Literacy Pirates

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Urswick School


There I finally was as the captain of the ship, I had all the treasure, all the ships we took over and I was in charge of everyone on the ship, my crew, my amazing crew.

It was a huge storm I was just on the look out and I saw it the legendary island being guarded by the golden eight legged Kraken with ten arms four of which were hugging onto the island. We swam there as fast as we could then she got all six of her arms for protection and SMASH! She chopped our ship into tiny little bits, we screamed all at once and we were sent off flying into the sky like rocket ships.

From what I knew I was the only one who got onto the island, I didn't see any of my crew mates, but that didn't matter right now, I started preparing for the big fight. I prepared for years when I finally was ready I jumped onto her tentacles and started stabbing them until I won the fight, it was over, I had an amazing feeling, the island was mine! I gathered enough wood to make a ship and so I did, I built a ship better then any other. I sailed off, as I was sailing I was finding more and more people until the crew was made. We fought many monsters and many enemies we took over ships and island unfortunately the day has come as it did before it just needed to eventually come...


A drop of rain dropped onto my bare hands. Suddenly it began to get heavier and heavier as thunder and lighting roared as if it was like a lion. I was thinking should I jump into the crystal blue ocean  or not. Abruptly, a gigantic sea monster appeared onto the rainy beach. My heart started to pound, as the sea monster splashed the freezing cold water onto my thin body. It had sharp teeth with slime across it big mouth, wiggly arms and thin legs. It's name was Blue. Blue loves to eat fruits like mango, apple and expressly pineapples when it is chopped up into little pieces. Sadly I didn’t have any fruits to give Blue not even his favourite fruit PINEAPPLE!!


After the storm I was flung off the ship. I was washed up on an island far beyond exception I was amazed about how much food I could see. As I looked left I saw a forest with a 9 legged and 19 armed creature. It had 3 eyes and 9 fingers on one hand and 19 on the other. As I walked in a bush hit me in the face "AW" I said , I kept on walking. As I looked back the creature was chasing me, I saw a mountain “I might be able to see my ship from the top of the mountain" so I kept on running. I ran to the mountain whilst the thing was chasing me. I eventually got to the bottom of the mountain. I started to climb the mountain. "I can’t climb." "And I care because?” Said the monster. I started to climb the gigantic mountain. I got to the top and I saw ... a giant mutant flying chicken. So I looked back and saw my ship. "YAY" so I sprinted down the mountain but that didn’t turn out good. I tripped over a rock and fell down the mountain I got to the bottom with just a few scratches and bruises. I got up and started sprinting, I found the ship and I climbed aboard, most of the crew was there but not all so we waited. A while later the rest of the crew came but not the captain "Does anyone know how to ride about?” “Yes!!” so we set off...  


The day was dark as the night, I woke up on a strange island the wind was howling like a wolf. I could hear the ocean splashing onto the island and the animals moaning. Suddenly, I saw a brown box in front of me carefully I opened the box and it was full of sparkly  diamonds, bright emeralds, gems, gold, rubies and glamorous sapphires. Unexpectedly, a strange looking figure approached me so I ran at the speed of light, the strange looking figure followed me into the jungle and I turned around but the figure had disappeared. In a blink of an eye it stared to rain. Suddenly the figure reappeared. Out of nowhere a monkey ran up to me and gave me a banana to fight it so I threw the banana at the monkey. The figure disappeared again so I ran into a cave, it was so dark I could not see any thing. Slowly, the strange figure came to me and took its mask off and it was captain Jack Sparrow. Later on that day Jack Sparrow and I saw a huge elephant and climbed on its back and went to the ship and took with me the treasure and the monkey, the elephant and two parrots and a cat.


My story started when a big Kraken came out from nowhere and summoned a large wave to hit my ship, I was knocked off my ship and I landed in the sea with my back first, I thought it would be the end of me but I still survived, I was in the the sea I thought they forgot about me but they didn’t. They were searching for me for day and months or even years if I must say, I must say how could I stay in this sea for so long, I must be like a human fish to be still alive in the sea of this I must say. When I was still in the water I was losing my breath I thought I was a human fish, if it was even a myth or something but I wasn’t. After that when I was losing my breath I heard the sound of a whale and it picked me up when I was about to die onto its back and it threw me on the sand and I was grateful for that wale if I was still in the ocean I would have died. When I woke-up and glanced at the astonishing island there was glorious and tasty fruit that I had never tasted in my life because I had never heard of this island that nobody knows about, not even me, now this is my first time on this great island. When I was on the island I went to the highest mountain to see the treasure, then I found the treasure and after that I then saw my ship and I had something that could keep me safe. Its a Dragon that I met so when I need help I can call my Dragon to help me so I sailed back home and that was the end of my journey.     


