Literacy Pirates

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Shipwrecked......but unsinkable!

At lunchtime on Sunday 11th December an accident took place at the Ship of Adventures, when a car came through the front of our shop. You can read more about the incident here . We are deeply thankful for the fact there were no injuries, and we also send out thoughts to all others affected by the incident. We are feeling lucky that the incident was not much more serious. But we nevertheless have a tough few weeks ahead of us, to get our operations up and running again, and to be able to focus all our energy on the young people we work with.

We have been extremely touched and humbled by the many offers of support. Thank you! There are three main ways that you can help:

1) Replenish our treasure chests - donate! We're still working out the full costs of the incident as more consequences emerge. Any donations, no matter how large or small, will help us get back on track so that we can focus on helping children who need support in their learning -

2) Keep our shop afloat! Unfortunately we had to close our shop during the busiest gift-buying period of the year, Christmas, which had a big impact. Our shop is open 7 days a week so why not come along to the Ship to get your gifts, books and an extra helping of community spirit from our kindly volunteers.

3) Volunteer! We are always looking for volunteers to join us in transforming the learning experiences of the Young Pirates we work with by supporting them one-to-one in our after school sessions. If you are interested in finding out more then please click here

Thank you for helping us stay afloat into 2017. We WILL be creating more adventures in learning with our crew of over 100 Young Pirates........even if the path is a bit more adventurous than we bargained for!

And for a little flash back to how it all began...