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Whitmore Primary School



Once upon a time me and my crew were on a ship but suddenly very bad whether came and me and my crew got thrown off the ship onto an island but I couldn’t see my crew mates in the sea then I went over the water I almost could not make it so I swam to an island I still couldn’t see any of my crew so I went through the creepy and dark forest and I saw some mythical animals. Like a walking fish like the island was magic then I climbed up to the mountain then I climbed up then I was very tired and I made it to the top but it was so high there was snow on the top. I still couldn’t see any of my crew members around the place but all I could see was the big forest. I was very cold then I climbed down and ran to the beach then I saw bits of the ship in the sea then I went back to the forest. I was so hungry that I had to climb up on the coconut tree so I can get some coconuts then I saw parts of the ship then I went to it and I saw my captain he said to me that all the crew members were eaten by a sea monster. Then a monster took him under the sea then I followed him he said help me then I did then I saw all the crew in a ship under the sea and another captain then I swam there and save them and rebuild the ship then we lived happily ever after.



One day there was a time where I woke up in an island full of dreams and when I stood up I saw a tsunami so then I had to leave my shoes to escape, when I escaped I saw some of my crew so we escaped together. While we were escaping one of the crew members called Siloam found a secret hide out where we could live, it was hard to live there because we saw a lot of animals but it was not hard when Mehmet taught us how to hunt for food because there was no way we were going to live without food. While we were hunting we made a fire to settle down and cook our food. After cooking we found some unicorns to ride when we were riding it we all got teleported to treasure I thought it was fake but it was real gold and diamonds after I bit it. We realised there was a Pirate Ship nearby and then we found the rest of the crew and we had the best day. Later that day the rest of the crew told us what actually happened and the only reason why I was on the island was because of Spongebob the monster that was scary like the ring coming out your TV and because of the Tsunami that was big as the London eye, then we had a big party that will never end because we found each other even my stinky sour sticky snake.                       



As I was on the boat I heard the funky sound of someone shouting "help me!" I ran and help I then fell in the water. I tried to swim but I can't swim. I Tried to run in the water as quick as Icould I got distracted by a scary shark .Then It came a nice shark it help me to where I wanted to goand I was surprised. Finally I saved the lady for the first time. And I felt really happy and up in the moon. I couldn’t believe it. THE END!



I was with my brave crew and then I was not with my crew, because they magically disappeared through magic. Storm sound like stamping the waves



The wave hit this ship and the BANG, CRASH, SPLASH I fell in the water, I felt like I was not going to make it because I was at the deepest part of the ocean. A weird creature swam past my crazy hyped legs. After a while, I landed smoothly on the sand like I fell on a pile of pillows. None of my crew was there.

There was a big rainforest ahead so I headed there, I strolled through the forest like a butter knife in butter. In the centre of the forest was my first sunlight since I started. After 10 minutes, I headed out the forest but there was a huge mountain with snow at the top. Something inside me just said you have to go up to the top, so I did.

When I arrived at my destination...

I saw my ship , I ran so fast that Usain Bolt would be jealous , when I past the rainforest I felt like I was an abandoned man who isgetting rescued, I wanted a huge ice cream but I didn’t mind a hot cocoa.



I was swimming through the long deep cold river. There was thunder storms rushing through it sounding like a lion roaring. One of my crew members dropped in the ice bucket river the boat was rolling Swish Swash like it was broken. I was not sure what to do because l was shocked and speechless.

Myself there where sharks nearby l called for help nobody appeared. All of a sudden I startedto drown and all of my crew members were lost on the island when we got near the shore the only option was to walk in the forest crying my eyes out like a little baby I had scars all over my body. I felt really helpless also a bit lonely#


Hugo C

When I was on the boat, the big pirate ship I saw a ship that was an angry face when I saw them and they saw me they were coming next to us. I thought that they were going to kill me. I went next to them because they tried to kill me. I can run away faster with my pirate ship when I went next to him. They shouted at me they thought that. I had the treasure they said "Give the treasure or we will kill you and brake all of your bones!" All of it then I quickly ran away because I had the treasure lots of diamonds and gold coins. When he heard me he took off his sword and said that let’s have a sword fighting match but I said that I don’t have a sword because I am not a killer and I am a master no one can win me. I am the champion and do you have a spare sword. I want to win all of you and his name was john Cena, he said if I win the match all of the treasure is mine. 4 hours later the winner was ME I was the world champion John Cena said that you have to go WWE and not be the champion of WWE you have to be the world champion.

The end.


