Literacy Pirates

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The Willow Engagement Session


As my crewmates and I fought through the killer storm, suddenly a bolt of lightning shot down the main mast which made a barrel of grub knock Stinky Pete off the deck! So One Eyed Jack jumped in to save him with a bar of soap, so Stinky Pete could bathe in the ocean and get some of the stink out.

When One Eyed Jack found Stinky Pete he was trying to run away from a shark, so Jack beat the shark by stuffing the bar of soap into the shark’s throat and got Pete, who was clean after his swim, and celebrated because of their safe return.

Meanwhile, Captain Tom plotted to keep the treasure for himself and they had 24 billion doubloons!

To be continued...


As the waves came crashing down, all my fellow mates were chucked twenty feet into the air... Crash! went my crew into the ocean, and I fractured my leg. How am I alive? I grabbed on a piece of wood and drifted to shore! Climbing to the top of the tallest tree in the jungle, I saw my crew.

I yelled at them "come pick me up!” The crew did not hesitate, and the captain and the crew hurriedly came to my rescue.  My leg was fractured, but I was helped by my crew members. The fishing boat was full of different kinds of fish, and they rowed it to shore and picked me up! Then I celebrate by playing the bongo!!!


As Caveman Alex was wandering around the ship, he spotted a megalodon. Without thinking once or twice, he jumped of the ship and fought like a caveman. After a while, the rest of the megalodon’s pod came to fight Alex, so after all the megalodons were there Alex called a pod of dolphins which were actually caveman Alex's friends that he had met on the way to Jewels Island...

As you should know, sharks are normally scared of dolphins, but these sharks weren’t. They were fearless, and it was the biggest war that went down in history. Fish called fish, and there were two armies of big and small fish on each side.

           To be continued...


Without thinking twice, the pirate leaped off the abandoned ship. Out of nowhere, a giant squid attacked the ship causing it to sink to the bottom of the sea. Some of the pirates drowned, but others got saved by an air bubble which carried them towards the secret

passageway into Gold Emerald Island, an island filled with real GGGGGGOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD! Without warning, a giant shark swam towards them, but a minute later, they arrived at the deserted island with natural wildlife and healthy trees. Cautiously, they wandered through the wild.   




As the boat wobbled side to side, the storm was coming near me. My body viscously hit the boat and I fell out of it and the wooden boat tipped over and landed on me. Surprisingly, I could get out. I thought I would die but I did not. As I came out I could see a vast volcano that looked like a ruby. Sweeping through the tall trees, which looked like Queen Elisabeth's soldiers protecting the Buckingham palace, I climbed up the ruby volcano and this happened!

Out of the blue, the volcano erupted and rubies came out of it. I took it and told my crew and we made something amazing!   

To be continued...


Without thinking twice, the Captain Tom jumped into the freezing cold water where an entire army of great white sharks were swimming around the capsized boat trying to sink it down. When he saw them he shouted at the boat to move away from the island. As the boat moved away from the island Mike tried to reach the surface of the island where the secret treasure is. It was surrounded by ginormous vines, snakes and traps. The treasure was millions of emeralds and gold.



One day the pirates got lost and then got raided and then lost all their gold because they went to another pirate island to try to look for more gold. But the boat crashed into an elephantine rock. The whole hull of the boat got ripped off, like a lion ripping off a bit of meat from their prey. They would have to rebuild the boat!

They went to the other island and saw emeralds coming out of a volcano instead of lava. So the crew ran to the volcano to get all the emeralds. The captain shot his gun in the air to make them go back because they are not there for emeralds, they want gold so they got all of the gold. 


As the wave hit the side of the glorious ship, it started to wobble. Before long, it made me feel like I was falling off the end of the ship!

As the sun started to go down, we arrived at an island called the Island of the Lost. When we got off the ship, we started to look for GOLD. After hours and hours of finding GOLD, we finally had so much GOLD we could not carry any more! So we went back to the ship to put the GOLD in a chest.

To be continued...



As the wind hit the wooden old boat, it gave a slight wave. They saw the volcano blasting and they could smell the toxic air floating towards them. Suddenly, they spotted a treasure and they started hunting for it along a humongous river. They could feel the air breeze under their runny noses. They heard a noise from the West.  

Pirates were screaming out loud, “HELP, HELP!” in a loud voice. They started swimming along the baby blue river and they spotted a volcano and heard a noise from the boat. It seemed like they were singing in the boat. They started swimming back to the ship and saw the black gold shimmering in the beautiful sun light. They went towards the chest...

