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FAQs: Volunteering in Secondary Sessions


Do volunteers need to sign up for secondary sessions separately to primary sessions?

Signing up for sessions will remain exactly the same, and all volunteers will sign up for the same session via the session calendar as normal. Volunteers will then be allocated to primary or secondary sessions by session leaders. Volunteers will be told which session they will be in upon arrival in the Shop by a member of the Crew.


How will session leaders decide which volunteers to allocate to Primary and which to Secondary sessions?

Session leaders will pair volunteers primarily based on the needs of the Young Pirates in the groups, ensuring there is a variety of volunteer experience in both sessions. We will also aim to give volunteers a balance of different kinds of sessions.


Will both primary and secondary volunteers be briefed as one group in the Deep?

There will be two separate briefings, with primary taking place downstairs in the Deep and Secondary briefing taking place in one of the education spaces upstairs. Debrief will be as normal, with all volunteers together as one group, in the Deep.


Do I need any additional training to volunteer in secondary sessions?

No, you will be using the same strategies and techniques that you use when volunteering in primary sessions. However, as ever we provide Extension Training to offer development in areas of interest and the next few sessions will be focused on topics that are particularly relevant to the new secondary sessions.


I’ve already been to secondary sessions, is it the same?

Firstly, thank you for coming up during our trial period! Sessions will be broadly similar, but as we are now putting volunteers in every session, your role will be specifically planned into activities. We think this is going to make the volunteer experience in secondary even better as you will get a clear briefing and Young Pirates will be used to the routine of having volunteers work with them.


Will I get a pirate profile during briefing if I’m working with a Secondary Young Pirate?

Yes, you will now receive a pirate profile in both primary and secondary sessions.


Will I be working one-to-one or with more than one Young Pirate in Secondary?

You will most likely be working with two or three Young Pirates in secondary sessions, however depending on volunteer numbers, you may also be working one-to-one during some sessions. Activities will be adapted for working in small groups.


Are the secondary Young Pirates very different to the primary Young Pirates?

Not really! We work with years 7 and 8 so the Young Pirates are only one or two years older than the oldest primary Young Pirates. As a whole group, the secondary Young Pirates can seem a little bit more grown-up, but we know that having guaranteed volunteers in Secondary Sessions means that the extra adult attention ensures higher levels of engagement.


Do the secondary Young Pirates work on different projects to Primary?

The learning programme is the same in both primary and secondary. The only difference is that the secondary Young Pirates read the same book, as opposed to different individual books.