Ismail D

Last week me and team-mate pirates went on an adventure to destroy ALL the Vikings as they annoy us a lot! We used our mighty ship to sail over to their island, and by the time we got there we heard a large noisy thunder storm that almost destroyed my eardrums. I fell into the icy blue water with all my TREASURE on me. I lost some stuff but what was more important was me and my team-mates. I saw this tiny island, which had a lot of creatures/animals that looked very scary and dangerous. I slowly swam to the island not using all my energy as I might need it later. I saw an enormous forest right in front of my eyes, See? This is why I wanted to keep my energy. I Hated swimming without my team-mates so I tried finding a couple of them. Through the Sea, through the forest through the grey Mountains but no luck. I'm guessing all of them drowned when we fell on the sea. But then I remembered, why should they even go to the places I just went? I'm so stupid I should've checked the boat before I went anywhere. So I did go, it took me a long time to get back on to the ship! Guess who was there...? IT WAS THE MONSTER OF DOOM. I NEVER THOUGHT HE'LL COME AS WE KILLED HIM/HER! I asked what it wants. But he just stretched his mouth. I ran back to the mountain cave and took some rocks and tried to throw it at him from a long distance. I died... He got a teleporter...!



I was go to a place call St Matthias it was good and clean stuff then I saw a ship it was big so I ran to the ship .Then I saw my name on the ship so I’m the pirates then I went inside of the ship I love to see the fish tank it was a teke fish. Then I went out to see the shark it was amazing then I ran after I ran I went to a tree to get fruit because I was hungry, it was good but not amazing. Then I saw a tiger I ran for my life so I was at the top of the mountain I saw my friend so I ran to the ship it was a long day I felt like I’m go fast to sleep.



Once upon a time, when I was living with my crew, we went on a little trip over the sea but there was a lot of animals that I have never seen before like a big puffer fish, a shark, a snack turtle and baby fish but it looked different then how they are meant to look like. One day there was a big storm coming and it was about to turn over their shoulder, they were all frightened, worried and never because they have never been on a storm before in their life because where they live they only have sunshinebut they have no rain or storms in their place that they live in. On the second day the ship was turned over by the time they woke up and one of them fell out and the rest of them did not notice that one of their mate had gone missing and they went off. The day that their mates had gone missing he tried to find land but there was only a forest which was covered in trees and he was just looking at them because he was hungry. Later on he saw a tree that had wheels on it and every time it moves it says OLA IN THE HOUSE PEOPLE! After he took it he did not know what it was saying so he had to take it because he had no choice. A few hours later he caught up with his crew and his crew asked him "where have you been I have looking for you" they all said so on the mountain.



Once upon a time I lived with my mates but one day there was a big wave and it totally washed me off my pirate ship. I could not see my mates I saw the shore. It was a huge, gigantic island, without any buildings and a dark, frightening forest. And then I swam to it. Then I looked around the island and saw some creepy eyes and I saw a forest too. Luckily I brought a segway from my pirate ship that I stole from some English people when I raided their town. I zoomed, swooped and swooshes to the forest and I saw an enormous mountain. As fast as I could I leaned forward to go up the mountain on my segway. I reached the top of the mountain and there was a layer of fresh snow. I looked around the place and I saw my pirate ship. I felt as excited as a horse who had seen his friends after not seeing them for a long time. As fast as I could I flew my segway straight to the bottom of the mountain and rode through the forest and the beach and excited climbed on my pirate ship. I saw my mates and my captain down stairs and I said let’s have a party. They said ok and we had a party. We drunk some yummy beer and ate some chocolate parrot cake (we used a parrot because we'd run out of vanilla).



Once upon a time, I was held hostage in a big storm with my crew mates. After a few minutes the storm came back! We didn't know what to do, the storm got us in the air like we was floating. I felt worried then SMASH in the water I felt free but frightened at the same time. I popped out of the water and took a deep breath. I swam as fast as I could then finally I found the shore I waited there for 15 minutes. As I walked I saw the tasty plants making me hungry so I kept walking. It made me feel hungry because the plants looked like green jelly. After 15 minutes I saw an enormous rock! Then I climbed on top of the rock and guess what I saw the ship, I went down the rock as fast as I could. I swam to the ship but captain and my crew weren't there so I had an idea. Then I thought to go down from the secret passage way. As I went down I heard some noises so when I went down I saw my crew and captain! Then we all decided to have a big party. Incredibly, we had some pirate music from the best pirate band 'Pirates Rock!'