To be continued…


All the pirates were on the ship practicing their dance but a loud noise was disturbing them. They looked for it but they couldn’t find it. A pirate looked underneath the ship, no one was there. They checked everywhere. They heard it again but then something made a big hole at the bottom of the boat and they started to sink under the water so they jumped off the ship and then a monster ate the captain!

The pirates had blood all over them, and they couldn’t wash it off because the monster would eat them and they didn’t want to die like the captain. They didn’t know how to get home. The captain had the address for their house! They thought that it would still be in the sea because the monster won’t eat paper, so a pirate went to get it but the monster ate him too. All the pirates cried but then they saw the paper float to them and they said to each other, “There! There!” but then the monster got out of the sea and took the letter and ate it.


The pirates had lost the battle. Nothing to do. Nothing to eat. Nothing to drink. Blood, guts and dead animals were only a few of the gruesome objects and liquids thrown overboard. A wave of destruction spread over the ship like butter on toast.

You may wonder why I sound like I am talking about pirates. Today I will be talking about the discovery of emerald gold island.

It was it was the eleventh hour on the eleventh day in the eleventh month when an unexpected tsunami hit the famous Black Eye Ship. No-one knew how this happened but apparently Mikey the boat’s captain got his leg bitten off. He wasn't found dead but he was severely injured.

Joshua B

When the tsunami came, everyone jumped off the ship and we could see guts of the sea monster everywhere. Everyone swam to the island to be safe, but then a megalodon came out of nowhere and tried to eat the pirates! Then one of the pirates climbed up the volcano. When the pirates were leaving the island he rushed and then a cheetah ran behind him and let him go on its back. He got there on time and shouted bye to the cheetah. Then he jumped in excitement because he was alive, until...

To be continued…


Joshua T

As the sun fell and the cold came on, me and my crew were scouting for this island called Treasure Island. We had been searching for 100 days and 100 nights. All of a sudden, our clumsy captain looked behind him and saw a tsunami speeding at us! I believe that I felt worried because I thought I would die. I think I was prepared for what would happen. What should we do?                                                                 

Upsettingly, the tsunami flushed us like a toilet flushing itself. By the way, my name is Dangerous Demon because I love taking risks. Anyway, carrying on with the story: like a soaring sorcerer, I flew over the sea, over the ship and landed on Treasure Island. My face was in shock like a normal old block. Once I got there, I saw a volcano erupting with money. So I took that money and swam back to the ship. And then we had a celebration!



As fast as a lion, all the pirates fired the cannons with their cannonballs as fast as they could to shoot at the tsunami. Not thinking twice, Kaydiann quickly jumped into the dark blue sea to save her fellow friend Nadiira from getting hurt by the vicious monster.

It wasn't long until the storm had started but everyone was scrubbing the deck. One hour later, the ship was shaking side to side. The wash bucket had spilled over all the hard work they had done. A few seconds later...

            To be continued…



As the waves hit, we all fell off the titanic ship. I swam to the nearest island and I turned around and climbed the rocks. As I came up on the rocks, I saw friendly, beautiful animals. They gave me really yummy fruits and vegetables. As we were eating, I saw a roaring, fierce tiger. I didn’t know what to do, but then I had an idea and threw it meat and it ran away.

Suddenly, I saw my friends and saw Captain Tom celebrating so I ran to the ship and said bye to the animals and I ran as fast as a lion. As I was about to jump into the water, the treasure was like a glowing sun in the distance. So I quickly ran to the treasure and then ran to the ship. When I got on the ship I told the captain and a warm smile stretched across the pirate's face as he opened the heavy chest, a golden glow reflected in his greedy eyes...

To be continued…



We arrived at Emerald Island and we saw treasure. Suddenly, a humungous tsunami came heading our way. We ran to the ship but it was too late: the tsunami hit the ship! The tsunami threw us 100ft in the air and we landed... in the sea...

We took twenty deep breaths in and out we closed our eyes and the navigator explained:

“Crew, we’re near the island!”

Everyone was delighted, but some of them weren’t. The clumsy captain shouted:

“Wait, Brave Leroy is in the water!”

“Don't worry I’m fine!” said Leroy as he was swimming back to shore.

“Say, who's hungry” said the clumsy captain.

“MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” said everyone, not wanting to waste any time.

Everyone had nice healthy food and they still had a few adventures to go on!

To be continued...



All the pirates were sinking while the ship was sinking down into the horrendous and terrible blue ocean. While the pirates were sinking they saw the gold and emerald island with gold and diamonds and treasure so they swam all the way to the island. They took the amazing treasure and bought a new ship with all the treasure and now they trade with everything they have for treasure.

“I will give you a shiny sword for all the treasure you have!”

