Literacy Pirates

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Sharps rays of light beamed through my window, which was well-protected. Akeme had dreamt that he would one day be captured by a husky, diabolical pirate named Captain Hook.

Suddenly transparent crystal waters came gushing hastily towards me, my heart began to pound rapidly; my hands slowly started to get paler and paler and paler…

Abruptly my head started to tremble- the walls were closing in on me like tree trunks undulating backwards.

As rapid as a cheetah I lost consciousness. A golden eagle came….

To Be Continued!  


One blue stormy day, I was on a ginormous ship with all my crewmates. The rain was tapping against the waters. I was soaking wet, the gigantic wind blew into the ship and tipped us all over the deck. We all collapsed and the noisy storm made all the crewmates drown in the steamy water.

We all got washed into the sandy beach. Suddenly there was a big fat dinosaur, growling at us. We all started throwing sand in the scary dinosaur’s face, killing it. This made us happy as if we were going to the park. We decided to bury it in the soft sand.

It was scary as a spider in the forest. We went through the forest by taking a bus. The bus went to the top of a scary mountain. The mountain was full of creepy-crawlies, which killed the captain and his crewmates.


The Beginning of the Pirate’s

As the tidal wave hit the ship it crashed into an iceberg.

 “I was flung into the island, that started my pirate life.” said Duncan. I washed onto shore a rhinosaurus   (he was very magical because of a wizard) who saved my life by pulling me onto shore with his horn “thank you" as I said it kindly he became my friend. My aim was to travel up the mountain to look over the island. It took me a day and a month. I travelled on my rhinosaurus friend. It was a ferocious journey but when I got to the top I found a chest, I didn’t want to open it could’ve been a trap.

 “What’s that ye got there?”

 It took me a long time to get down but when I went to the other end of the shore to see if anyone was there. My old crew were eating fruit from the bushes of the tree they made a fire to survive. They noticed me, they saw the chest and came over “where was you?” said Captain Red Beard. I was exploring the island with my friend he is very magical because of a wizard. “It’s a chest I found up there.” “Oh ok.” “We will make a boat with my friend’s magic power’s (suddenly a boat appeared) “we will have a coronation for our new friend” (a coronation suddenly appeared) drum’s started drumming and then the coronation started it was very fun when it ended we went on our new boat and went home.

Maria Clarke

One happy morning with a bright sun there was a pirate who was a nice captain. He all ways told us the right thing to do. One day we crashed into an Island. It was so big like a giant it felt a bit like someone was looking at the best pirates but we still had fun. We saw lots of animals, then we felt the ground shaking and it was terrible. When we turned around.. To Be Continued


One cold night, there was an old ship. The ship was dusty and dirty and inside it had a crew called the Furious Six. The Furious Six had been through dangerous but exciting adventures.

One day there was a massive wave which made the ship collapse in the deep blue sea. The captain was downstairs, looking at his money. He did not realise the ship was sinking from the gigantic wave but all his helpful crewmates did. In the blink of an eye, all the crewmates disappeared. The ship was flooded with lots of water, the captain jumped off as quickly as he could.

He was swimming across the magical ocean until he saw a killer shark. The shark had sharp teeth like swords in his mouth, scary fins, pointy as a tiger’s mouth. He was coming for the captain. The captain was shaking with fear, he kept swimming as fast as he could until he found a shiny island.

There were amazing pearl shells, jewels hanging from the trees. The shimmering sand looked beautiful in the island. The captain saw a sign which read ‘Home of the Mermaids’. The captain hated mermaids so much, he tried to steal from their leader, King Neptune. King Neptune ruled the diamond blue sea and the captain needed help finding his crewmates. The captain found a cheetah who helped him in his mission to find his team. The cheetah ran as fast as a black and gold Lamborghini and he found the crewmates in a tent, made from leaves from the tall trees. The captain cried tears of joy and together they built a ship from leftover brown wood to go home. Off they sailed through the rough sea. There was big waves but they managed to escape and go home after a long hard day.


Once upon a time there was a boy called Max and he lived with his mum and dad. One day Max went fishing by himself. Then Max saw a mermaid and followed her to see the other mermaids so he could say hello. Then the mermaid heard Max and she said “Hello” in her language then Max was the mermaid’s.

Then beautiful mermaids fed Max scaly fish and chips with mermaid ketchup which is scaly silver. Max worshiped the fish and chips because it was from the holy mermaids which cooked it.

Then the mermaids asked in a lovely voice Max “Do you want a lift home?”. It sounded like a princess. “Yes my majesty mermaid.” Then Max got on the mermaid’s silver back and the mermaid zoomed. When Max zoomed past all the fishes he looked at the fishes all in lovely shapes and colours. Triangle, hexagon, circle in rainbow and turquoise colours.


So after the big sea attack all of my crew fell off the boat and fell into the cold, freezing water and I got blown of my boat by a really bad fierce wind and I was lost at sea, BUT! I saw an island and I started swimming to the island.

The island was really big and beautiful and there was lots of mythical creatures on the legendary island.  On the island I saw a fire dragon, the dragon was the ruler of the island. The powerful dragon ruler lived on the top of the mountain keep and if the island got out of balance the dragon king will come down and put the balance back in to order BUT! If the island balance stayed out of order the dragon will go in to a rage. There was also a forest with lots of animals inside of it.  The dragon that I saw before came to help me find my friends. We looked for days and days so we looked one more time and we found our friend’s and we got a boat again and we got lots of money on are adventures BUT! On one adventure we did not get the money. It was the beast that made the sea attack and we nearly died on that adventure. B we still have the money that we got on the different adventure and when we saw the beast it looked like it had really sharp teeth and big claws and it was really big. We were scared for our lives and we ran for our lives but we survived.



The boat fell into the water with a big bang, and everyone was washed away onto different sides.

On one side of the island there was a beautiful white unicorn, with a sparkly and shiny blue mane. It also had a shimmery and pretty silver coloured horn. She said “Hi, my name is Rose. You have to hurry and get home safely.” After that the shipmates decided to go swimming into the big bright blue sea. Suddenly, they saw a wolf on the shore, and they saw the dark as well as terrifying side.  They also saw a ferocious dragon, breathing bright red hot fire and they hid.

The end


The boat broke down and they had lots of fun in the blue bright sea and they saw a beautiful island. They swam in the bright sea to the beautiful island. When they got there they were so hungry that they thought they would die, so they had an adventure to find food. They saw some watery apple snails, vicious blue sharks and all different tasty, yummy fruits and they spat it out because they were slimy. They climbed and climbed for two hours and they slipped down. They tried and tried but they still didn’t get up there. So they had to call the captain to get an airplane. They got there at last. From the top they could see houses, mountains, shops and see the different planes, trains and buses. They jumped really high, as high as a stretchy giraffe, then they fell into the sea, with a splash. After, they saw some sharks and snails and dolphins. They said “Captain, Captain, can you hear me?”  The captain said “Yes I can hear you. Do you need some help to get back on the ship?” “Yes please.” They said. The captain had an idea, he said “I have a rope! Everyone form a chain and hold hands, I will throw the rope and pull you up.” The captain pulled them into his special bus-boat. They went inside to have a warm shower and to have some food, such as bread, lettuce and lots of other things. Then their adventure was over, and they went home in peace.