As we all dropped off the huge ship SPLASH! I got sucked into the water. I was swimming for my life and I got up, when I looked around I saw an island, however it was very very far away so I had to swim for hours. When I was very close to the island I ran out of energy and an enormous wave came and pushed me out onto the island-beach and I fell a sleep. As I woke up I could see animals such as: PARROTS, ELEPHANTS, TIGERS, and lots and lots of other animals. I walked around the island but I could not find my crew mates but I saw an enormous, massive and huge mountain so I said to myself I am going to climb this thing because I know that the treasure is there. So I started climbing the mountain but it was extremely hard, however I had a hope in my self so I kept going and going. On the way up I saw lots of exciting stuff and I saw an elephant so I told him to come and pick me up and the kind elephant took me up when I got up I saw all of my crew and I saw the treasure and we picked it up and went down happily. We built a ship and went back to our home in safety and with the treasure we lived until we died with all that money.


I was flung from the ship like trash being thrown into the garbage bin. While I was descending into the dark cold water, I thought to myself why give up now there is still so much treasure to be found. So I started to swim upwards; the thing that kept me going was knowing that best of the jewels were almost in my grasp only if I kept on going. Finally, I arrived upon shore it felt like I was crawling for my life and I was just trying to get myself to stand up. When I stood up it felt like there wasn't a care in the world. I was astounded by what I saw, it was unbelievable, the amount of animals on the beach was very peculiar but the animal that caught my eye was the speaking parrot it almost felt like we bonded and he knew me better then I knew myself which was odd because I have never seen this parrot in my life. They were also mango trees and pineapple trees growing on this island.

Then I saw this spooky forest in the corner of my eye the view itself tore my very soul out. I finally gathered up the courage from my parrot friend and started to walk towards the forest ... I saw things that you would never had imagined! I saw lizards that I never knew existed; I also saw other creatures that looked horrible and scaly.
Then I saw it, it wasn't the treasure, neither my fellow pirates but my very own ship in my head I was thinking there is a ghost amongst us but how did my ship end up here...


As I came to the end of the warm yet rainy forest, there was a large structure in front of me. There was a large cobblestone looking pyramid with something at the top. I knew straight away I was in Mexico where the Mayans lived. I was scared but excited about the sites and views. Quickly I rushed up the cobblestone stairs to the little room it was pitch black but there were a few lanterns so I lit the hanging things on the side to make light. Going down the stairs there was a room that was shining bright with gold but still a large bear with things I had never seen in my life. Its scaly back with purple little dots every shape and size. I ran up stairs screaming saying “I am going to die!” I ran and ran till I saw a group of people they were my crew, I felt at home again and shouted to them “Theres a bear where our treasure is so lets go fight back!”. As we each one by one went down we realised that it was a spider, the reason it looked big cause of its shadows and the red dots were lights it was a place for tourists to go and then we all of a sudden joined them and its was a very good tour.


All of a sudden a wave wooshed me and my crew, we were wooshed up by a wave. I swam back up but I didn’t see them anywhere so I looked for our ship. I couldn’t find them but I saw a hippo and a poisonous shark. I climbed very high hills full of trees. I finally found a ship luckily it was my crews ship and my crew were there so we went to the beach and we ate delicious sandwiches, with salad and belly and fruits. We went home on our red ship and slept.


The water splashed on his face and he had a great white shark go past him, he started to swim to the tropical island. When he got there, there was a massive mountain in front of him, he decided to climb up it so he could see the landscape or his ship. He saw the ship he ran down and went to his ship, near the ship there was a humungous Kragon looking for food he managed not to be seen by it, it was a lucky escape. All of his friends were in the captains cabin he was surprised no-one got hurt from the green scaled Kragon, they slowly escaped the dreaded Kragon. Every one cheered with surprise one by one the pirates got home for another long day ahead of them. Another person boarded the ship. The haunted ship wreck took them home with a storm. Will they survive...


As we got thrown off the ship we saw an island that we knew we had to get to. We swam as hard as we could and just made it to the island before we lost our breath from swimming. When we got up we saw smoke coming from the other side of the island, we didn't know who it could be but we knew someone was there. "I think it is pirates" said Michael. "Why do you think that?" said Joe. "Lets find out" said Michael. As the whole crew got their swords out they went to see who it was, and if they were pirates. They were very suspicious about whether they were friendly or not ... to be continued.


I was scared not knowing what to do I had lost all my mates after a tragic accident. I thought to myself lets forget about this so I did, I saw a beach with enormous trees and large green leafs all shapes and sizes also I saw lots of animals, big, small, large, tiny and many more. I decided to walk on the beach so I did when I got on the beach I saw a forest I went in and thats when my adventure began. I was still upset after loosing all my mates but I did not let that get in my head so I did not think about it any more, after a few minutes I saw a tall mountain. It was bumpy and looked like a lot of fun to climb on. I got my two hands and my two feet and climbed and climbed and climbed even more till I got to the top of the mountain. I looked all around me and discovered new things I was thinking if I go back to the beach my mates might still be there so I did I ran and ran even more till I got to the beach, I was relieved because I saw my mates I was happy   yippee! Cheering with lots of joy and happiness.