I almost forgot, my friend Kaydiann saved me from the vicious monsters. My friend and I weren’t far away from the port and everyone was scrubbing the metal, mouldy old deck. One hour later, the ship was shaking because the pirates had too much treasure on their ship so they gave some treasure away to people who need it so they can buy a new ship.   

   To Be Continued



As fast as a flash, the toxic air tickled me under my runny nose, whilst I was trying to work-out where I was. Suddenly, a sound from the West came: “HELP, PLEASE HELP!” Apprehensively, when I heard the sound of people asking for help, the hair on my arms stuck up like the spikes of a hedgehog’s back.

I was terrified. In the distance, I saw a small triangular door. I was really discombobulated and rushed to help people in need... I ran as fast as a cheetah and opened the tiny door. I just fit through! On the other side was...

To be continued…



One stormy night a colossal, white shark hit the deck like a walking, live squid. The Captain blew his farting horn, and then Stinky Pete dashed towards it and saved the day by blazing to the megaladon and scaring him away. But... when the water settled, there was a fight which Stinky Pete shockingly won. The good news is that Stinky Pete didn’t smell anymore, except at a close distance to his skin. Alex shouted “Nooooooooooooooo!”

“What, I thought you hated that smell?”

“But you’re my best friend whatever you choose.”



As the boat hit the wave, Christabelle flew across the misty air. She felt ecstatic falling into the Atlantic Ocean because she was determined to find some precious treasure. So she passed through the 50 metres deep ocean and found herself inside the jungle sweeping through the tall as statues palm trees and the steep holes in the ground.

Christabelle never stopped going. She was nearly on top of the rocky amazing volcano which every two hours explodes gold, pirate coins, and different types of precious things she was waiting for. Impatiently, Christabelle finally noticed the gold spitting out of the volcano's mouth so she hurried to catch some of the gold.

As she was walking back to the elephantine ship when Christabelle finally came rushing. She had a pirate feast and danced along to the violin music, but as she was eating her slimy mash and her golden chicken something tapped her on her shoulder…

                                          TO BE CONTINUED!!


I could hear lots of people laughing and playing in the ship. They were moving side to side like trees swinging, and some were nearly falling off. I could hear Captain Hairbud shouting "hold on, don't panic. Jump in the sea and find shore.”

My hair felt like a barber was cutting it. The people had sweat going down their faces like water coming out of the pipe. As quick as a lion, the ship was like a runner running across the sea. I could feel my family thinking about me, worrying. I was worried my mates would not make it to the island. I could see the mountain staring at me and begging me to climb him. They did not shout at me so I could alert the people on the ship. I thought, HAS THE CAT GOT THEIR TONGUE?



A long, long time ago, there was an enormous pirate crew that was sailing on the sea for 100 days and 100 nights. They were looking for the Golden Emerald Island. In the distance they saw the island approaching them, but a moment later they saw a gigantic megalodon, his teeth like massive razor blades waiting to bite into your flesh. His body was like two planes put together, his fins were 5 metres long and tall.

“Pirates!” shouted Captain Dan.

“Yes Captain!”

“Get to me now!”

As the whole crew came, the Captain showed them the megalodon. He had 78 eyes on one side and six tails with millions of teeth. They started shooting it with the guns: Bam! Boom! Bing! They shot all his tails off and he started to hide back in the water.

As they approached the island they saw a big tsunami coming to flush them off the island.

"Everyone put your swords in the sand and grab onto them as hard as you can!” shouted the Captain.

To be continued!



Without a warning, an immense blue wave crashed violently onto the ship. All of a sudden, the cordial pirates flew over the ship and landed in the sea with a huge, loud splash! I grabbed onto a piece of floating plastic and searched for shore.                                      I finally found an enormous island and as I reached to grab the sand it felt very stony. Hardly out of breath, I noticed that it wasn't sand, it was sparkling, shiny gold!

I’m on Gold island!                    

In the corner of my eye I spotted a rumbling volcano. I thought if I would climb up there, I would be able to find the rest of the crew. That would be clever! Faster than a cheetah, I raced up the steep, jumbo volcano. Barely alive, I searched for the crew. I looked. Before long, I found them celebrating delightfully on the ship. Without hesitating, I ran faster than the wind. Unexpectedly, a titanic, ugly beast came rising from the ground. I could sense meat coming from its mouth.

To be continued...


Looking around for treasure, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a sea creature with rusty scaling skin. It approached me from behind. In a flash I passed out, then I could feel the horrible creature’s tentacles touching the back of my neck. Without wasting time, I quickly dashed away.

One hour later, after waking up, I happily took a walk but all of a sudden, a wave hit me. Sadly, walking around bruised, right in front of me I found a beautiful box filled with treasure.