chocolate (that she had made). Then Kate gave us some cake cutters and we made chocolate shapes and we decorated them by dipping them in melted chocolate. The chocolate were black and white and we dipped the marshmallows using a weird skewer-like thing which you would find on a BBQ.

Then when we had finished, we placed them in little plastic bags and we decorated them with little stickers. I chose some blue stickers and did a ‘T’ on my bag. And that was it!