I fell off the ship and I landed into the freezing cold water. The storm was moving back and forth then suddenly in a flash I lost my crew. I tried to find them but I couldn’t so I found a strange place it was a forest a massive forest and I thought that I could find them there. I had a little help with some animal one was called a Dr Shark he helped me by eating the magical leaves and bushes but if you eat them you will turn into an dragon or a pirate animal. So Dr Shark changed his mind by not eating the plants and leaves so I went to look for an animal to eat and munch up all of the bones. So when I tried to think of another idea to go past the magical leaves I drank this invisibility potion and I turned invisible and went past the magical leaves and bushes. Suddenly there was a big bunch of water coming down from the top of the mountain and as soon as possible the idea just touched me and it was to fly all the way up to the top of the mountain and I saw the Vikings charging for the spectacular phenomenal pirates.


Pirate Julio

In the water where I held my breath I decided to go back to my ship. When I got to shore I couldn’t see my shipmates so thinking they were drowned I started to walk towards the 3 headed dog. It attacked me so the chase began. I went in the forest trough the itching plants but I didn’t give up. I kept on going up the mountains but when i arrived on the edge the 3 headed dog was about to pounce I couldn’t back off because there was water and a long fall so I took my knife, ready and strike once, twice but the dog bit me on my arm so I had no cuts but to from myself and fell in to darkness then something happened that i thought i saw a shiny object and guess what? It was a treasure full of coins and diamonds and gold and more so with the treasure i took it up and found my crew and we had a party.



Have you ever find yourself on an abandoned island? Well I have.

One day i went to my ship and I sailed away off in the seven seas. Suddenly there was a huge tsunami that washed up in my ship. My crew and i and my sister captain peg leg said that’s a legendary Tsunami that only comes up every 3,000.000 years. When it washed us up it washed up in an abandoned island. I thought we were going to wash out our lives but luckily we survived. We discovered that there was a half donkey half tiger that was really rare. We were going to find a treasure that in the chocolate mountains which was made of chocolate. We climbed up the chocolate mountains that only pirates can see. There was a white chocolate storm. Suddenly, my crew and I ate the chocolate to stop the storm. It was a dream come true, we pirates love last we was at the top of the mountain and there was a magical treasure chest. All of sudden it exploded up in the chest and a monster popped out. since my sister captain peg leg was my big sister, she knows how to kill the we had to get dynamite or a canon so we ran down the mountain, next the half donkey half tiger and then the ship, Luckily the ship was still standing up, so we got the canon and we ran up the mountain and exploded the monster. The treasure went back to normal so we opened it and it was full of chocolate coins that was infinite. We ate the chocolate and live happily ever after... bye bye!



It was a big crash all over a sudden a big storm destroyed the ship we all fell out the ship and into the water and I was swimming and swimming and swimming till I found a land then I went into the land an i found a fish that had a big big big big big big big four head it came out and i was running and running and running it came to eat me but suddenly i found John Cena and he found the others and he had a secret base he had lots of wood and he had lots of metal and sticks and he had lots of metals we built a ship and it took 1234567890 hours to build 1 ship John ocean said we need to fight back the night he took some metals and made some swords and a bow and an arrow we went outside and thought the night he was very tough after 10000 minute we killed the big big big big big big big big big four headed fish and we sailed back to our journey. The end.



All of a sudden the biggest wave I have ever seen. The wave was so big it swung the ship side to side. An enormous sea creature had eight legs with poisonous tentacles his tentacles were as long as a snake. Then it attacked are ship mates. It was hard but we beat it. I found out that our captain was as lazy as a sloth and was too busy teaching Polly. We thought it was over but, it wasn’t a big tidal wave was coming it was big and it was bigger than before it drowned are ship and the cooled water making me colder. I saw an island it looked like it was six miles away. I swam with my last bit of energy. Getting thirsty every minute and hour so I gave up and I was waiting for a big wave to take me to the island.  I gave up then I started swimming five minutes ... later a big wave came and it pushed me to the island and I found my ship mates.



Crash with a splash I fell in the water I fell in the water like a wale...It felt like I lost my arms, my hands and feet but i still had my head. It felt like this was my last moment to remember all my ship mates. As I was swimming by an island was in my distance. As I got to the island luckily before I drowned. I felt like I was a tiny winy ant. As I looked across huge trees gathered me like a teeny tiny toad. I walked down it got darker and darker only a little bit of sun came though. I felt free and scared at the same time. Who knows were my ship mates are also i could really do with a sandwich right now. Walking deeper and deeper and I came cross a feisty unicorn I was going to save my donut but it was the only way to calm it down. All three donuts had to give it as I gave my tummy rumbled so loud I was not sure if it was a storm or my tummy.